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Remove AJDunn2 as HCBB's Texas Rangers PM

Hello! My name is Logan and I'm a former HCBB Texas Ranger. I was there until Round 4, because the entire team was toxic. Luckily, it died down; Mega and Krispy were banned, ComedyKo was suspended. But there was one who stayed toxic the entire time:AJDunn2.------------------------------------------------------------------------------This Player: Rarely showed up to games. Never did any trades or any of the sort. Was rude to players and rude in general. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------We have done something we can't undo. This PM is trashing the already-trashed legacy of the HCBB Texas Rangers, and needs to be stopped. His team is 7-22 as of Round 31, and in his Round 30 Game, NO ONE SHOWED UP TO THAT GAME FOR TEXAS. IT WAS AGAINST THE 6-19 ATLANTA BRAVES. Also, Texas is part of 3 teams in a new rule that if you throw, you're banned from HCBB. It's not good. I'm calling on all of HCBB to remove AJDunn2 from the PM Position of the Texas Rangers.You can make the change. If he is removed, Texas could get better. Sure, they may be eliminated from playoff contention, but for pete's sake, at least play okay. I care because this kind of toxicity from a PM is summed up in one word: Garbage. If we can get him out, HCBB can get better and stay the way it was - Good Ol' Fashioned Roblox Baseball.

Logan Buscher
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