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Petition to Birmingham City Council, Mayor Randal Woodfin

Downtown Birmingham Bicycle Safety

​Whereas the cycling community of downtown Birmingham and the immediate neighborhoods are trying to get from one place to the next with a minimal impact on our environment, Whereas the cycling community often chooses streets in our routes that enhance our safety as cyclist and minimize our impact on flowing traffic, Whereas the 1st Avenue South corridor from 20th Street towards the Avondale community is partly designated as a bike lane, Whereas this corridor abruptly becomes dangerous to cyclist in the last leg to Avondale from 32nd Street to 41st Street due to curved railroad crossings, narrow passageways under bridges, and potholes on the right side of both lanes, and there being no safer alternative route to get cyclist to the Avondale area at 41st Street, We the cycling community in the hopes of connecting cyclists from downtown to all outlying neighborhoods, not just this one, ask the Birmingham City Council to establish the following on the 1st Avenue South corridor; Well marked signage telling all that Cyclist May Use The Full Lane... Well marked signage and a caution light at the diagonal railroad tracks telling all that both lanes must stop and allow cyclist to cross the diagonal railroad tracks at a 90 degree angle using both lanes. We are one less car and the amount of time any vehicle will be impacted by motorist actually sharing the road with us on a corridor that makes sense for cyclist safety is a minimal inconvenience to any motorists on this 9 block stretch of roadway.

David Hogan
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