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Petition to Chicago White Sox, Jerry Reinsdorf

Have Jerry Reinsdorf sell the Chicago White Sox

Jerry Reinsdorf needs to sell the Chicago White Sox immediately. It has become increasingly obvious that he does not care about putting a winning product on the field or winning another World Series. White Sox fans have suffered long enough. Year after year, we are lead to believe the Sox will spend money and make this team relevant again; and time and time again we are lied to about their intentions.  The White Sox are in the 3rd biggest market and yet have been in the bottom 3rd of team payroll the last 5 years. They have been below league average payroll since 2013. It is clear now that Jerry Reinsdorf refuses to spend his money and is ok with this team being mirrored in mediocrity. We have been outspent by numerous smaller market teams including San Diego & Colorado. Sox fans need a new owner with deep pockets, a fresh new vision that matches modern baseball, and a willingness to win.  Sox fans had to suffer through ownership telling us they were going for it year after year, but would instead bring in washed up veterans or castaways hoping to catch lighting in a bottle. We were told that past their primes Ken Griffey Jr & Manny Ramirez were going to help us with a postseason push, but sadly the Sox have not been to the playoffs since 2008.  Sox fans clamored for a rebuild and now that we are finally on the cusp of winning, ownership continues to kick the can down the road. Here are some egregious examples of Jerry's cheapness: Was told money would not be an issue in pursuit of top free agents that included Manny Machado and Bryce Harper.  Low-balled Machado and let small market San Diego outbid them Made no attempt to go after Scott Boras client Bryce Harper after that. Smaller market Philadelphia made the deal happen Was told that the $250m Machado money was going to be spent down the road. Made no attempt to go after top free agent pitchers Garrit Cole or Steven Strasburg. Made no attempt to go after all star 3B Anthony Rendon, despite the fact he signed for LESS YEARS AND MONEY than what the Sox offered Machado.  Refuse to sign a top RF and instead traded for a below average cost controlled replacement.  Refuse to deal with any Scott Boras client. (Bye Bye Carlos Rodon) Refuse to offer a modern day baseball contract that includes going over 5 years for a pitcher or 6 for a position player Largest contract ever given was $73M. That was only given as recently as NOVEMBER 2019! That is so offensive as a modern day franchise as both Garrit Cole and Steven Strasburg make that per year combined!  It's time to end the double speak. It's time to end the lies. Sox fans need an owner who will not handcuff his GM and give him to go ahead to get a deal done at whatever cost! It's time to start acting like a big market team. It's time to win again! It's time for Jerry Reinsdorf to sell the Chicago White Sox! 

Jason James
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