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Petition to Jim Sullivan, Jeff Potter, Warren Slocum (Board of Supervisors, San Mateo County), Gretchen Kelly (Airport Manager), Michael Wentworth (Administrative Services & Airports, San Mateo County)

Surf Air, Inc.: Stop, or reroute, Surf Air flights that are using KSQL (San Carlos) Airport

There has been a substantial increase in noticeable noise from low flying aircraft that are now traversing over Redwood City, Atherton, Menlo Park, Palo Alto and other nearby neighborhoods.  The increased noise is mostly the result of new flights from a startup company called Surf Air that has initiated commercial operations into and out of San Carlos Airport (KSQL).   After receiving funding of $65 million, Surf Air has been expanding services and will have up to 21 scheduled arrivals into KSQL.  This is a substantial increase in service from the original 7 flights when Surf Air first began flying into KSQL.   That means the current approach corridor, as approved by the FAA, will see a significant increase in noisy flights over neighborhoods in Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Atherton and Redwood City.   This also means a substantial increase in departure noise for Redwood Shores, Redwood City, Atherton and Menlo Park. Many of the affected neighborhoods are located near the Middlefield Road corridor.  In addition, these aircraft fly over or near Encinal Elementary, Walter Hays Elementary and Menlo Atherton High School.   If you find the noise objectionable, OR if you are concerned about the negative impact on your property’s value, OR if you are concerned about potential accidents due to aircraft flying over our homes and schools, then please indicate your objection to Surf Air's flight path into San Carlos airport by signing this petition.   Thank you for your participation and please reach out to your neighbors to get them involved.

Stop The KSQL Aircraft Noise
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Petition to Port of Oakland, City of Oakland

Rename Oakland International Airport in honor of Amelia Earhart

Today, Monday, July 3, 2017, marks the 80th anniversary of the disappearance of Amelia Earhart as she and co-pilot Fred Noonan attempted to complete an around-the-world flight, mostly traveling along the Equator. Amelia Earhart's disappearance in the middle of the Pacific on the night of July 2, 1937, remains a mystery waiting to be solved. Any clear remains of Earhart or her plane have yet to be found after 80 years of searching the central Pacific floor. Several conspiracies have come up as to how Amelia Earhart disappeared while trying to land on Howland Island, a tiny, flat speck of land in the central Pacific Ocean that would clearly be very hard to spot from a high altitude. Some believe Amelia veered north from Howland to the Marshall Islands, then occupied by the Japanese, and was then captured by the Japanese and imprisoned in Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands. Another theory assumes Amelia's plane ran out of gas and crashed into the Pacific about 30 miles north of Howland Island, but Amelia managed to swim to an island called Nikumaroro, in the Gilbert Islands, now known as Kiribati, where it is believed that she lived as a castaway before eventually dying. Some even questioned whether Amelia survived, but that theory has been proven false. Oakland Airport was the starting point of some of Amelia Earhart's historic flights. In 1935, Amelia Earhart became the first person (man or woman) to fly solo from California to Hawaii, when she successfully completed a flight from Oakland to Honolulu. In May of 1937, Earhart and co-pilot Fred Noonan set out on an around-the-world flight from Oakland that would take them to Miami, the Caribbean, South America, across the Atlantic to Africa, and on to southeast Asia and Lae, New Guinea, where the hardest part remained: crossing the Pacific. They fueled up for the Pacific leg of the flight at Lae, and set their sights on Howland Island. Unfortunately, they never made it to Howland, and the remainder of the around-the-world flight that would have taken them to South America, Central America, Mexico, and back to Oakland, never materialized. However, 60 years later, Texas native Linda Finch completed Amelia Earhart's around-the-world flight along Amelia's exact path, dropped flowers over Howland Island in honor of Amelia, and successfully made it back to Oakland. A woman had successfully completed an around-the-world flight at its longest distance, along the Equator. It is time to honor Amelia Earhart and her historic accomplishments, including being the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, in a flight from Newfoundland to Ireland in 1928, the first person (man or woman) to fly solo from California to Hawaii in 1935, and the first woman to attempt an around-the-world flight along the longest route, the Equator, in 1937, which unfortunately she did not complete. And with Donald Trump in the White House, there could not be a better time to honor strong, courageous, inspiring, and talented heroines like Amelia Earhart. Let's rename Oakland International Airport, "Amelia Earhart Oakland International Airport"!! Phillip Mackay, Oxnard, California

Phillip Mackay
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Petition to Delta Air Lines, Mike Hhogan

Retire the Boeing 747 with a Pan Am livery

Let's retire the 747 in the US sporting a Pan Am livery The year was 1965 and Joe Sutter was being transferred from Boeing 737's development team to manage the design studies for a new airliner, ordered by Pan Am's Juan Trippe and supported by Boeing's Bill Allen. An airliner that would revolutionize air travel and the industry itself, reinventing the way planes were manufactured until then. A jet that the world would come to know as Boeing 747. Pan Am was more than the launch customer of the 747, it was an airline so instrumental in the creation of this airplane that their input would borderline mark them as co-designer of the type. A feat unmatched by any single airline before or since. This year marks the end of the scheduled passenger service with any US airline of the Boeing 747. Our idea is simple: we would like to see "The Queen of the Skies" retire as it begun its service in 1970, emblazoned by the colors of the airline that saw it being born. Please sign this petition and help us ask Delta Airlines and United Airlines pay tribute to the Boeing 747 and to its creating airline by following the current industry practice of creating "retro jet liveries" to honor their past and their heritage and painting their last retiring 747-400 in the original Pan Am markings that the airplane sported in 1970 when it was delivered, and so bring the operational life of this wondrous airplane to a full circle. Our petition is aimed both towards United Airlines and Delta Airlines, mostly because they will be the last US airlines in retiring the type, But also because both airlines own a part of Pan Am (United owns Pan Am's Pacific and Latin America routes and Delta Pan Am's Atlantic routes) and they are the last U.S. airlines operating the type. Please sign the petition and share it with others and let's make this happen!   A little bit about me: My name is Alfonso Vazquez and I'm a 35 year old executive pilot, currently residing in Mexico. Ever since I was a child I've been fascinated by everything Pan Am and have many fond memories of the airline. Being a part of this project is a huge honor for me, and I hope as many other fellow Pan Am enthusiasts will join in so we can make this happen and pay tribute to both the 747 and this iconic and unforgettable airline.

Al Vazquez
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Petition to Planes of Fame Air Museum


****Please note that we are asking for signatures ONLY and NOT DONATIONS. If the option pops up, please skip. A lawsuit has been brought against the Planes of Fame Air Museum by the Yanks Air Museum, Flying Tigers Aviation, SOCAL MRO, and Zangeneh Aeronautics with the sole intent to stop the 25th Annual Planes of Fame Air Show at Chino Airport slated for May 6 & 7, 2017. The annual Air Show is one of the few remaining events in Southern California where visitors from around the world can enjoy the sights and sounds of aircraft from the Golden Age of Aviation flying overhead.  Each year the Air Show attracts thousands of families, aviation enthusiasts, and others who come together to witness rare and historic aircraft, as well as some of the most talented aviators take to the skies.  The Planes of Fame Air Show at Chino Airport is considered one of the top five air shows in the country.  As a non-profit, 501c.3 organization, the annual Air Show serves as the primary fundraising effort for the Planes of Fame Air Museum.  Revenue from the annual Air Show helps us to carry on our mission to preserve aviation history, inspire an interest in aviation, education of the public, and honor aviation pioneers and veterans.  And as this year’s Air Show marks the 60th anniversary of the founding of Planes of Fame Air Museum, we have seen how our mission has impacted multiple generations of families, and is introducing aviation to entirely new generations.  For the local community, the annual Air Show provides an economic stimulus to local businesses and entrepreneurs both on and nearby the airport.  For the City of Chino and the County of San Bernardino, the Air Show provides increased visibility as thousands of visitors flock to the Chino Airport for the show. In response to the inquires regarding the nature of the lawsuit, the allegations involve the experience of economic hardship over Air Show weekend and an inconvenience to operations. The fate of this Air Show will be decided on April 20 in a court of law.  PLEASE RESPOND ASAP AND SHARE THIS PETITION ON ALL OF YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA AND EMAIL.  Help us save the Air Show!  We are asking our friends, visitors, community, and colleagues to join together to support the Air Show.  Please send us a note or letter indicating your backing of the Air Show and be sure to include your thoughts on why it needs to continue. Please send all comments, concerns and questions to

Executive Director
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