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Petition to Ottawa City Council

Ottawa needs to become a Bee Friendly City

I want Ottawa to be declared a Bee Friendly City by the next Council. I believe the Bee City designation should be a priority project in support of the City’s commitment to Environmental Stewardship, Healthy and Caring Communities and Economic Prosperity. I am not running in the election - this is my personal campaign platform. There are currently 22 Bee Cities in Canada. Toronto City Council voted unanimously in favour of the motion in 2016, becoming the first official Bee City in Canada. Ottawa is not yet on the list.  The time for action in YOW is NOW. Let’s make Ottawa a Bee Friendly city by: Increasing healthy pollinator habitat and the maintenance of existing greenspaces Educating the public about the benefits of all pollinators and the risks to their health Recognizing urban beekeeping is an important part of the City’s food security strategy Mitigating the risks Working with the province and other municipalities to update the regulatory framework  I could coordinate the project, providing the initial seed funding and developing a network of volunteers and community sponsors. No initial funding would be required from the City. I also plan to start doing this on a full-time basis to support the sustainability of the project and expand its reach and impact. I’ve got the Buzz. I want Ottawa to get the Buzz. Share the Buzz. Save the Bees!!

Dinah Robinson
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Petition to Mayor Linda Hepner & City Council

Save the "South Surrey Gratitude Garden"

A thriving pocket garden is at risk of being developed by City of Surrey if the public does not pitch in to show support for its continued existence. The South Surrey Gratitude Garden located at 156 Street near King George Blvd. was started in 2008 on city land by Adrian Bilodeau, as a tribute to his deceased father. Bilodeau grew up in the area.  It has grown into a nearly 250-foot long garden housing mature cherry and holly trees, hundreds of annuals and perennials, as well as a food garden with blueberries, raspberries and squash. The area is home to hummingbirds, rabbits, owls and honeybees. In 2015, Adrian and the garden received a City of Surrey beautification grant, which provided additional trees, plants and supplies. The city noted in its report that "the garden has become a popular gathering space for local community members and has been noted in the media as 'bringing pleasure to hundreds of neighbours in the area.'" In a recent article, Adrian noted, "Because people showed so much interest and appreciated [the park], it turned from being the memory of my father to me dedicating it to the citizens of the city where I grew up.” The garden is now threatened with redevelopment and there has been an inquiry from a potential buyer. However, it's not too late. According to the Peace Arch News, the City of Surrey's realty-services manager, Nicholas Rawcliffe, said “no firm decision” has been made and that any sale would be subject to council approval. I will be delivering this petition and any letters to City of Surrey City Council. Let's save this greenspace from development and preserve it as a lasting legacy to the community at large. Background Info: South Surrey Garden Plight on City's Agenda (Jan 6, 2017) Surrey Garden Plight Inspires Petition (Dec 22, 2016) Editorial: Positively Fleeting (Dec 20, 2016) Borrowed Time for South Surrey Garden (Dec 16, 2016) More pics of this garden from the summer: Community Gardens Hit by Thievery (Sept 15, 2013) Community Enhancement Project Grant (May 2015) Map Location - see Gratitude Project:

Laura McLeod
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