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Petition to Yahoo! Fantasy Sports

Shohei Ohtani is ONE person; DO NOT split him into TWO fantasy players

In December 2017, Yahoo! product director Guy Lake announced his decision to have "double Ohtanis," meaning that if you want to accrue Shohei Ohtani’s hitting and pitching stats, you’re going to have to draft him twice, once as a pitcher and then again as a hitter.  That really sucks!  This petition is to get Yahoo to PLEASE change their decision.  Please provide commissioners a secondary option for Ohtani to only require 1 roster spot as a DH/SP.  Even if it's only an option for private leagues, that would be better than nothing. Having two different fantasy players to represent the one real-world Ohtanis is lazy and idiotic.  I have had two Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball leagues for 15+ years.  We are considering leaving Yahoo! and switching to another fantasy baseball website as a result of Yahoo's awful decision.   According to Baseball America, ESPN will be using (and Yahoo considered) a Super Ohtani option in which he would have eligibility as both a hitter and a pitcher, with the ability to toggle back and forth. The catch there was that Ohtani would never be able to accumulate stats on both sides of the ball simultaneously.  This is a far superior option.  Read more at Also

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Petition to Sarasota County Government, City of Venice - City Council

Save Venice Youth Sports Complexes!

Please help keep our Venice youth sports alive!!  Venice youth sports complexes, Wellfield (football, softball, baseball and soccer) and Chuck Reiter (baseball) fields, are the current topic of discussion at the council meetings by the City of Venice.  The City of Venice and Sarasota County Government are contemplating which authority will assume future responsibility for these areas.  Currently, neither party wishes to maintain or be held financially responsible.  They are discussing CLOSURE with  the possibility of turning these fields into parks - **The City of Venice website states it currently has "over 30 parks"...why do we need to shut down sports for more parks??  Annually, these sports complexes house after-school sports activities for HUNDREDS of local youth!!  Do NOT let them shut it down!!  The City of Venice and Sarasota County Government must come to a resolution on which governing body will assume responsibility over Venice youth sports parks.  The responsible party MUST KEEP THE COMPLEXES OPEN!! These children are part of a Venice legacy - a legacy we must fight to continue for them!!  Let's be their voice!!  Please sign this petition to prove that Venice does need youth sports!! “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” -George Bernard Shaw

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Petition to The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball, Pat Courtney, Bud Selig, Rob Manfred

Tell MLB Commissioner "No pace-of-play rules"

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred wants to implement pace-of-play rules in the game of baseball. These include clocks on the pitcher, limiting the amount of time he has between each pitch; limiting mound visits by the manager, coaches, or other players; and a clock on the time between batters. Commissioner Manfred believes that games are too long for the fans, but has he asked the fans for their opinion? Baseball is and always has been different from the other major sports. One of the huge differences is the lack of a clock. Imposing time restraints takes away a key component of the game. It also will make it more difficult for coaches and players to do their jobs if these rules are implemented. According to, the first year that the average game time was over 3 hours was 2000. It was not until 2012 that the average again broke 3 hours. In 2015, the year Manfred became Commissioner, the average was 3 hours and it has gone up each year since (3 hours, 4 minutes avg & 3 hrs 8 mins avg), despite some measures already implemented to cut down on game time. What will happen if a pitcher can't hold a runner on base because he has a clock on him? How will close games be affected? Teams with young pitchers will especially be affected, because they often need more visits from their coaches and teammates to calm them down and talk through things Former Commissioner, Bowie Kuhn, said, "I believe in the Rip van Winkle theory - that a man from 1910 must be able to wake up after being asleep for 70 years, walk into a ballpark, and understand the game perfectly." Please support the integrity and timelessness of the game of baseball. Let the Commissioner know that we like this game just the way it is and we the fans don't want pace of play rules.

Sarah Young
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