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Petition to Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike, Karnataka Chief Minister

Fix the potholes, lay proper roads in Munnekolala, Marathahalli

Many IT employees, students, call centre workers and others live in Munnekolala in Marathahalli which has poor roads causing a number of problems for the residents. This area has a large number of PGs and tens of thousands of men and women are living in PG accommodation as well as flats. Many of the roads are completely damaged or full of potholes and cause a lot of inconvenience at time of rains. Commuting to offices from Munekolala is problematic because in many cases the office cabs do not even enter the area citing bad roads and they drop employees at a distant place. This causes an additional safety issues especially at night for women employees. IT/ITeS Employees Centre (ITEC) performed a survey of the roads in Munnekolala area this week. We segregated roads into four according to their condition and %wise result is as below: We could cover almost 90% of the Munnekolala area. 40% of roads are completely damaged17% are just gravel/metal roads13 % of roads half or more damaged.Only 30% are good roads (many with potholes/diggings for pipe/electricity connections /repair works, but lesser in number)  Around half of the roads will be entirely unusable, even for walking after rains. Severely damaged roads make the entire area dusty leading to serious air pollution. There are studies showing that dust is responsible for 50 per cent of city’s air pollution, may be in Munnekolala its much more. Daily bumpy drives through these roads will definitely affect the health. Damaged roads mean no proper drainages as well, which makes the area vulnerable for infectious diseases. We urge BBMP to urgently fix the roads in Munnekolala.   IT/ITeS Employees Centre (ITEC) mail : mob : 9620907912web : fb    :

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Petition to Vajubhai Vala, R Roshan Baig

Let us save parks and open spaces, in small towns of Karnataka & set an example for India

The Karnataka Urban Development Authorities (Amendment) Bill, 2016, was passed to reduce the area to be reserved for public parks and playgrounds in layouts from the present 15% of the total area to 10%. It also means reduction in the area to be reserved for civic amenities from the present 10% of the total area to 5%. This is not applicable to Bangalore yet, but to 250 small towns and villages of Karnataka. But if applied, this could become a precedent and later on be quietly applied to Bangalore as well. Small cities and towns do not have land shortage or sky high prices. In fact, they should be planned now to have even more open and public spaces so that in decades to come, they do not face what Bangalore does. (We are yet to get clarity on weather the bill will apply to Mysore, Hubli, Belgaum and other larger cities of the state.) In the last few decades we have already lost 66% of the city's green cover and 74% of its lakes to irresponsible development. The new KUDA (amendment) Bill when applied to Bangalore makes shrinking of public space opportunities and encroachments legal. This bill is only to help land sharks and irresponsible builders, with zero benefit to the city or its citizens.  This regressive bill amendment needs to be reserved for the greater good of the entire state.

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