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Petition to Marvel, The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney, Jeremy Renner, Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios, Hailee Steinfeld

Make "HAWKEYE Season 2" & give super-fan w/ autism, a cameo as young/teenage Clint Barton

TO: Marvel Studios - Walt Disney CompanyKevin Feige - The cast & crew of HAWKEYE (specifically): Jeremy Renner & Hailee Steinfeld OVERALL PETITION GOAL: Give #1 biggest Hawkeye fan, THOMAS MEEHAN       (who suffers from autism & type 1 diabetes) a cameo as young/teen Clint Barton during a flashback in HAWKEYE Season 2 BACKGROUND INFORMATION/STORY: Hello there. My name is Thomas Meehan. I'm 19, well actually I just turned 20 the other month, and I have Autism, Type 1 Diabetes, ADHD, OCD & Celiac disease. I'm also quite literally the biggest/#1 Hawkeye fan in the world. Specifically in regards to the Hawkeye from the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) portrayed by the one and only Jeremy Lee Renner. Now first things first, what is this petition actually petitioning? The title gives a brief overview of this petition's goal, but I would like to expand on it a little further. Essentially it's exactly what the title says, if I get enough signatures on this, my crazy, literal dream, could actually become a reality. That dream that this petition could actually make a reality is for me, Thomas H Meehan, the biggest Hawkeye fan in the world, to have a cameo as young/teenage Clint Barton, aged around 16-20, in a 5-15 minute flashback during Hawkeye Season 2. As of right now, it's not even confirmed that Hawkeye will get a season 2, but I sure hope it does. So this petition, will not only give me my cameo/scene but will also ensure that Hawkeye season 2 does happen, well at least that's the goal. This petition will also, hopefully, allow me to be introduced to have a special meeting and photo op with both of the stars in the show, Hawkeye, played by the amazing Jeremy Renner & Kate Bishop, by incredible Hailee Steinfeld. So, just a few reasons why this is not only possible but would actually make a lot of sense for Marvel/Disney from a marketing standpoint. First off, allowing me to have this role would remind the public of & reinforce the true ideologies that Disney was built on, the idea that "dreams do come true". This is an ideal that was shared with both Walt Disney himself, but also the creator of Marvel, Stan Lee. Both of these figures truly believed this, which is why they literally spent their entire lives trying to uphold this principle. This also would be great for "representation" which seems to be very important nowadays. After all, I would be THE FIRST actor in the MCU to have diabetes (however this wouldn't be shown on screen as I can easily remove my Dexcom & insulin pump while shooting. In addition to this, I would also be the only or one of the only actors in the MCU to have autism (the only other prominent actor, at least that I can think of, would be Sir Anthony Hopkins who portrayed Odin). The same goes for MCU actors with ADHD & OCD. The next thing is because this would be a way to really show the fanbase that Disney & Marvel actually do care about their fans. This is something that would be very powerful because lately many fans, including myself to some degree, are starting to believe that Disney only cares about money & profit, and while that is obviously true to some degree, I truly believe that there are people at both Disney & Marvel that value the fans more than just their money, specifically people like Kevin Feige, Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, and of course the late Walt Disney & Stan Lee. I know better than anyone this feeling because I've experienced it firsthand. As I said, I'll go into more detail on it later but essentially, I wanted more than anything to go to the LA premiere of HAWKEYE but I did not receive a ticket, despite the fact that, with all due respect, I honestly deserved it much more than half of the people that were invited. Everyone kept saying "this show is only possible because of the fans" and "we couldn't have done this without them" but while they said this, I was there. I was literally 100 ft away on across the street. It felt like a cruel joke. Thanking "the fans" for making the show a possibility, meanwhile, "the fans" (me) were watching it all unfold. A feeling I will never forget, my dream, so close, yet so far. I was a mere 100 ft away from it while at the same time I felt 100 miles away. Ok, so I went off on a bit of a tangent there, but I'm pretty sure you get the picture. We need to be reminded that Marvel, that Disney, actually do care about the fans. No not "the fans" who are super-models & TikTok famous, I mean the real everyday fans. Also, this would finally give Hawkeye/Clint Barton & fans of Hawkeye, like me, the respect that we deserve. Clint Barton is easily the most disrespected & forgotten about member of the Original Six Avengers. Even after 10 years of waiting, when Hawkeye finally got his own tv show, he arguably wasn't even the main, despite the show being literally named HAWKEYE. Now, no hate for the show, as I've said, I freaking loved it, and I love Kate Bishop, but when a show is titled after a character, you would assume that said character would be THE star, not the co-star. To put this in another way, Kate Bishop actually had was supposed to be about Hawkeye, the character when Clint was finally given his own tv show, after a decade his time to shine got his time to shine, in his own tv show, Jeremy Renner receives an inordinate amount of hate, compared to almost any other actor in the MCU. Constantly made fun of  called Amazing Hawkeye Season 2 would    but at the same time  I never felt so close yet so far away f to the thing I wanted   As I've said, I was and am the number one Hawkeye fan. I supported the show, I promoted it, almost 3 years before it was even released. But the thing that really just hurt me, was the fact that in all the press, and interviews for the show, the one thing that was repeated by almost every single member of the cast, was that "The fans are what made this show possible" "we couldn't have done it without you" which is all true, the thing was, I am "the fans" Not trying to seem cocky, but I was  I really did experience this feeling of just disappointment, and anger.    believed as it would both provide positive publicity for the company & show, would work & further progress the story of Hawkeye/Clint Barton I have been a fan of Hawkeye for a long time, basically the entirety of my teenage years. I love Hawkeye but right now it's getting to the point that it's become all I think or talk about. I need to get this role so I can just be done and move on with my life while at the same time actually accomplishing my wildest dream and proving to everybody, to all those who bullied and teased me, to those who told me that it wasn't/isn't possible. I'm gonna sound cliche here, but I need to show people, including myself, that dreams really do come true, that anything is possible. So, the dream, the literal dream I've had countless times is, well originally it was to meet Jeremy Renner and attend the HAWKEYE premiere at the El Capitan Theatre in LA California. Long story short but that didn't pan out, not as I expected at least. If for some reason you want to hear more about this crazy journey of mine, I go into full detail about this insane adventure I took. But right now I want to tell you exactly why you should sign this petition or at least, why I'd really appreciate it if you did sign it. I like to see this as a far-fetched reality but at the same time an almost attainable fantasy. I am 19, well actually I just turned 20 on the 3rd of April, which is weird to think about cause I don't really feel that old, or look that old or even act that old...Right, ok sorry. Anyways, as you may have noticed, I suffer from, well many things actually, but most notable are level 1 autism and type 1 diabetes, as well as ADHD, OCD, and celiac disease. Now, I'm going to be completely honest here, I hate doing this type of thing, I don't normally try to take advantage of my disabilities or want people to pity me, because you shouldn't well not any more than you would anyone else. However, with this being said, there are times when I do need to remind people about all of my special qualities. I live a good life, I have loving parents/family & siblings, great friends, a nice home, and a good education. I'm not saying that this is the most important petition you can sign, not even close, all I'm saying is that after you've signed some of the more important and urgent ones, like the crisis in Ukraine or the middle east, or equality and that, after you sign those, if you have an extra couple seconds to also click on mine, it could really make this insane dream I have become a reality. Thank you so much for your time.   In fact, I was so sure that I would be able to pull this off that I actually attempted to sneak into the event. This is by far the craziest thing I had ever attempted. But like I said, it was my dream and I had to at least try. So I devised a plan. Using the $500 my Nana left me in her will after she passed a couple of years earlier, I was going to buy a plane ticket to LA from where I live, MA. So literally across the entire country. Then I planned to buy a ticket to see a movie showing at the theatre the night before, and once I was in the theatre, I would find a room, like a closet or a lockable bathroom or something, and just lock myself in there until the next morning when the premiere was set to take place. Then, I would put on my Ronin (Hawkeye's alter-ego, kind) costume, which I would have carried in my backpack, and wait for the event to start. Once I had the costume on, I would find my way into the main theatre or meeting area during all the commotion. And from there I would be in. No one would notice one more guy dressed up as Ronin, and since I had the mask and hood on because I was Ronin, not Hawkeye, no one would really even see my face. Then I'd find my way through the crowd until I found Jeremy Renner & Hailee Steinfeld, either before or after the showing of the first 2 episodes. Well despite my seemingly foolproof plan, this is not how it went down. I had to tell my Mom and Dad about my quest, and not too surprisingly they reminded me that not only was that actually illegal and I might end up in jail, but also that I had never done really anything that, traveling, on my own and LA is not the place to from a then naive and inexperienced teenage like me. So after my literal presentation on why it would work and convincing both my parents that I would somehow be able to finagle my way in, they agreed to let me go, BUT my aunt/godmother would have to accompany me. I was more than willing to accept these terms and so on November 16th, I set out on a journey that would forever change my life, turns out, just not in the way I was hoping. So after a very long plane ride of around 6 hours, we arrived in Los Angeles CA. One of the biggest changes to my plan was that instead of hiding out in a bathroom for a night, my Aunt actually got us a suite at the Marriott, which was definitely better than my plan of sleeping in a closet or bathroom stall. One of the perks of being a Mariott gold member I guess. Anyways, by the time we got to the hotel, it was pretty late so we got dinner and then went to bed. The next day I woke up, in a mixture of pure excitement but also nervous and honestly pretty scared. This was the day I'd been waiting for. I wasn't dreaming this time, this was it. So after having a nice breakfast & meeting a very nice cop/security officer, who I actually told my whole plan to, I got changed into my Ronin suit/costume and with the help of the nice receptionist, we ordered an Uber to take us into the city, where the premiere was set to take place.

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Petition to

Adults with Autism Need a Secure Future

My brother is 18 and will be finished with high school this month. However, my brother has severe autism, aggression, and mostly nonverbal. There are only 3 day programs we could find in our city, Colorado Springs, that would be willing to take him. 2 out of 3 have months and years of a wait-list. We can't drive him all the way to Denver.  My brother doesn't stop just being autistic after he gets out of high school. He needs that structure or dwindles out of control. It causes him a lot of anxiety. Adults with autism deserve more. They deserve better care. They deserve more than just put them in a mental institution. They deserve the support they get through school all their lives to be continued for the rest of their lives. Most people with severe autism don't have that choice. They don't have a voice or control over their lives. They deserve to be at home, be at a day program (school), and have all the supports they need to live with their family or whoever takes care of them. To be my brother's voice is a great honor and sad at the same time. I want legislation to enact a law that mandates that people with autism have a school they go to after they get out of high school. Just like they did their WHOLE lives. I want it to be voluntary to people with autism and parents, etc. I want a law that protects their structure and stop running into day programs that won't take them because they are too aggressive or too autistic.  Adults with autism need more support and they have the right to an education. My brother and people like him deserve a school for them.  If not, they get stuck at home waiting for wait-list and no structure facility to really take them during the day. Looking for resources even with state agencies is like looking for a needle in haystack. Laws need to be passed to provide the structure these individuals need. There needs to be a school with bus transportation like they had at their previous school. Someone like my brother is use to a school bus transportating him. His school district won't transport him in a school bus to his new day program. He deserves more than this and better care.  Adults with autism deserve better care than this.

Rachel Collins
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Petition to Board of Directors for United Church Camps, Tom Bayer

Reinstate Dr. Glenis Benson as autism specialist at Camp AweSum. This is not Okay.

We, the Volunteers, Donors, Families and Campers of Camp AweSum call on the UCCI Board of Directors to restore our trust, by reappointing Dr. Glenis Benson as autism specialist at Camp AweSum. Camp AweSum needs the institutional knowledge of Dr. Benson to succeed. Glenis is the source of program development and the philosophy that stimulated Camp AweSum to flourish. Through her guidance Camp AweSum earned its reputation as a caring, disability friendly, safe and inclusive space for people with Autism and their families. Often, people say that anyone can be replaced, an example is every position at Moon Beach and Camp AweSum has changed occupants over the years, except Dr. Benson. Glenis is the critical element of Camp AweSum, without which Moon Beach is just another Northwoods resort. In fact, for many Camp AweSum families, Dr. Benson is the only reason they made the trip to St. Germain. We trusted Glenis; her experience, her thoughtfulness, her thoroughness.  "Glenis not only learned our children’s names, but their struggles, interests and family stories. She had conversations with all of us as humans, parents and participants. She took calls and emails outside the weeks of camp, provided resources and expertise that improved the lives of our children and the education they received. And as our children grew up, she did not forget that they still had significant needs, are still our children, still live with autism every minute of their day. I feel Dr. Benson represents the best of professionals. As the most committed of autism allies, Glenis chooses to walk with us on our journey year round." Camp AweSum is not a product to us. It is collective experience; A cherished memory, A happy place, A sustaining thought, A life changing path. There is no Camp AweSum without Glenis. We now require the UCCI Board of Directors to make every effort to reinstate Dr. Benson as autism expert at Camp AweSum. We encourage meaningful dialog and support inclusive growth with-in UCCI and at Moon Beach. The Camp AweSum experience will be altered in every meaningful way without the leadership of Dr. Glenis Benson. We, the Volunteers, Donors, Families and Campers of Camp AweSum are compelled to speak and offer our support on behalf of Dr. Glenis Benson.

Julia Bresette
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Petition to Tennessee State House, Tennessee Governor, Tennessee State Senate

Change conservatorship laws! Let me visit my son!

I have an Autistic son that I raised for 19 years. In 2019 his paternal grandmother picked him up from Georgia for a visit and took him to Tennessee. They never bought him home. That summer his father and paternal grandmother filed for conservatorship over my son. I retained an attorney who advised me that the judge did not have jurisdiction over this case because my son wasn’t a resident of the state of Tennessee. At the court hearing  Chancellor L McMillan granted their request simply  because My family was in the process of a move to Germany and a therapist that had treated my son in TN stated that she did not believe there would be autism services available in Germany. It’s been 2.5 years and I now have no rights to my son. He is currently experiencing a mental health  crisis and has regressed significantly but his father “the conservator” is refusing to allow me to visit him. I flew from Germany to Clarksville just to visit my son. I have contacted attorney after attorney in Clarksville only to be told there is nothing I can do. My son has always stated that he doesn’t want to live with his father. His conservator helped him obtain a driving permit. If they believe he is he is capable Of driving a vehicle, he should be capable of choosing where he wants to live. No one is advocating for him and what he wants.  There is no oversight once a person is placed in conservatorship other than the court system. There should be an oversight committee or agency. In 2019 I was forced to accept that I could not take my son to Germany with me and I did my best to live with the Judges decision but I refuse to allow anyone to keep me from my son forever. I will not stop fighting for the right to have access to my loved one. I hope that no one else has to endure a situation like this.  After continued research to try to advocate for my son, I have found that the issue of visitation for people placed under conservatorship has already been addressed by Senator Rusty Crowe of Tennessee. Senator Crowe introduced the “Campbell/Falk Act," which addresses visitation rights for people under conservatorship. I am incredibly thankful that this law exists. The fact remains that there is still no oversight, and violations of this law continue to happen. There is no easy way to report violations, and depending on the severity of the situation hiring an attorney that is familiar with this law and waiting for a hearing to take place could be costly and cause undue stress to both the family and the respondent. I hope this campaign continues to gain attention and a change is made to address these concerns so that no other family has to deal with this. 

Jasmin Tracey
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