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Petition to Florida Governor, Florida State Senate, Florida State House

Stop the 2020 Assault Weapons Ban and The proposed Bills HB 117, SB 270, SB 94, SB 266...

Don't forget to join my Group for important updates and lawsExclusive Facebook GroupWatch me on YouTube Stop the 2020 Assault Weapons Ban and The proposed Bills HB 117, SB 270, SB 94, SB 266, HB 6009.  Vote NO on Bills HB 117, SB 270, SB 94, SB 266, HB 6009.  And Vote Yes on HB 6003 and HB 6001. Watch my video here explaining what these Bills mean for you � An organization called Ban Assault Weapons Now (BAWN) has proposed a constitutional amendment that would ban the possession of all semi-automatic rifles and shotguns capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition at one time. This would include an AR-15 and also thousands of other common rifles and shotguns used every day for sporting, hunting and self-defense. The 2020 assault weapons ban does not include handguns yet, but one of my biggest fears is the future escalation of the ban. The goal of this assault weapons ban is to reduce the number of active shootings in the state of Florida. However, FBI data shows that less than 2.7% of homicide victims were killed with a rifle and less than 1.8% were killed with a shotgun. According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement violent crime has been in a sharp decline for over a decade.  Unfortunately, The 2020 Assault Weapons Ban will not solve the problem with active shooters or violence in our society. The only thing it will do is strip law-abiding Americans from exercising their constitutional rights. The authors of this bill have promised not to come after handguns. However, FBI data shows that 46% of homicides committed in 2017 the murder used a handgun. When the Anti-gunners realize the minuscule effect of a rifle and shotgun ban. What's the next logical target?  The proposed assault weapons ban will have a negative impact on every gun owner and or person who is concerned about defending yourself, your family and your constitutional rights.   Please don’t misunderstand me, I don’t think the anti-gun community is evil. I think they are misinformed. They believe that a no guns allowed sign is going to stop a mad man from walking into a school. They believe that criminals are concerned about the law. How has that worked for the war on drugs, sex trafficking, and murder?  I have to fight... I know that if I choose to do nothing and this bill passes it would be my fault. I know that it was my responsibility to take action, I have to take a stand. I often think about what I would have done if I was alive during the creation of this amazing country we call home. I think about what it would have been like to leave my family to fight against the tyranny and oppression. So many good people died for us to have these freedoms and it's up to us to make sure they are not taken away. This is our chance. This is our opportunity to make a mark on the world and defend our freedom.  “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of the free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Are you willing to join me in defending our rights?  The first step is to sign this petition opposing the 2020 Assault Weapons Ban in Florida. Then you need to educate yourself with the facts surrounding violent crimes and gun control. You will need this knowledge as you prepare to go out into the world and educate your friends, family and co-workers. This is not the time to be shy or reserved if you don’t take a stand your rights will be taken away. What happens if we win? If we are able to prevent this bill from being added to the 2020 ballot the victory will be short-lived. The anti-gun community will not give up. They will not stop. It is up to you and me to stand and fight. It is up to you and me to defend the second amendment which is by far the most important amendment in the bill of rights. The Second Amendment allows us the ability to defend all of our other rights and freedoms.  What happens if we lose? Our constitutional right to bear arms will be diminished. Law-abiding citizens will have their rights stripped away. Parents will no longer be able to purchase a Ruger 10/22 for their children, a mother will no longer be able to purchase a shotgun for home defense and millions of law-abiding gun owners will become criminals overnight.  

Ryan G. Thomas
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Chief Justice John Roberts, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

Defund, Dismantle, and Vanquish Cultural Marxism In Our Schools and Media

          A Declaration of War Petition                           Against the              State of Cultural Marxism What is the State of Cultural Marxism?  Cultural Marxism is the mental application of Marxist socio-economic theory of class warfare to institutions of education, entertainment, media, and legislative social policy to dismantle and destroy all vestiges of Western Judaeo-Christian Civilization with its principles and values of individual freedom in order to produce a Utopian, classless, and mindless collectivity. Postmodernism and Cultural Marxism | Jordan B Peterson Whereas, the State of Cultural Marxism did on November 8, 2016 through their corruption of the United States Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, their agents, lawyers, and media clients colluding to dismantle the legally elected presidency of Donald J. Trump in direct violation of the Constitution of the United States of America, and did, with malice of forethought, declare war on the legal citizens of the United States of America Whereas, the State of Cultural Marxism has declared war against all manifestations of Western Judaeo-Christian Civilization in our constitutions, laws, courts, history and traditions by invading and occupying our tax-funded government and private schools holding the minds of our children hostage to Marxist ideology and aggression Whereas, the State of Cultural Marxism has laid waste to global media integrity with the weapons of logical fallacies, false evidence, mere accusation without any evidence, deceit, distortion, mendacity, libel, calumny, detraction, perjury under oath, slander, obliquity, character assassination and ‘offense archaeology’ Whereas, the State of Cultural Marxism denies the existence of any objective reality, truth, goodness and/or beauty by its imposition of universal Marxist cultural relativism weaponized as ‘multicultural diversity and inclusion’ Whereas, the only effective weapons against the State of Cultural Marxism is total punitive, reciprocal culture war through strategic, unrelenting, massive retaliation effected by individual defenders of freedom around the globe Therefore, be it resolved by individual global defenders of their inalienable, individual freedoms, its principles and values as set forth in the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution, as amended, that the state of war between defenders of individual freedom and the State of Cultural Marxism that has been thrust upon us  and is, hereby, formally declared and joined authorizing all defenders of Western Judaeo-Christian Civilization’s principles and values of individual freedom to direct and employ such measures and resources that are necessary to bring this culture war to a successful termination by defunding, dismantling, and vanquishing the State of Cultural Marxism. What Will Victory over Cultural Marxism Look Like? Rightfully, some may wonder ‘When will this War on Cultural Marxism be finally won?’  Since the invasion and occupation of cultural Marxism in America took half a century to effect in education, entertainment, media and legislative social policy, this war will take at very least two decades to win. Winning will be achieved when local, state, and national education, entertainment, media and legislative social policy returns to the guiding principles of reason, logic, provable evidence, and individual expressions free from the mindless collectivity of Marxist theory applied to these spheres of society. Winning will be achieved when reason replaces feelings in critical life decisions, nurturing of the young, religious expression, qualifications for elected office, Winning will be achieved when the traditional principles and values of Western Judaeo-Christian Civilization are respected and restored to their core function as the compass for wisdom. Winning will be achieved when all levels of government are once more afraid of its legal citizens and not the other way round. Winning will be achieved when those who create and build are again more respected and imitated rather than the feelings of the indolent parasites on the competent achievers of society. Winning will be achieved, not in some materialistic collective Utopia, but in the individual acceptance that we live in an imperfect universe that is both beyond our full understanding and beyond our even modest control. Winning the war against the State of Cultural Marxism will happen when it disintegrates into the realization that the human soul is the dynamic engine of wisdom and progress and not merely the body. Winning this war will only happen when social, and political institutions once again tend towards the transcendent values  of objective reality, truth, goodness and beauty. That will be a long, difficult struggle, day-in, day-out for decades. It may never be achieved in our lifetime, or in the lifetime of our children, but let us begin. President John F. Kennedy inspired his generation facing a similar social crisis that we do now. He ended his stirring inaugural address with these still applicable words that beckon us today.  “Finally, whether you are citizens of America or citizens of the world, ask of us here the same high standards of strength and sacrifice which we ask of you. With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth God's work must truly be our own.” What can you do, as a free individual, to dismantle and vanquish Cultural Marxism in schools and media? ·      Affirm your natural individual rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights to the American Constitution in every public meeting ·      Affirm scientific truth of only two genders ·      Affirm the scientific truth of no ‘races’ in human biology, therefore no racism only bigotry ·    Affirm equality under the law but not equality of outcome ·    Never apologize for being white, male, religious, or heterosexual ·      Always attack, never apologize or defend ·      Use the courts and media to attack ·      Attack as an individual not as a mob ·      Stop Using the Marxists Dictionary ·      Master the Constitution, state education codes, Department of Education guidelines, rules, and regulations ·      Attend all local governing board meetings of government schools, and city councils ·      Run for local governing boards of government schools and city councils ·      Use Social Media to open local, state and national media contacts ·      Use Social Media to find ANTI-COMMIE lawyers, foundations and media outlets ·      Don’t self-censor your ideas or your language ·      Don’t feel guilt, remorse or regret ·      Deny ‘Utopian equality’ ·      Deny ‘white privilege’ ·      Deny ‘unconscious bias’ ·      Deny ‘male privilege’ ·      Deny 'equity of outcomes' ·      Tell them their feelings don’t matter only facts matter ·      Deny mere accusations made without evidence ·      Demand your natural rights expressed in the Bill of Rights ---- Created by: Mark McIntire Professor of Philosophy, Retired Santa Barbara City College Host of FREEDOM MATTERS with Mark McIntire    

Mark McIntire
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, United Nations

Global Internet Bill of Rights. Version 1.0 by Floyd Z. Yancey

Internet Bill of Rights, Ver 1.0 –Floyd Z.  Yancey   WE THE PEOPLE, including any form of business entity, government entity, or organization of any sort, Recognize the need for a set of rules to protect our rights and freedoms on the internet and anything regarding electronic communication. This includes but is not limited to IP and cellular based phone calls, emails, video streams, news, radio going over the public accessible networks, (The internet). We understand that this technology is subject to change.  We understand with simplicity a boundary exists between a computer and the physical world. We establish this boundary, as a demarcation line for action and prescribe the following rules to govern.   1. Free speech: By nature, human beings have differing opinions and are subject to emotion, ill judgement, substance abuse and all sorts of human flaws. In order to preserve ALL speech, and not exclude, there shall be no law or practice regulating opinions, beliefs, statements, misconstrued facts, falsehoods, fabrications, perceived hate speech or any utterance on a keyboard that could have just as easily come out of the persons mouth. We understand, that it’s completely possible to turn off the device in which said communication is being presented and walk away. We accept that which would offend in order to preserve our own rights to unfettered speech. 2. Sharing of digital media: It is understood that copyright holders wish to control their ownership and profit from redistribution of their materials. However, the internet was designed as an open, free source of information sharing. We agree that “Not for profit” use of materials subject or not subject to copyright, is fair game and should be immune to any prosecution, litigation, punitive actions, censorship or restriction by any means. We understand that if the creator wishes to protect said copyright and avoid manipulation, they should do so by NOT placing the item on the internet for public consumption. To define a boundry of fair use, we establish a “Wall” which is defined as the point where data becomes non-private. The inside wall, will be protected, and it is assumed that all data within, is not to be shared to the general public or subject to public use or manipulation. Such items would be corporate data, private emails, conversations between one or more parties, personal videos, texts etc. To clearly define: Any item created by an entity NOT intended for public view. The outside of the “Wall”, will be any item intended for public view and consumption, that is not protected by watermark, payment systems, passwords, or any other mechanism to protect privacy, copyright and extract payment from the consumer. 3. Digital ownership: We recognize the digital footprint of an individual, corporation, artist, group, or entity capable or producing material of a useful nature. We hold this entity responsible for the protection of the material they produce and to not freely distribute the content past the “Wall” as mentioned before, unless they are freely giving the material to the public to consume and manipulate. This will be absolute to avoid “Gray areas”. It is the responsibility or the creator to protect their content, from hackers, pirates, thieves of any sort, or hire a 3rd party to accept liability. We understand the risk involved in placing information on public storage devices. If the material crosses the wall it will be assumed that the creator failed to protect said content, and no punitive actions, will fall upon those unknowing sharing or manipulating such data. Free public data providers are free from liability in any form. Paid providers are subject to liability as defined in contractual agreements. People and entities shall not have their personal data resold, without mutual consideration and consent. Ex: Personal info can not be published OR sold as an investigatory tool, research item, public records lookup, without the written consent and mutual consideration towards the owner. Seeded items with imbedded code for copyright “Baiting” and mass litigation, shall be considered illegal and irrelevant. Mass action lawsuits for such actions shall be considered null and void, past present and future. Those who have been a victim of such lawsuits shall have the right to receive any money lost from the accusing party, as legal recourse. 4. Internet contracts: We understand, as individuals not trained in law, that clicking a checkbox to “Sign up” or “Agree” and having consequences applied is unfair and impractical. No internet contract shall be enforceable unless there is an agreement, money transferred, and/or mutual consideration given. The consequences of default on the contract must not outweigh the value of the transaction. Punitive damages are not to apply to an internet contract. Contract “by use” is not permitted. 5. Digital evidence: We understand that digital media, pictures, videos, sounds, can easily be altered, and should not be considered as evidence in any legal proceeding. We understand that digital archives are expensive to maintain, and the evidence that could be collected is subject to corruption, manipulation, identity theft, fact change, abuse by corrupt governments and leaders to silence opposition. We demand that all archived data be solely under the control of the end user, at their discretion as whether allow for retention, NOT retained by default, and not to be scanned or otherwise harvested by third parties. There shall be no laws requiring permanent storage of data by any parties. Wiretapping of any digital evidence should be considered tainted and only used for research. It will not be admissible in court. The creator of any material outside the wall, retains controlling ownership, and the right to delete such content whenever they choose. 6. Government regulation of private corporations: No government shall play a role in the collection or harvesting of data inside or outside the wall. It shall not enforce censorship, fact checking, speech controls, policing, or political manipulation, nor shall it require, advocate, persuade, or influence the actions of private corporations, other than to force compliance with this bill of rights. 7. Monopolization of information: No private or government entity shall use it’s resources to influence public opinion for any agenda, unless they advertise such alliances/political goals with each dated, public, release of information. The public should always be aware of any political alignment or favoritism attached to an informational release of any sort. The private individual or organized entities inside the “wall” are immune. 8. Advertising: We recognize the need for ad revenue, but also the need for tangible content. We declare that no entity whatsoever shall utilize more than 5% of a users data throughput up or down for  advertising related services. Advertising packages, attachments, software, malware or any device capable of delivering ads to the consumer must be opt in by default, and such delivery and methods must be clearly described to the consumer before the opt-in option is given. Bait and click, Trojan horse, or any ad delivery or data harvesting methods where an agreement is not made and mutual consideration given shall be considered illegal, and subject to prosecution. 9. Whistleblower and leak protection We understand the need for disclosure of information that benefits the individual citizen and protects said individual from corruption and harm, including misuse of taxes, abuse of governmental power, misinformation campaigns, fake news and anything that would cause a citizen to be at the disadvantage with lack of said knowledge. A data release which causes detriment to any organization but benefits the general citizenry shall become public knowledge and be outside the realm of prosecution/punishment to any and all involved. We understand it is up to the owner of said information to protect it. Failure to do so is not a burden to the public. Public use of such released information shall not be questioned or hindered in any way. 10. Personal responsibility. We desire a free and open internet. In doing so we understand that private policing by governmental entities is cost prohibitive and logistically impossible. As there are billions of potential individual entities on the internet, we take responsibility for our own actions and hold private corporations and governments immune. We understand, as this is a digital connection we can always “Walk away”. Should any matter, or action become non-digital, Ex: Someone threatening you in person, it shall be subject to normal laws and regulations. We, being informed citizens, understand that digital information is subject to alteration, & will consider blackmail data, photos, and any other digital information to be unreliable, false by default. Any release of such data should have NO credibility, and any action taken if necessary shall be between the target of the action and the person to release such info. Personal opinion & voice shall be ignored and considered free speech and irrelevant in any legal proceedings. 11. Court of public opinion. Any digital claim made by anyone against a company govt, organization or other individual shall be considered free speech and treated as such. In order to protect free speech and transfer of information, no consideration shall be given to slander, libel, or defamation. Any derogatory utterance or assembly of individuals to voice opposition to a company, govt, organization, individual shall be considered irrelevant online. Only in physical form, such as newsprint, flyers, postal mailings, shall such information be considered by local governing laws. Damage by the “Court of Public Opinion” shall be considered free speech and immune to any adverse effects to the consumer. 12: Pornography: There shall be no censorship or control of human sexuality.  We understand that pornography/nudity may offensive in different degrees depending on which area of the world in which we live. It is not the job of the government to dictate sexual preference or moral law. We understand it is up to ourselves as citizens to police what we and our families view. We always have the option to look away, or turn off the computer.  We do recognize the need to protect minors and any who can’t consent. To this end will defer to the local authorities to enforce such protections.  Other than to protect those entities, we reserve the rights to view or not view based upon our own personal beliefs, enforced by ourselves, and not infringe on others and inflict our moral beliefs upon them.   Summary: We consider this an international binding agreement. We consider this “internet” medium as outlet of expression for humanity and a unified digital landscape, free from boundaries, hindrances, persecution and control. We realize the need for open communication to allow for the spread of knowledge and dissolve barriers that create ignorance and hate. We understand that in order to facilitate such ideals, we must alter our beliefs and accept that there are things and individuals who will offend our beliefs. We are willing to accept the consequences of interacting with others that may have different opinions, beliefs or laws than to which we are accustomed. We will not sacrifice liberty and freedom for security.   Signed, The people of the Earth.

Floyd Yancey
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