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Petition to Florida Governor, Florida State Senate, Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Matt Gaetz

Bipartisan Equal Pay for All in Florida

Currently in the State of Florida, women on average make 87 cents for every dollar a man makes. This is not a debate based on religion or political views. The ability for women to work the same exact job and position and get paid the same amount as men is a universal human right. This issue should be bi-partisan and addressed immediately.   In the United States, it’s even worse, women make 80 cents to the dollar on the national average. These women work the same jobs, have the same or greater education, and have the same necessities as men.  This gap is appalling and can be detrimental. In some occupations, women collectively are receiving billions less than they would with equal pay; for instance, women working as physicians and surgeons are paid $19 billion less annually than if they were paid the same as men in that occupation. Women being unable to receive the same exact pay for the same exact work, progress, and position, is a violation of human rights. This is why I need your help. With your signature, we can make a difference in the State of Florida, and be the first ever state to pay men and women equally for the same exact jobs. Regulations already require corporations with greater than 50 employees to offer healthcare to employees. Even though they may be required to offer healthcare, these corporations get away with paying women far less than men.  Please sign this petition to make a difference, and urge lawmakers to require corporations and businesses with greater than 50 employees to offer equal pay for men and women.  This is NOT an issue that relates to party affiliation or beliefs. This is an issue of basic human rights.

Gavin McKay
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Petition to Indiana University Political Science, Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana University

Keep Dr. Barbour at Indiana University- Bloomington

ProblemDr. Christine Barbour has been a Political Science professor at Indiana University Bloomington for more than forty years. During personal office hours, she reluctantly disclosed that she could potentially be facing termination due to false allegations that her class is taught from a partisan view point. SolutionThe Political Science department at Indiana University Bloomington should not terminate Dr. Barbour’s professorship, and continue to allow her to teach classes of any size at Indiana University. Personal storyAs a sophomore at Indiana University, I have spent a majority of my time on campus exploring potential paths including Astrophysics, Jewish Studies, and Political Science. Dr. Barbour's section of Y103 has been a major contribution in my decision to declare as a Political Science major. Dr. Barbour's class inspires me each week to pursue political news outlets on all sides of the spectrum, crafting my own political thoughts based on these sources and my own experience. Dr. Barbour emphasizes the importance of bipartisanship in American politics, frequently calling on the late Senator John McCain and his ability to reach across party lines in order to better the country as a whole. I can recall an entire class Dr. Barbour dedicated to the importance of bipartisanship and remaining politically open-minded in the wake of the late Senator John McCain's death. In class, Dr. Barbour does not explicitly state her political viewpoints, in contrast to the false allegations made against her (of which I believe are coming from a misogynistic and close-minded view point). Dr. Barbour should be allowed to teach at Indiana University, as she offers a unique perspective into the significance of political and social tolerance, as well as the importance of understanding all sides of the story in the political sphere. Without Dr. Barbour at Indiana, I believe future generations of students will be missing out on one of the most key educational opportunities that the Political Science department has to offer.

Haley Kotzker
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