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Petition to Pradeep Kadambi, John Davis, Leon L Haley Jr

Keep the UF Birth Center Open

Keep the UF Birth Center open!  This beacon in our birth community is being closed as of July 31, 2019. This decision was made by administrators at UF, not by the midwives who have selflessly dedicated themselves to providing safe, evidence-based care to their patients  at "The Nest" since 2015. The UF Birth Center provides a unique model of care for expecting families: safe, supported, unmedicated birth in an out-of-hospital setting, while still being housed in the same building as a hospital (UF Health North), should a transfer to hospital care be needed. There is no other place like this in Northeast Florida/Southeast Georgia. The care that they provide is not only evident in their phenomenal statistics, but in the stories of the hundreds of families who have chosen to birth their babies with these talented midwives. Click here to see a First Coast Living exclusive look at the birth center from June of last year, when former Jags mascot Curtis Dvorak toured the space where his wife had her baby. This decision to close the birth center has immediate effects. Many patients there are already in their second and third trimesters, and are now having the rug pulled out from under them. They are scrambling to decide where they will birth their babies, because there is no alternative to the type of setting they chose (a birth center in the same building as a hospital). But more so, this decision has lasting ramifications that go far beyond their current patients. This model of care was a progressive, effective way to address many of the issues our nation is facing when it comes to maternal and fetal outcomes. By providing evidence-based care with minimal interventions, families are able to welcome their babies safely into the world and go home not only healthy and fully satisfied with their care, but empowered. UF Health was leading the way with this model of care, but a new administration has decided that money is more important than patient care. This decision comes down to dollars. When compared to a hospital, the birth center numbers are small. They don't rake in the money like hospitals do. And that is why their care is exceptional. They are driven by holistic care for the patient, and follow evidence-based principles that don't involve expensive interventions like epidurals and narcotics.  So please, take a stand. Show the administrators at UF Health that the UF Birth Center is worth their investment. Sign this petition to show them that their actions will not go unnoticed. Email, write, and call to tell them about your babies' birth stories, so they will see more than dollar signs. And share this far and wide, so that our community will see that it is being robbed of a precious, unique model of care.  To contact the UF Health administrators who have made this shortsighted decision, please see below: Pradeep Kadambi4th Floor, LRC, Dean's Suite653-1 West 8th Street, L15Jacksonville, FL 32209(904) John D. Davis3rd Floor, LRC653-1 West 8th Street, L17Jacksonville, FL 32209(904) Leon L Haley Jr4th Floor, LRC653-1 West 8th Street, L15Jacksonville, FL 32209(904)

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Petition to Gavin Newsom, California State Senate

Make Vaccinations Mandatory

Anti-vax groups infect people with hoaxes and promote long-debunked theories with no scientific research. Parents who do not vaccinate their children put them at risk for contracting and/or spreading measles, mumps, whooping cough, and chicken pox, most of which had previously been eradicated for several years. Vaccinations save 42,000 lives per year, 3 times more than seat belts do. Additionally, if we increased the 3-dose HPV vaccine to 80%, we would decrease women's chances of getting cancer from that infection. Anti-vax families slow down and reverse our progress as a society to eliminate fatal diseases. So how do we take action? We must first address the reasons for which parents refuse to vaccinate their children. Some parents believe that children are better off fighting diseases with their natural immune system, and others believe that their religion would not allow them to accept vaccinations. The greatest reason for parents not believing in children would be safety concerns. Due to internet hoaxes and unverified stories online, many concerned parents have refused vaccinations due to the unnecessary fear these Anti-Vax organizations have caused. Keeping these causes in mind, there are ways that we can prove anti-vaxxers wrong. In terms of religious beliefs, we can argue in court that no religious text mentions orders against getting vaccinated. In fact, certified priests and rabbis strongly advocate for vaccinating your child. One of the biggest reasons for safety concerns would be the use of aluminum as one of the components in vaccines; However, we consume aluminum in our food throughout the day, five times more than in vaccines– there is even aluminum found in bottled water. Ultimately, vaccines are one of the basic fundamentals for a healthy society. Vaccinated children live longer and have less health problems in the future. There is no excuse to not vaccinate yourself or your child. Sources Journal of Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics: "Exploring the Reasons Behind Parental Refusal of Vaccines," Chephra McKee, PharmD, Kristen Bohannon Time: "4 Diseases Making a Comeback Thanks to Anti-Vaxxers," Alexandra Sifferlin The Immunization Partnership: "4 Striking Statistics About Vaccinations" "The Overlooked Dangers of Anti-vaccination Groups’ Social Media Presence”

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