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Petition to Kevin Brady, U.S. House of Representatives, Mike Enzi, Bernie Sanders


I am one of about 800,000 people in the U.S. who suffer from  multiple sclerosis, a disabling progressive disease which affects the central nervous system.  Other rare diseases include ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), muscular dystrophy, lupus and sarcoidosis.  I lost my career to MS, as I have become totally disabled.   There is no cure for MS, but the disease can be managed.  There are currently 13 or so FDA-recognized disease modifying therapy medications, and even less for relapses. Treatment for these diseases is very costly. My daily  disease modifying therapy medication costs over $6,500 per month, and the relapse medication costs $40,000 per treatment.  This far exceeds my and my husband's total income, as my husband is totally disabled from a stroke.  Obviously, very few people can afford these medications, especially when they are fully disabled. There is help available; the drug companies which make these specialty drugs have financial assistance programs that allow the patient to receive the drugs at low cost or for free. HOWEVER, PEOPLE WHO ARE ON GOVERNMENT-ASSISTEED PRESCRIPTION PLANS SUCH AS MEDICARE PART D OR MEDICAID CANNOT RECEIVE THIS HELP.  A provision of the Social Security Act designed to prevent Medicare fraud also makes it a felony for a drug company to directly assist a patient financially if that patient has a government-assisted prescription plan, such as Medicare Part D or Medicaid. YOU CAN HELP!  PLEASE LET CONGRESS KNOW THAT IT MUST AMEND THE SOCIAL SECURITY ACT TO PERMIT DRUG COMPANIES TO PROVIDE PATIENTS WITH RARE DISEASES WITH DIRECT FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE SO THAT THEY CAN GET THEIR LIFE-SAVING MEDICATION!!!

Susan Dolin
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Petition to PURDUE Pharma, The Sackler Family, The Mortimer D. Sackler Foundation Inc., Raymond & Beverly Sackler Foundation

Hold the Sackler Family and Purdue Pharma accountable for the Opioid Crisis

I survived the opioid crisis. I narrowly escaped. I went from the darkness and ran full speed into The World. I was isolated, but I realized I wasn’t alone. When I got out of treatment I became absorbed in reports of addicts dropping dead from my drug, OxyContin. I learned that the Sackler family, whose name I knew from museums and galleries, were responsible for the epidemic. This family formulated, marketed, and distributed OxyContin. I have decided to make the private public by calling them to task. - Nan Goldin, New York, 2017 The Sackler family produced their vast fortune promoting OxyContin, one of the most addictive painkillers ever. They advertised and distributed their medication knowing all the dangers. The Sackler family and their privately owned company, Purdue Pharma, built their empire like every other drug dealer; exploiting the physical and emotional pain of people, knowingly getting them addicted to their product, OxyContin. In 2016, in the US alone, more than 43,000 people died from opioid overdoses, over a quarter of them from prescription opioids; 80 percent of heroin addicts began on prescription opioids. The statistics are staggering. It's time for the family that helped create this problem answer to the people worst affected. We demand they fund treatment.  P.A.I.N. (Prescription Addiction Intervention Now) is a group founded by Nan Goldin and her colleagues in response to the opioid crisis. We are committed to making the Sackler family and Purdue Pharma responsible for helping to find solutions to ending America’s opioid epidemic.  To that end, we insist that the Sackler family and Purdue Pharma fund treatment and education programs and correct the misinformation regarding opioids.  We intend to put pressure on museums, art spaces and educational institutions to refuse future donations from the Sacklers.  We intend to hold the Sacklers accountable, and put social and political pressure on them to respond meaningfully to this crisis. This is a call for accountability.   We demand an immediate response from the Sackler family and Purdue Pharma to this epidemic.  Specifically, we demand that the Sackler family and Purdue Pharma move their money into treatment and education in the following ways: • We demand that they fund treatment models: rehab centers, medication assisted programs, harm reduction, relapse prevention and holistic approaches. • We demand that they set up educational programs for schools, doctors, families and addicts. • We demand that they reeducate doctors to stop over-prescribing these medications except for patients who are in extreme pain. • We demand that they advertise the dangers of their products as aggressively as they sell them to the public. • We demand that they install public dispensers of Narcan, the medicine that reverses an overdose, on every corner in America. • We demand an immediate response to this epidemic, which is out of control. There is no time to wait! 

P.A.I.N. Sackler / Nan Goldin
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Food and Drug Administration, Mike Pence, Diane Black, Scott DesJarlais, Bob Corker, Donald Trump

Stop the implantation of surgical mesh in patients

    I am starting this petition in hopes that it will help shine some light on a serious issue that is terrorizing many people right now, mesh. I am talking about the kind of mesh that is implanted in someone that has undergone a hernia surgery or hysterectomy. Once the mesh is implanted in an individual after their surgery, they begin to have an array of complications. I will go into some of those complications in a bit but first I wanted to let you know why this is so important to me. My grandmother, my father, and the company that keeps getting away with selling these mesh devices while knowing what they are doing to people.           To start, my grandmother was one of the most spry older people I have ever known. She was also a very private person, and she liked to keep to herself. Exactly three years ago today, on August 15, 2014, my grandmother passed away. It was a very painful and horrible death, all because of a type of mesh that was implanted in her. Several years before her death, my grandmother had undergone a procedure that required her to have a 'bladder sling' put in, which is just a type of mesh product. She never told anyone that she had this procedure done, so we had no idea that she had mesh implanted in her. At least we didn't know until we got a call from my uncle letting us know that my grandmother had came down with C-diff, or so they thought. They could tell she had a blockage somewhere in her intestines, and assumed she had a huge mass blocking them. The doctors were scared to operate on her because she was so weak, but they decided to anyways. To their surprise, when they opened her up, they found the bladder sling, not a mass at all. It had wrapped itself all around her intestines and strangled them so that she was unable to use the bathroom for who knows how long. There was absolutely nothing they could do, so they sewed her back up and made her as comfortable as possible for her final days. My grandmother was a very healthy older woman. She made it to the ripe old age of 90. If not for the mesh, she would've probably lived to be 100. Mesh took her away from her family, yet no one talks about how dangerous this stuff is. This brings me to my next reason for writing this letter to you. My father.                    My father is my best friend. He has been since I was a little girl. We have been through more than most fathers and daughters go through together. The death of my mother, injuries, and real hard times. Yet here we are, still together, still fighting. Now our biggest fight has turned to this mesh. Not only stopping the use of it and calling out the company and companies that are ruining peoples lives. My father just underwent surgery to have his Ethicon (Which is a brand from Johnson & Johnson) Prolene Hernia Mesh System and a 3D Bard Max mesh removed from his right groin area on September 6, 2017. The surgeon is only one of a few that do this kind of operation. This operation is very scary. The recovery period for this surgery can be anywhere from one to four years. These hernia systems have been in him for a total of 23 years combined and they have destroyed his quality of life daily. His operation took over 4 hours but they had a successful outcome. His two mesh systems had turned to concrete in his body and had wrapped around and cemented themselves to several of his major nerves and artifices. He was constantly in pain, but already feels some relief even with the surgery pain. We had recently discovered that hernia mesh causes autoimmune diseases in people, infections, and severe dental damage. Due to his mesh, my father has had to spend a ton of money on dental repairs. He also had to have bilateral knee replacements from the arthritis his hernia mesh eventually caused in his knees. These are just a few of the problems he has had to overcome from this device, and my father is no stranger to having to overcome things or the thought of danger. He was the head of a criminal investigations department for 13 years. During this time, he was the head detective on a case where a man shot and killed his four children to death ages ranging from 4-12, just to get back at their mother. These horrible events took place on November 30, 1997. This case was rough on him, and he decided to leave law enforcement shortly after this. He then went back to firefighting and eventually he became a special-ops firefighter/paramedic to the soldiers overseas in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Antarctica Those were scary and dangerous places to be, but he did it without fear but this operation had him severely nervous.            Finally, I can't write this letter without discussing the complaints behind a lot of these devices. Johnson & Johnson, and yes, I do mean that Johnson & Johnson. One of my fathers devices is made by Ethicon. Ethicon, Inc. is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, After worldwide reports over severe side effects from the Ethicon Physiomesh and mesh in general, Ethicon announced a voluntary recall in June 2016. But, in the United States, Ethicon removed the hernia mesh implants under the radar and labeled it as a “market withdrawal.” Ethicon is still using these devices daily. Please tell me how that is ok? Many individuals have lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson over these issues, but J&J just tries to pay them off with some low ball number and then keeps using the products that are killing people. This has to be stopped! The operation for my dads hernia mesh removal was well over 30,000 dollars, and the most I have seen a J&J settlement for is about 70,000 dollars which includes lawyer fees. Therefore people walk away with 30-40k. How does that compensate anyone for their cost of surgery plus the pain and suffering they have had to endure. Meanwhile, the company that created the cause of their pain and suffering just keeps on releasing these devices out into the world under the 501k program which allows them to bypass the FDA without any forethought or testing what this chemical ridden polypropylene mesh does to the people once it is implanted into their bodies. I find it so disturbing that the government is not doing anything to stop J&J or at the very least, find them liable for all the injuries, suicides, and deaths that are all well documented. My question, is how come the government doesn't have any regulation or authority to make J&J take these devices off the market as well as help the victims receive compensation that is not a slap in the face. J&J has recently settled a number of other mesh cases before they went to the jury or trial. Ethicon is also facing more than 44,400 personal product liability cases over its mesh devices. If you want to find more about these products on your own, you can visit, www.meshnewsdesk.comits a great website with many mesh lawsuit cases and other individuals stories. There is also a very great facebook group called, Fighters and Survivors of all Transvaginal Mesh and Hernia Mesh/Plugs. It is a support group that my father is a member of. It is filled with others going through the same thing or that have already gone through it. It has helped his spirit some by getting to speak with others with the same issues. I also want to mention that Ethicon Johnson and Johnson and the makers of the Bard mesh are not the only companies that make these terrible devices. They are just the ones my family has had to deal with.         I know that this is a long shot, but we believe starting this petition can help get the word out. We feel like we are at the end of our rope with trying to get people to listen when it comes to how bad these devices are. Not to mention the fact that the big company that makes them just keeps making them knowing what they are doing to people. It's basically like they don't care as long as they are making their millions, and they have to be stopped! If nothing else, we want to get the word out. If more people know about the dangers of having a mesh device of any kind implanted in them, then maybe we did our job by helping them not go through with any procedure that mesh will be used. We need your help to speak out with us! Please help us. I pray and hope this touches your heart and soul. I thank you for your time and hope that you will sign this to help bring attention to the right people because if nothing changes, we severely need a change of government!

Chelsie Leverette
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