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Petition to Jeremy Corbyn MP, Students

A level Edexcel Biology B examiners should do paper 1 in 105 minutes and averge 90%

Imagine spending 2 years of your life preparing for an exam. Then the exam comes and it is a joke. Edexcel examiners have written a paper and they feel it is okay to give it to students and give them 105 minutes to complete it. Now what I want to know is if they themselves can do that paper in 105 minutes? Can they answer every question? Can they do it under pressure? Its easy to write exam papers. Its not uncommon for them to make mistakes. Who pays for those mistakes? Us. Students pay for those mistakes. What I want to know is if these examiners who are setting the exam papers, that will decide your future, if they can do the same paper in the same conditions. Can they get above 90%? Nope. But time and time again they do unimaginable things. If they cannot do the paper then how do they expect us to do it? This is a problem in our education system. This problem will not be fixed until the students have had enough. Last year ocr made mistakes. This year edexcel made mistakes. Who paid for those? We did. We had to deal with the emotional stress. We had to deal with the anxiety. Why don't we put these examiners to the test and see if they can cope under the pressure they put us in. Be the change you wish to see in the world. If we don't stop accepting their mistakes they will continue making them. They will abuse our rights. So I ask you that you please sign this petition and sort this mess out once and for all. So that future generations do not have to go through the suffering we have had to endure. Let us make a difference. Let us be that difference. Why do we let them get away with this? What is justice? Where is justice? The simple answer is there is no justice. Now I ask you do you want to witness justice?

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