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Petition to James V. Hunt, Sr., Cathy Altenbern, Gary O. Thordburg, Boyd Bogle, Bob Weigel

Stop Ticketing people for Walking Hand in Hand in Belle Meade, TN

The officials in Belle Meade have effectively made it illegal for a couples to walk hand-in-hand, side-by-side down the road. Yes, you read that right. Current city law only allows people to walk, jog, or bike in single file - alone.  Officers are being forced to ticket people for walking and biking side-by-side with their loved ones. Mayor James V. Hunt Sr. has told his officers to provide "no mercy" for violators.  The current law hurts the community and criminalizes people who want to walk side-by-side with their family members, friends, and neighbors.   WHY DO THEY DO THIS?  We're told that this law exists for the safety of walkers, joggers, and bicyclists. In fact, the law was designed to be more restrictive than state law and attempts to keep people out of the community. Pedestrian and bicycle advocates agree that this law discourages people from walking, jogging, and riding bikes.   The current law has been in place since advocates tried to make space for walkers and bikers in 2000.  In response, the council even went so far as to ban baby strollers from the street! A petition at the time also made the claim that pedestrian infrastructure would "ruin the character of Belle Meade."    In 2011, the law was amended to finally allow people to use strollers again, but the law has not been amended to allow people to walk and bike side-by-side.   Curious about the current city code? Read it here.  Here's a brief recap of current rules:  "Every person running, walking, jogging, or otherwise traveling by foot upon a street or roadway other than Belle Meade Boulevard shall travel single file facing approaching vehicular traffic no more than eighteen (18) inches from the left edge of the pavement." "Every person operating a bicycle upon a street or roadway, within the City of Belle Meade, shall ride single file... "   HERE'S WHAT WE WANT The Mayor and City Council of Belle Meade should change the code and stop ticketing people for walking and biking side-by-side down Belle Meade Blvd.    Furthermore, they should follow the guidance of traffic engineers and redesign the road to support people who want to walk and ride bikes with their neighbors. Let's re-stripe the road to provide a separate place for walkers, bikers, and joggers, giving vehicles their own dedicated lane.  Want to join our fight? Sign this petition!  

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Petition to Midpeninsula Regional Open Space Administration Office, Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority, Matt Anderson

Electric Bike Open Space Access

Bay Area Open Space Electric Bicycle Access An open letter to our community leaders and outdoor enthusiasts: The Bay Area is home to some of the best trails for riders of all ages and experience levels. Trail access has always been a hot point with various advocacy groups muscling for equal access. Sales of Electric Mountain Bike, or E-MTB are growing exponentially in the Bay Area as all major manufacturers are releasing their own models. Nobody wants to buy a new bike only to find that their favorite trails are now illegal to ride. E-MTBs are human powered and should be categorized as such. There is no throttle and the rider has to be pedaling for the bike to work. This must be the biggest distinction from motorized vehicles and mopeds. The human is doing the work to make the vehicle move. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is categorization. We don’t want to upset non-electric advocacy groups that are fighting for access to trails that are currently illegal to bicycles of any type. They are fighting the same fight in a different light. We only want access to trails that are currently legal to ride bicycles. E-MTBs are slower uphill than expert and professional riders on a traditional non-electric race bike. Electric bikes generally have governors that prevent the bike from exceeding 28 mph assisted although most E-MTBs have a max motor assist speed of 20 mph due to the tuning of the motor. All bicycles are limited to 15 mph on most trails in our trail systems. All bicycles will follow the same speed limit laws. Generally, E-MTBs also have much superior braking systems that produce better stopping power and allow greater control especially going downhill. A traditional mountain bike will cause more soil erosion than an E-MTB due to the higher tire pressure, narrower tire profile and lower coefficient of traction. E-MTBs run a wider tire at a much lower pressure that forms around terrain rather than plowing through it. This better traction translates to less skidding, better cornering with less wash out and ultimately less soil movement. In short, E-MTBs cause significantly less trail damage and erosion than any traditional bicycle. As far as nuisance complaints go, E-MTB motors are silent and the bikes make as much sound as a normal bicycle. Also, riders are people, and as such there is always a spectrum of respect for other people and the trails. There are disrespectful runners, horse back riders and bicyclists alike. These laws should accommodate law abiding respectful people not their disrespectful counter parts. What is arguably the biggest reason to open trails to E-MTBs would be to allow access to people who could not otherwise enjoy or even reach our beautiful spaces. We have seen dozens of people that can’t ride a traditional mountain bike anymore, either due to injury, illness, physical limitation or disability. They want to be outside. Families will be able to carry their small children and gear. Older people will be able to keep up with family and friends. They want to explore the same pristine wilderness that we all enjoy. We have seen men and women that are riding trails they haven't been able to ride for decades back on their favorite trails they used to ride. This would not have been possible for them without electric assist. Can we as community members band together to end the vitriol and realize we all have the same desire to go out and enjoy nature? Can we share our Open Spaces so everyone can enjoy them? Open Space is something to be proud of and something to be fully supportive of as a community of outdoor-oriented people. As more people can get out to enjoy and appreciate nature more people will vote to protect it.       

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Petition to Union County Freeholders

Shared trail access in Watchung Reservation

Trails across the United States help connect people to nature, inspire healthy activities, and by their very nature, help protect natural places - making communities more livable and connected. However, there is not a single shared trail in all of Union County, New Jersey. This is unacceptable. The positive impact of a shared multi-use trail network is multitudinous. Economically, property values and taxes tend to rise near shared trails, jobs and revenues in local businesses increase, and health care costs are reduced as communities adopt a healthy lifestyle. Environmentally, shared trail systems are generally well protected and enjoy better maintenance and care overall. Finally, shared trails offer a safe space for children and families to enjoy free recreation devoid of the hazards of neighborhood street riding. While the Freeholders have begun the process to permit cycling in certain parts of Watchung, the process is slow and is being stalled by a very small but vocal special interest group that ignores the facts and uses fallacious arguments. Please let the Freeholders know that you support beginner and intermediate bike trail access to Watchung Reservation. Make it known that you support a safe place for our kids to enjoy nature traffic free and close to home. Put them on notice that the majority share of their constituency support this plan.

Friends of the Watchung Reservation
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