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Petition to Mayor David Holt, Amy Smith

OKC needs a Motorsports Complex

Oklahoma City lost the only race track it had at the State Fair Speedway in 2010 amongst considerable protest.  Now, only memories are left of the speedway and the paths it created for people.  Racing is a lifestyle, while it may not be for everyone, it brings a sense of community and engagement for those who enjoy it. As we see the decline in skilled labor fields, this is a set of labor skills that benefits Oklahomans both economically and physically.  Most everyone drives a vehicle in this state and can benefit from a knowledgable mechanic.  There are a wide variety of race tracks and courses for different car lovers and enthusiasts.  Some of today's Millennials grew up going to the race track with their parents and we want to see that tradition to live on for the next generations. Currently, people who can afford it, travel outside of the state to pursue their race dreams/hobby.  We are asking Oklahoma City Citizens to consider building a state-of-the-art race facility to allow for different types of race courses that can attract a wide variety of people both in-state and out-of-state and that is affordable and accessible to them.  These are the types of racing we would like the facility to possess: (alphabetically) Drag Drifting Open Wheel Rally Stock Touring/Grip Oklahoma City has a television show that has been featured on National Television for 12 seasons now.  Thank you Street Outlaws for putting OKC on the map. Now it's time for OKC Council & Chamber of Commerce to do the same for the next maps project.  #okcracelife #oklahomacityneedsaracetracknow

Anthony Thompson
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Petition to Jean Shiomoto

Protecting California’s Modded Car Culture

California’s modified car & truck culture scenes are arguably the most trendsetting scenes for modified car & truck culture throughout the world, yet we face laws that are specifically targeted at us purely based on our lifestyle.  We can’t have Cold Air Intakes on our vehicles because...street racing? Really?  We can’t have aftermarket exhaust systems for our vehicles because...noise?  We can’t have our vehicles too low or too high because...happiness?  These 3 laws that we face are a small example of the clear miseducation of our state’s law makers on our culture as well as the functionality of MOST of our modifications.  Cold Air Intakes: increase air flow into the motor thus allowing you to utilize less gasoline when driving normally. Does it increase horsepower? Yes, but by 3-7hp. There is no one buying a cold air intake to go “street racing”.  Aftermarket Exhaust: assists the air flow through the motor thus helping increase gas mileage. Are they typically louder? Sometimes.  But with the current law allowing for tickets to be issued on the sight of aftermarket exhaust, how would you know?  Ride Height Restrictions: lowering a vehicle can increase aerodynamics thus increasing handling as well as gas mileage. Raising a truck’s height can help with clearance in certain conditions.  It is my opinion that these laws aren’t what threatens our culture. It’s our lack of having a unified voice to lobby against these laws is what threatens us. So with this petition, I want us to collect 100,000 signatures of California Modded Car Culture enthusiasts so that we can form our own lobbying power against these laws. 

Taj Turner
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Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, United States Department of Transportation

Demand Access to and Control of Your Car's Data

Cars today gather enormous amounts of data about the vehicle and its driver, including important maintenance and repair information. This valuable data helps drivers make smarter decisions about how to repair and maintain their cars. Most new cars are equipped with systems that wirelessly transmit this data.    So who has access to the data your car collects? Not you. Sign our petition to demand Congress give vehicle owners access to and control of the data generated from their own vehicle. By 2022, 87 percent of new vehicles in the United States will be equipped with wireless technology that transmits vehicle data in real time, according to IHS Markit forecasts. Currently, data transmitted wirelessly goes only to the automakers, giving them full control over how it is used and who to share it with. Without direct access to and control of this data, vehicle owners may face higher costs and have fewer options when it comes to who maintains and repairs their vehicles, restricting their ability to choose more affordable repair options. Access to and control of valuable vehicle data is the only way to ensure consumers have a choice in where they repair their vehicle. Vehicle owners deserve the right to direct where their vehicle data goes, so they can make their own choices.  Join the movement. Demand access to and control of your vehicle data. To learn more about your car and your data, visit our website.

Auto Care Association and Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA)
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