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Petition to UK Parliament, Steve Baker MP, Helen goodman MP, Stephen Hammond MP, George Kerevan MP, Kit Malthouse MP, John Mann MP, Chris Philp MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Rachel Reeves MP, Wes Streeting MP, Andrew Tyrie MP, Yvette Cooper MP, James Berry MP, David Burrowes MP, Byron Davies MP, Nusrat Ghani MP, Ranil Jayawardena MP, Tim Loughton MP, Stuart McDonald MP, Naz Shah MP, Chuka Umunna MP, David Winnick MP, Meg Hillier MP, Richard Bacon MP, Philip Boswell MP, Charlie Elphicke MP, Chris Evans MP, Caroline Flint MP, Kevin Foster MP, Simon Kirby MP, Kwasi Kwarteng MP, Nigel Mills MP, Anne Marie Morris, Bridget phillipson MP, john pugh MP, Karin Smyth MP, Anne Marie Trevelyan MP, Iain Wright MP, Richard Fuller MP, Peter Kyle MP, Amanda Milling MP, Albert Owen MP, Amanda Solloway MP, Michelle Thomson MP, Kelly Tolhurst MP, Craig Tracey MP, ANNA TURLEY MP, Chris White MP

Stop alleged mass “Eviction Fraud” by Mortgage Express & Lloyds Bank against UK consumers

  SHORT SUMMARY In the USA, all 50 state Attorney Generals have already investigated mass eviction fraud / foreclosure fraud by banks resulting in the review of 4 million court cases by banks against consumers and penalty payments by banks of $25 billion (£20 billion).  Foreclosure / eviction fraud by banks included the mass criminal forgery of signatures, fraud and fabrication on the banks’ court documents for pursuing mortgage and other consumer debt such as credit cards. The results included the mass fraudulent eviction of families from their homes, devastating their lives. In the UK, a former Police Officer has helped collate extensive evidence supporting allegations of identical eviction fraud since 2010 by Government-owned Mortgage Express, and Lloyds Bank, which is partly owned by the Government.   Everyone who received a Lloyds (which includes Halifax, BoS, C&G etc) or Mortgage Express claim form or County Court Judgment against them for credit card, personal loan, mortgage or bank overdraft debt since at least 2010 may have been a victim of eviction fraud. However, the UK Government has taken no action at all to stop or even investigate the extensive evidence of alleged eviction fraud by Government-owned Mortgage Express & Lloyds. So please sign the petition to Parliament for the Treasury, Public Accounts, Home Affairs & Business Select Committees to conduct formal inquiries into alleged mass eviction fraud by Mortgage Express & Lloyds Bank. Please also share the petition and follow us on Twitter and Facebook @EvictionFraud PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR FURTHER INFORMATION In the USA, the 50 state Attorney Generals discovered that banks were creating huge numbers of court documents in cases against their customers as quickly and cheaply as possible. The drive towards this “lowest cost, highest volume” business model had resulted in mass fraud, forgery & fabrication becoming part of the standard business process for pursuing consumer debt. This meant that every customer whose court documents were created through the standard business process could be a victim of foreclosure / eviction fraud. For example: It takes time and cost to read and check court documents, so the banks’ court documents were fraudulently signed to witness the contents were true without being read or checked Court documents were fraudulently created in full knowledge that the contents were false If one person was signing lots of court documents, it could be a bottleneck, so teams of people were forging the same person’s signature on court documents If a key document that the bank needed had been lost or was missing, a new one was fabricated and presented as evidence Government officials in various US counties reported that in their county: over 70% of the banks’ court documents had suspect signatures; the suspect signatures went back as far as 1998; and one county discovered over 25,000 of the banks’ court documents had suspect signatures. In the UK, a former Police Officer who won a national award for bravery, has helped collate extensive evidence in support of allegations of identical industrial-scale foreclosure / eviction fraud by Mortgage Express, a Government-owned company, against UK customers since at least 2009. An MP formally notified the Chancellor, George Osborne, of these allegations in August 2015 and again in September 2015, including sending a 136 page Summary of the evidence with the request that George Osborne pass on the allegations to the National Crime Agency. George Osborne failed to pass on the allegations to the NCA and in November 2015 he announced a £13 billion asset sale by UKAR, the parent company of Mortgage Express. It is not known whether George Osborne or the Treasury disclosed to the purchaser the allegations of industrial-scale systemic serious crime by the Government-owned company. Evidence has also been collated to support allegations of industrial-scale eviction fraud by Lloyds Bank against its customers. It is very straightforward to confirm whether these allegations of industrial-scale fraudulent forgery of signatures on Lloyds’ court documents are true or false by simply comparing the dates when the statement of truth on a court form was signed in a person’s name, with the dates when the same person was absent from work eg on holiday and also by comparing the signatures on all court documents signed in the same person’s name. However, Lloyds failed or categorically refused to provide this signature comparison information 11 times from 2011-2016, including refusing to provide the signature comparison information to Lloyds’ own Non-Executive Directors. If Lloyds is innocent of the alleged eviction fraud, it has chosen 11 times not to provide signature comparison information which would demonstrate its complete innocence. If however, Lloyds is fully aware that it has committed industrial-scale eviction fraud and has withheld and concealed evidence of its eviction fraud on 11 separate occasions, then all Lloyds’ customers who received Lloyds’ court documents including claim forms for credit card, personal loan, bank account or mortgage debt from at least 2010 onwards may be victims of eviction fraud. The scale of such a financial scandal may well surpass the £17 billion Lloyds has already set aside for another of its financial scandals – Lloyds’ systemic, industrial-scale miss-selling of PPI. If Lloyds and Mortgage Express have committed mass eviction fraud (just like the banks in the USA) it will be the largest fraud against the public in British history. Parliament has established “select committees to conduct inquiries” and “select committees operate largely by an investigative process” ( It is therefore in the national public interest that the Parliamentary Select Committees conduct formal inquiries to investigate the alleged eviction fraud and then refer the evidence to the National Crime Agency. Please would you therefore sign this petition to the MPs in the Treasury, Public Accounts, Home Affairs and Business Select Committees so the alleged mass eviction fraud against UK consumers can be stopped. Please also share the petition and follow us on Facebook & Twitter @EvictionFraud

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Petition to Ross McEwan, Jane Howard, Sam Smith

Stop the closure of Natwest Emsworth, the last bank in our town

Emsworth is a bustling coastal town on the south coast of Hampshire, with a thriving independent high street of predominantly locally-owned businesses. It is a town like no other, but sadly has seen the closure of a number of our local banks, with Natwest being the last bank standing. It has recently been announced that Natwest intend to close the Emsworth branch in June 2017, leaving not only our local business owners without a local banking branch, but also meaning thousands of local residents are now faced with making the journey to Havant or Chichester in order to carry out day to day banking. For those without transport, the elderly and the infirm, this will create huge problems and have serious repercussions. Not only this, but this also heralds the closure of one of only three remaining cash machines in Emsworth.  Following the closure of Barclays Bank in 2015, local business owners were advised by Natwest that should we change our banking to Natwest, they would not close the Emsworth branch. They have now reneged on this and are set to leave us without a readily accessible bank.The short-sighted decision of Natwest to close this branch sends out a message that our thriving Emsworth economy is not enough to warrant a local bank, which is not the case.  The British Bankers' Association protocol requires banks to work with local communities to establish the impact of a branch closures before they close, and Natwest has not consulted the local community or local groups and associations before coming to this decision. This bank provides a pivotal role to the local economy, and provides a vital service to Emsworth residents.  We are lobbying the Government to intervene and persuade the chief executive of NatWest to overturn their decision to close this branch. We have been in touch with local MP Alan Mak who we have a good working relationship with, and whohas always supported the Emsworth Business Association. He is already lobbying NatWest with us on this issue, and will help us deliver a joint petition to NatWest in due course. We have also been in contact with the Natwest CEO to try and reverse their decision, but we urge you to lend your voice to our campaign to prevent Natwest from abandoning our community. 

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