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Petition to Maui County Mayor Alan Arakawa, John Summers Planning Consultants Hawaii, Kaala Buenconsejo, David Yamashita

Keep Kanaha Beach Parking Areas & Access Open

Maui County has new plans to renovate Kanaha Beach Park that will close 4 of the main parking areas and access points closest to the beach, at the western end of Kanaha. This affects all beach users including fishermen, windsurfers, beachgoers, kitesurfers, and more. Plans include closing Ka'a Point, The keyhole, the large dirt parking area, and the parking area next to the waterplant's seawall. We do not want to lose our parking or our access to the beach. During the planning process, the community, including many kiteboarders made suggestions and gave input. Unfortunately our suggestions to improve the area have been completely ignored. Current Plan removes existing parking, cuts off near shore access, and puts remaining parking far away from the water's edge. Proposed parking is way too small for the current number of users, let alone the increasing number of beach users. If you do not want to lose your current beach access and parking areas, then Sign this petition and ask your friends to do the same. Please help our voices be heard in Kanaha parks planning by emailing or calling our Mayor, Parks Director and Park Planners and tell them why closing the current parking areas and eliminating the access points will unfairly affect all beach users at Western Kanaha. Mayor Alan Arakawa  phone:  Ph: (808) 270-7855 Maui County Parks Director, Kaala Buenconsejo  kaala.buenconsejo@co.maui.hi. us 808-270-7230 Planning Consultants Hawaii, John Summers 808-268-4059   

Save Kanaha Beach Access
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Petition to Mayor Sam Cohen, Frank Pallone, Jennifer Beck, Bob Martin

Opposition to Deal Borough Ordinance #1134

The Borough of Deal is at it again. On June 29, 2016, the Borough introduced Ordinance #1134 to restrict parking by issuing permits to beachfront residents along one side of nine main streets. The time restraints last from 8 AM to 8 PM, Thursday to Sunday and holidays - Memorial Day to Labor Day. This essentially eliminates 50% of the parking near Deal's main beach access points during the summer.  Read Ordinance #1134 here: The permit parking legislation is yet another attempt to restrict access to the Borough’s public beaches. In October 2015, the public fought against a similar attempt to restrict beachfront parking. That Ordinance was tabled - only to reappear as this "compromise" from the Borough. The Borough has maintained that the Ordinance was never meant to restrict beach access, but rather, to address frustrations of the beachfront residents who have complained about being able to park at their homes. Yet, we have neither heard, nor will we hear, any testimony from a beachfront resident who has had difficulty parking at their residence. It is apparent that only sixty-one (61) out of nearly one thousand (1,000) homes in the Borough will benefit from this Ordinance by being issued parking permits. Those homes have an estimated six hundred and five (605) driveway parking spaces among them. The homes benefiting from this Ordinance already have an average of ten (10) spaces to park in their driveways. Why do they need to park on the street? It is clear that the Borough has been hard at work crafting and concocting regulations to address a “parking problem” that is non-existent. This Ordinance is not about parking. It is an attempt to keep surfers, fisherman and the local public away from the multi-million dollar mansions which happen to be next to a beach that the public paid for.  Importantly, Deal is among the last Monmouth County community to undergo beach replenishment post Hurricane Sandy. The Army Corps of Engineers supervised the $40 million project that pumped 1.4 million cubic yards of sand between Elberon and Loch Arbor. Access and parking is a requirement of participation in the replenishment program. We are asking the Mayor to table this Ordinance because it violates the New Jersey Public Trust Doctrine and limits the public's access to the beach. Access in the area is notoriously bad, and this Ordinance will only make the problem worse. We also encourage the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) and the Army Corps. of Engineers (ACOE) to investigate violations of the ACOE’s Regulation No. 1165-2-130 and Appendix K in the event that this Ordinance is passed. The Borough will vote on this Ordinance on Wednesday (7/27) at 9:00 AM at Borough Hall. There will be a public comment period and we urge all to attend. #warontheshore Join the Facebook group COBRA: Citizens in Opposition to Beach Restrictive Access - See the original 2015 petition here: News articles:  

Andrew Chambarry
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