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Baby's born alive and breathing should be giving a chance and given immediate resuscitate

Raising awareness on live preterm births in the grey area 22+ weeks show your support wear your support :-D  She was a human being she was another life she had rights and so did we as her parents but they were taken away from us and decided for us that night not that we didn't try to ask because believe you me we did but were told no there was nothing we can do she's not 24 weeks and repeatedly got told about how small she'd be how under developed she might not have fully formed ears just holes or her nose might not be formed properly to name a few, how very disabled she'd be if they tryed , told us not to believe everything you read when presented by myself with other baby's same age helped. You put your trust in a health professional to look after you when your expecting a baby to guide you even more so when you find out you have a high risk pregnancy and I was already high risk due to having only one functioning kidney, well the truth is they did nothing as what was discussed anti natal wise they didn't keep a eye on me and my unborn baby with those promised regularly checks. The care just wasent there from the start , I felt I wasn't advised or supported with anything properly apart from to carry on as normal it's basically out of my hands and there's , but I should of been advised a lot of things and had those promised regular checks on me and my unborn baby at the time. And just maybe I wouldn't of gone into early labour if I'd of been advised and those checks had of took place who's to say I'm wrong it's very debatable. That night I went into labour we asked and nothing, but to then find out weeks later a hospital do and have taken babies at 23 weeks is unforgivable which autumn was 1 day off that at birth the grey area, and we only got cuddle comfort. Its beyond words as parents to find out we did have the right to ask for a neonatal team standing by we did have the right to ask them to intervene weather they would of is a different thing but we had that right for that to happen but weren't given that opportunity based on incorrect gestational age of our baby they were out by 4 days which again I did question during my pregnancy numerous times, no one listened as a scan machine knows best. I'm not saying our daughter would of survived regardless or lived to tell the tail her self what I'm saying is we and her had that opportunity taken from us by bein Miss informed and having opportunity to discuss.. I didn't question my dates that night who dose in labour you never really here a midwife say ooo she's 22 plus 5 or 27 plus 3 it's 22 or 27 weeks I only questioned it afterwards when saw on my labour sheet the mistake in gestation age even that was out by a day there own date given at our 12 week scan so what other mistakes can be made.. many can and have in our case. All I want to do as a mum and us as a family is put that right and get justice for her and any other familys that this may happen to they need to know they have a right to ask for a team to be near by ask for intervention and have rights and make sure all information is correct and you receive the care needed , things like this can't keep happening Ultimately things need to change. I'm always going to wonder about the what ifs now I will take this to my grave but if our story can help and people learn from it the health professionals do what they should of done that night regarding our right and input to decide and be more open and fluent with these discussions about what's best as we do have a say as parents our input is just as important then who knows how many babies and there family's may have a chance at the outcome of their situation potentially being very different from ours, no one has a crystal ball no one can predict if our child that night may or may not survived based on other babies shes not other babies everyone is a individual and with help how different things could have been if she of had that chance and everything wasent decided for us and her , based on mistakes made and lack of communication, withheld information and being shut down and they did try as we would of wanted that for her we would of said do everything you can for her if she comes out breathing alive but because of all this we will never know now what the outcome would of been for her and us that's hard. Igoing to set the record straight on a few things here concerning our child 1. Our baby was actually 22+6 when I delivered Her Not the date written down in my notes that was wrong 2. She was actually born breathing and fighting to survive for those 2 hours 3. No one came that night to see us or her from neonatal to discuss what was best 4. We weren't given the option if she came out breathing do you want us to do everything we can if so 5. The decision was made for us based on incorrect dates of gestation by days 5. Guidelines are just guidelines if you do your research this somewhat differs from one hospital to another at what age they resuscitate incubate at preterm baby but each case is also ment to be assessed individual was ours no 6. They've taken many babies born at 23 weeks and other places around uk have taken baby's from 22 +5 and give them a chance .Why not her? .... 7.lack of anti natal care and support no regular checks during my pregnancy no healthcare plan no advice given concerning my condition 8. Her weight was wrong 9. She was healthy during the pregnancy 10.No ones blaming them for murdering our child as someone put but the facts are as above the situation is bigger then it seems 11. I could of been brutally honest about all of this and said a lot worse then I have but I won't .. things will get done properly 12. You can't help one baby born alive at a certain gestation when mother goes into labour and not another it's wrong to say so unless deemed absolutely necessary and should be fluent throughout the country.  

Autumn Orion dennis
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Petition to Jackie Doyle-Price MP, Theresa May MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Vince Cable MP, Steve Double MP, Sheryll Murray MP, jeremy hunt mp, UK Government, Steve Brine MP, Lord Andrew Lansley CBE, Sarah Newton MP, Philip Dunne MP, Caroline Dinenage MP, Lord O’Shaughnessy, Stephen Barclay MP, Derek Thomas MP, Scott Mann MP, George Eustice MP

Implement scanning for all UK newborn babies for Hip Dysplasia

I am re-raising this issue as it is something that has personally touched my life and since being diagnosed in my teens I have faced years of multiple surgeries and continuous pain. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute suggests 9 out of 10 cases of hip dysplasia are only diagnosed during adolescence or adulthood and is the most common cause of hip arthritis in women younger than fifty, and the reason for 20% of all total hip replacements in the USA. Early diagnosis, prevention, and simple treatment is the best solution An ultrasound scan could pick up this 'silent' condition and allow the child to have less-intrusive treatment rather than surgery later on in life. Dysplasia, when detected within the first few weeks of life, can usually be corrected by simply placing the baby's legs in a special harness for about three months. Hip dysplasia is a condition where the 'ball and socket' joint of the hips don't properly form in babies and young children. Implementing scanning for all UK newborns for hip dysplasia and ensuring immediate less-intrusive treatment if found could reduce lifelong surgery and disability. It is said that 'If all babies were scanned and treated in their first 6 months of life it would reduce dysplasia surgery by 90%'. The NHS is incredible and this is in no way meant to cause offence to them as they provide incredible care but we all know the NHS is in financial crisis. The cost of scanning all newborns and treating those with hip dysplasia early is far cheaper than the costs of finding it later with inevitable repeat surgeries, joint replacements, education and career disruption, disability benefits and treatment for depression and chronic pain. We currently check babies using the 'Ortolani test' which is a manual examination where both legs are gently grasped and rotated outwards - a clicking sensation indicates a possible abnormal hip. This manipulation test can unfortunately be unreliable even in experienced hands. It is also suggested that hospitals do not always pick up on bilateral dysplasia as it works on one hip feeling different to the other.  It is estimated that up to 50% of abnormalities remain undetected, even though babies are routinely examined twice - once soon after birth, and again at the six-week postnatal check. Hip Dysplasia is often known as a “silent” condition. It does not cause pain in babies and doesn’t normally prevent them from learning how to walk at a normal age. So if the diagnosis is missed it may not become apparent until a toddler starts walking with a limp which then can only be corrected by surgery. In girls it is often not picked up till adolescence. This is something that needs to change. I beg you to look into this issue and for everyone to sign this petition so we can activate change. This is not a preventable condition yet scanning babies will result in avoiding the need for surgery later in life and cases of disability. 

Alice Bell
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