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Petition to Philippine Government

I Support the Protection of Philippine Rise

WHY PROTECT THE PHILIPPINE RISE? 1.       The Philippine Rise is Philippine territory.  A large part of the region is within the country's 200 nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zone and continental shelf. In April 2012, the Extended Continental Shelf claim of the Philippines was approved by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).  According to the 1987 Constitution, all areas for which the Philippines has sovereignty or jurisdiction are considered legally part of the National Territory. As the Philippine Rise fits this definition – the region is definitely considered as Philippine territory. 2.       It nearly doubles the size of the Philippines. The area of Benham Rise within the Exclusive Economic Zone and continental shelf of the Philippines is 11.4 million hectares while the Extended Continental Shelf is 13 million hectares. The region spans over 24 million hectares, compared with the 30 million hectare total land area of the Philippines – meaning our territory grew significantly. 3.       Benham Bank, the shallowest portion of the Philippine Rise, is a spawning area. Preliminary research conducted by scientists as early as 2013 revealed that Benham Bank is a spawning ground for assorted fish.  4.       The Philippine Rise is possibly the only place in the Philippines where coral cover hovers around 100% and is a likely source of larval spawn for corals and reef fish.    What must be done:  1.       As an immediate response, the Philippine government should issue an order declaring Benham Bank, the shallowest portion of the Philippine Rise, as a no-take zone, meaning no fishing, mining or drilling activities can take place on or around it, ensuring protection. 2.      Oceana recommends the formulation of a Management Framework for the Philippine Rise for the protection and sustainable use of the Philippine Rise. This regulatory framework is crucial before any human activity with a negative impact on its ecological integrity can be considered in the area.  3.      More research should be done on Benham Bank and the Philippine Rise, particularly on biodiversity and interconnectivity with shallow-water reefs. A thorough study of resources should be conducted ensuring decisions are made based on science.  By signing this petition, you are declaring your support for the protection of the Philippine Rise. Please share this on your social media accounts with the hashtag #ProtectPHRise to spread the word and encourage others!  Now is the time to protect and stand up for what is ours!

Oceana Philippines
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Petition to Donald Trump

End the Occupation of Our Public Lands by Livestock

to end the killing of canis lupus which results from wolves killing cattle however it is not really that simple,you see these cattle once turned out to graze actually cause the wolves natural prey animals such as Deer and Elk and depending upon the State Big Horn Sheep and Antelope to Leave the area meaning wolf territory. regardless of the Natural prey for the particular geography the Point is these essential to Maintaining Diversity and Sustainability Wolves are left with only 2 choices either Starve and let the Pack Starve or take what is Available which is Invasive Destructive Cattle..  time after time we have watched as Wildlife officials side with the cattle and the end result has been the eradication of entire packs of  keystone predators wiped out behind a invasive species that competes for the same exact forage as the natural prey animals and the unfair advantage being taken of wolves is a potential ecological nightmare just waiting for the inevitable final straw that leads to collapse of the natural world that will result from the removal of Wolves from the North American landscape again and might i remind you all,You tried this in the 30s and were nearly successful in eradicating gray wolves in the lower 48 states but in the mid 90s We began to put together the puzzle pertaining to our imbalanced ecosystems in several states Idaho and Montana in particular gray wolves were reintroduced into both northern Idaho and the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem in both cases the ecological and biological elements recovered and diversity had been restored however,Sustainability of these ecosystems wherein wolves reside is still out of reach because cattle are leading to their native homes no longer being safe as long as ranchers are being rewarded and reimbursed by the federal government for all losses to depredations regardless of the species found to be at fault why then do they insist wolves must die?  to level the playing field giving the home advantage back to wolves cattle must be removed to allow natures guardians of diversity and sustainability to keep our nations wild animal populations such as Deer and Elk and Big Horn Sheep healthy and abundant for all future generations      

Mike Collins
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Petition to Joko Widodo

President Joko Widodo: Please save Balikpapan Bay!

The highly controversial Pulau Balang Bridge is about to bring disastrous irreversible environmental damage to one of the last remaining pristine coastal habitats in East Kalimantan (Indonesia) - Balikpapan Bay. Furthermore, the  project is economically flawed and wasteful of government funds, and will lead to a completely avoidable increase in Indonesia’s carbon emissions from both excessive vehicle mileage and forest destruction.  Balikpapan is one of the most biodiverse cities in Asia. It hosts the last remaining coastal primary rainforest in the region still connected with adjacent marine ecosystems such as special mangroves, sea grass beds and coral reefs. It is home to 1,400 endangered proboscis monkeys and many other highly threatened marine and forest species including Irrawaddy dolphins, dugongs, orangutans, clouded leopards, sun bears, and Bornean gibbons, all of which are protected under Indonesian law. Over 100 species of mammals and almost 300 species of birds live here. This biodiversity richness represents a huge sustainable ecotourism potential, which can contribute significantly to the local and national economy without sacrificing fisheries, which is the main livelihood of many local people. Unfortunately, all this richness will be destroyed if the Pulau Balang Bridge construction continues as proposed. All the current corridors that connect the primary rainforest to the coast will be cut, and protected species will become isolated in small patches of forest where they will become extinct. The construction phase of the road has already begun to open access to uncontrolled land speculation, encroachment, logging, illegal hunting and forest fires. The increased level of soil erosion and sedimentation is causing death of coral reefs, which will in turn will destroy the whole marine environment. The plans for the current development are 25 years old, and were intended to provide a bridge crossing Balikpapan Bay using technologies and development thinking of a previous era. As a result, the current planning for the bridge location entails an 80-kilometer detour for vehicles driving from the west side of the bay to Balikpapan. The current plan is outdated, environmental disastrous, and uneconomic. It is only still being pursued because of the vested interests of land speculators and contractors. Yet with modern technology, it is possible to build a bridge that would provide a 90% shorter route, spending much less on access roads and subsequent maintenance, cause minimal environmental damage, thus saving carbon emissions and protecting environmental services, and the livelihoods that they provide. Please help us to ask the President to declare a moratorium on the current plan, while an up-to-date feasibility study and cost-benefit analysis is carried out by unbiased and qualified experts. We are confident that they will find namely that the current plans are old-fashioned, wasteful, and environmentally disastrous.

Stanislav Lhota
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For English below Уважаеми господа, Настоявам да запазите Кресненското дефиле – европейска гореща точка за опазване на биологичното разнообразие от мрежата „НАТУРА 2000” и уникално природно богатство за балканския регион, като не допускате изграждането на транс-европейската магистрала от София за Солун (магистрала „Струма”) през дефилето и стриктно следите да се спази препоръка 98/2002 на Бернската конвенция за проектиране и изграждане на магистралата и извеждане на целия транзитен трафик извън него. Местен поминък:Стриктното спазване на препоръка 98/2002 и свеждането на сегашния международен двулентов път, минаващ през Кресненското дефиле до локален път за нуждите на местните хора от град Кресна е единственият начин: хората от района да имат локален селски път различен от транзитна магистрала; да запазят ценните си земеделски земи и лозя в пролома и на юг от него; да могат да развиват устойчив екологичен туризъм. Екологично въздействие: Да се изведе магистралата извън Кресненското дефиле.Кресненското дефиле е място, концентриращо изключително биологично разнообразие на много малка площ. Там се опазват редки видове и местообитания с европейска значимост, които Европейският съюз е поел ангажимент да защитава. То е уникален био-коридор с тесен фронт на миграция с международно и регионално значение за миграция на различни типове растителност и растителни видове, насекоми и други безгръбначни животни, птици, прилепи, влечуги, земноводни и др. За периода 2007-2020 г. Европейската комисия е предоставила на България 679 милиона евро за строителството на автомагистрала „Струма”. Като резултат тя вече достига до северния и южния край на Кресненското дефиле и това доведе до рязко увеличаване на транзитния автомобилен трафик в дефилето. Според данните на биологичния мониторинг през 2003 година в пролома годишно са загивали над 3000 животни от над 100 вида. Заради увеличения трафик до 2014 година популациите на различните животни в дефилето са намалели между 5 и 15 пъти, а някои от видовете с европейска значимост вероятно са изчезнали локално. Резултатът от инвестицията на пари на европейския данъкоплатец е, че Кресненското дефиле и уникалният био-коридор, минаващ през него са вече унищожени! Апелираме към Вас! Единствено намесата на българското правителство и Европейската комисия – сега и пълното извеждане на транзитния автомобилен трафик извън дефилето могат да възстановят увредения биологичен коридор на Кресненското дефиле и популациите на животинските видове в него! Моля да вземете решение, което да защити безценната и трудно възстановима европейска природа в Кресненското дефиле и да засилите правилното прилагане на Директива 92/43, както беше обещано от всички европейски институции през 2016 година! Вярвам, че България и нейната природа са част от Европа и нейното природно наследство. С уважение,Защитник на Кресненското дефиле   PETITION TO SAVE KRESNA GORGE To the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria andthe President of the European Commission Dear Sirs, I insist that you save the Kresna Gorge – a European biodiversity conservation hotspot included in the NATURA 2000 network and unique natural asset for the Balkan region – by not allowing the construction of the Sofia-Thessaloniki Trans-European Motorway (known as the Struma Motorway) in the Gorge and by ensuring strict adherence to Recommendation 98/2002 under the Bern Convention in the design and construction of the motorway, as well as diversion of all transit traffic away from the Gorge. Means of livelihood for the local population: The strict adherence to Recommendation No. 98/2002 and the downgrading of the current international two-lane road through the Krensa Gorge to a local road serving the needs of the local population of the town of Kresna is the only way for people in the region: to have a local country road other than a transit motorway; to preserve their valuable agricultural land and vineyards in the Gorge and to the south of it; to be able to develop sustainable, environment-friendly tourism. Environmental impact: Тhe motorway should be away from the Kresna Gorge The Kresna Gorge is a location where exceptional biodiversity is concentrated within a very small area. It conserves rare species and habitats of European importance which the European Union has committed to protect. This is a unique narrow-front wildlife migration corridor of international and regional importance to the migration of diverse types of vegetation and plant species, insects and other invertebrates, birds, bats, reptiles, amphibians and others. For the 2007-2020 period the European Commission has provided to Bulgaria EUR 679 million for the construction of the Struma Motorway. As a result, the motorway has already reached the northern and southern ends of the Kresna Gorge, resulting in a sharp increase in transit vehicle traffic through the Gorge. According to biological monitoring data, as from 2003 the annual number of animals killed in the area was over 3,000, of more than 100 species. Due to the increased traffic, by 2014 the populations of the different animal species in the Gorge had declined 5- to 15-fold, and some of the species of European importance have most probably become locally extinct. The result of investing this European taxpayers’ money is that the Kresna Gorge and the unique wildlife corridor passing through it have already been damaged! We appeal to you! It is only the immediate intervention of the Bulgarian government and the European Commission and the complete diversion of transit road traffic away from the Gorge that can restore the damaged wildlife corridor of the Kresna Gorge and the populations of animal species in it! We request that you pass a decision that will protect the invaluable and non-recoverable European nature in the Kresna Gorge and enhance the proper application of Directive 92/43, as promised by all European institutions in 2016! I believe Bulgaria and its nature are part of Europe and its natural heritage. Sincerely yours, an advocate for the Kresna Gorge  

Zornitsa Stratieva
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