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Big Time Rush: I want you back Big Time.

I am having an existential crisis where I relived my moments of a 10 year old girl who loved a group of four boys. One Direction was not enough for me. There was no show, no plot line, no hockey players that became singers. Not enough. And there were too many people.  My goal in life is to one day see Big Time Rush again, just once, for a reunion song. Big Time Dreams did not end right. The dance party will never fully close my heart for Big Time Rush. I know they all are doing bigger and, in some people's minds, better things; however, I feel like we deserve this as fans. I want one final episode that shows where they are now, finally coming back to follow-up their top song "Halfway There". This song title should be "Finally There" and the episode special should be called "Big Time Comeback" (looking for better titles). I would love to see them in their original form as the young boy band they once were who have stayed stronger than ever as a team. I'm not sure if they're still in contact but a final song is all I could ever want. I do not know if anyone would direct it and write a script, but I would. If no one will, I will rise to this challenge. Anything to see Big Time Rush in their original state. This is the Big Time Rush I will always know, love, and want back. Let's make this happen. "So we take what comes, And we keep on goingLeaning on each other's shouldersThen we turn aroundAnd see we've come so far somehow."

Christina Tran
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