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Petition to Rick Scott, Mayor Mitchell E. Reeves, John Stinson, Jimmy Hill, M. Blythe Waters, Mitchell Harding, Lenny Curry

Help Stop the innocent Baby Sea Turtles from DYING in FLORIDA!Light Pollution is Dangerous

After hatching, baby sea turtles head to the brightest light they see. Under normal conditions this instinct directs them to the moon which in turn leads the turtles to the ocean. However, artificial lights (Light Pollution) from beachfront houses will confuse the turtles and cause them to head in the wrong direction. When these turtles head away from the ocean and to artificial lights, they lose their chance of survival. To prevent sea turtle deaths caused by light confusion, light ordinances in nearby Jacksonville Beach and Neptune Beach require that beachfront houses must turn off all lights when sea turtles are hatching. Failure to comply results in fines. Ordinances like these prevent thousands of sea turtle deaths each year. Unfortunately, my community of Atlantic Beach does not have this city ordinance. I have seen the effects of this firsthand. I have seen the bodies of baby sea turtles eaten alive by crabs. They never had a chance at life all because homeowners did not turn off their lights during hatching. This becomes all the more frustrating because there is a simple solution to end the tragedy. We demand the city of Atlantic Beach, Florida to implement a mandatory sea turtle protection light ordinance, including enforcement, equal to those in neighboring Jacksonville and Neptune Beach. The ordinance is needed to protect the endangered and threatened sea turtles who use Atlantic Beach to nest and hatch a vital new generation. Help me get the word out and give these little babies a fighting chance to live -- sign and share the petition today.

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Petition to Donald Trump, Jerry Brown

STOP Sewage leaks; From Mexico with toxins, plastics, tires, household trash, & more.

Tijuana River Valley for the last 6 decades have continuously fallen victim to the Sewage from the Mexican Sewage collection and treatment facilities. The "leaks" have caused continuous heath risks to beach-goers, valley residents are flooded due to the excessive trash and debris which flows downriver from Tijuana. Over the decades the U.S, has funded repairs and construction requesting Mexico to fund a certain portion. The historical trend of Mexico's economy is the value of the Peso declines as the U.S requests financial support. Mexico also is not communicating with the IBWC regarding any leaks into the Tijuana River. The Sewage is to be pumped off shore away from the beaches. As a resident the odor is repulsive, nauseating, headache inducing, some children have been sick as a result of the sewage leaks.  We must hold Mexico accountable. We demand an apology from the Baja California Govenor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid.  To read more about the sewage leaks and the history and impacts.,amp.html***UPDATE November 11th, 2017***SB507 was introduced and lobbied a lot this summer. The Assemblyman T. Gloria even posted a video/commercial asking for constituents to support SB507. We were never advised of a campground which would be added into the writing AFTER the loobing was complete. We were all misinformed and misled. We now demand not only Mexico be held responsible for the spills, but County Supervisor Cox who wishes to have a 1,800 acre Campground in the Tijuana River Valley needs to reassess his dreams. We need to ensure all contaminated soil is free of any contaminates, the waste and tires need to be removed, before a campground can be built. Let's ask Supervisor Cox and other elected officials to demand the money be reallocated to help CLEANING UP, Building or Maintaining Infrastructures, Building retention ponds in case there is a spill. SB507 initially read in February 2017 - "This bill would instead authorize the money granted to the County of San Diego to be available for the development, rehabilitation, protection, and restoration, including studies, of natural lands in the Tijuana River Valley."SB507 now reads "This bill would instead authorize the money granted to the County of San Diego to be available for the development, improvement, rehabilitation, protection, and restoration of natural and park lands in the Tijuana River Valley, for specified studies of the land, as provided, and for the development of a campground, as provided. By changing the purposes of an existing appropriation, this bill would create an appropriation.We believe we were misled on how SB507 funds was going to be distributed to fund the restoration of natural lands in the Tijuana River Valley. We are now angry residents who demand this funding be changed to support the iniital reading of the Bill. Here is the time line of SB507.February 16, 2017 - Introduced by Ben Hueso AMENDED IN SENATE MAY 16, 2017AMENDED IN SENATE MAY 22, 2017AMENDED IN SENATE JUNE 19, 2017Assemblyman Todd Gloria's Commerical - August 22nd 2017AMENDED IN ASSEMBLY AUGUST 22, 2017 - this is where the campground is Added INTO the Bill. PASSED IN ASSEMBLY SEPTEMBER 07, 2017PASSED IN SENATE SEPTEMBER 14, 2017ENROLLED SEPTEMBER 19, 2017Approved by Governor October 06, 2017. Filed with Secretary of State October 06, 2017.We have since formed a group sharing our "Citizens Rage" you can find it (and join) at on twitter @CASewage. Thank you for taking the time to read and sign our petition.R/Citizens Against SewageFounder and all Members

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