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Petition to Ohio State Medical Board, Ohio State House, Ohio Pharmacy Board, Ohio State Senate

Grant access to medical cannabis to those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Ohio.

We are parents of children with Autism who are interested in legally pursuing medicinal cannabis as a safe, effective and therapeutic treatment option for our chronically ill children. To that end, we are here to advocate for the legalization of therapeutic cannabis, to educate families, doctors, legislators and the general public about its many benefits. We exist to give help and hope to parents interested in its medicinal application. We believe in our right to legally access the all-natural plant cannabis in its entirety and in all its various medicinal forms. We advocate qualifying conditions for cannabis therapeutics include a diagnosis of autism and co-morbid conditions.  We believe there is strong and substantial scientific evidence that supports the use of medical cannabis as a safe viable treatment for autism spectrum disorder. There are several Ohio physicians and scientists who agree and have provided expert testimony on the matter. Moreover, a bevy of states, seventeen in total, including Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Texas, Illinois and the territory of Puerto Rico have all permitted autism as a qualifying condition for their medical cannabis programs, pediatric patients included.And an additional seven other states such as California, Florida, Oklahoma, Oregon, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Washington DC all also recognize autism as a debilitating condition and allow doctors to recommend medical cannabis.With more states expected soon, due to strong scientific evidence. A vote against adding this condition would restrict chronically ill patients in severe need from even discussing this as an option with their doctor. Please vote with a majority of the experts, and support the addition of autism as a qualifying condition.I urge you to consider the evidence and will of Ohioans to add Autism Spectrum Disorder to the qualifying condition list. Tiffany Carwile  Ohio State Chapter Director Mothers Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism to share your success stories with #cannabis4autism

Tiffany Carwile
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Petition to Governor Terry McAuliffe, Governor Ralph Northam

Decriminalize Autism and Save Drew

Our son, Drew Harrison, has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and is currently serving three active years of a 50-year prison sentence. Drew’s Autism was not taken into consideration at trial or sentencing. We are petitioning Governor McAuliffe to grant Drew a pardon. Drew reconnected with a woman he had dated in high school. The evening before inviting him to her apartment she shared her interest in BDSM, submissive sex. She told Drew that her boyfriend was too tired after work to please her sexually. Upon arrival she laid a blanket on the floor, she allowed him to massage her shoulders and feet, she showed him her semi-nude, erotic photos of herself and engaged in sexualized talk. In the bedroom he easily removed her shirt and pants. Drew gave the woman oral sex and put a finger in her vagina. When she told him to stop he stopped. The two of them texted and emailed back and forth hundreds of times post event. They even got together a few times. On one occasion they went to a bookstore where she pointed out an erotic BDSM book for Drew to buy. Six months after the evening in her apartment she reported to the police that the contact in her bedroom was nonconsensual. Those with ASD typically have a strike or two against them when entering a courtroom. The pace of questioning often exceeds their ability to process everything that is heard. Their high anxiety and repetitive statements can be mistaken as indicators of deception or guilt. Without an understanding of their unique way of processing information and their difficulty expressing anger appropriately a court can easily question credibility and reach a faulty conclusion.  Drew’s therapist testified that Drew has a strong desire to please, that he has learned to fake well in order to fit in. The judge interpreted this as our son’s ability to be deceitful and he used it as part of the reason for convicting Drew. He never asked the autism experts in the courtroom for clarification regarding Drew’s social and communication deficits.  In a letter presented to the judge Drew’s probation officer noted that Drew complied with all probation conditions for over two years. She stated that if this were a regular case without the appeal process she would request early release from probation. She added that Drew passed the state-issued polygraph without deception. Results were consistent with the not guilty plea Drew has maintained from the beginning.      The judge stated that he didn’t view Drew as a threat to the community or the woman. He emphasized that he was sending Drew to prison as a general deterrence to others because that is what the community would want him to do. Drew’s therapists are convinced that Drew is innocent of the crime for which he was convicted. They warned the court that incarceration would be torture for our son. In prison Drew suffered a break down after abrupt medication changes and being moved from isolation into general population. To deaden his senses from loud clanging doors, the bright buzzing lights and the chatter of inmates Drew often wears ear plugs and wraps a shirt around his head. He struggles to navigate the unwritten rules of inmates. Drew lives in fear and overwhelm. He begs us, “Please get me out of here”. Prison visits are bittersweet. We are grateful to spend time with our son, but heartbroken as we see him deteriorate. We are asking Governor McAuliffe to grant Drew a pardon. We ask for your support by signing this petition. My blog gives additional details and excerpts from transcripts. It shows the considerable reasonable doubt and injustice.  Thank you, Judy and John Harrison       

Judy (Jude) Harrison
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Petition to Larry Hogan, Bernard A Simons, Robert R Neall

STOP Maryland DDA’s Community Pathway Waiver Amendment 2!

It’s Time for A Change STOP DDA’s Community Pathway Waiver Amendment 2 ** STOP DDA Leaders from Mandating Rules that Are Hurting Those with Disabilities The Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) of the state of Maryland is proposing rules, service definitions, and funding methodology that will devastate those with disabilities, their families and the advocates and providers that those with disabilities depend upon for services.  DDA continues to try and force into place flawed systems that stakeholders do not want. In DDA’s own words they proposed denying use of public funds “… for any disability specific event, program, etc…”  This means no Special Olympics, no sensory friendly Kennedy Center performances, no specially designed college classes for people with disabilities. In DDA’s own words they proposed not allowing support for individuals with disabilities to work in community businesses created specifically for the purpose of employing those with disabilities. For three years thousands of stakeholders, dozens of advocacy groups and hundreds of Service Providers have pleaded with the Deputy Secretary of DDA to stop forcing on the public flawed and dangerous policies which waste valuable tax payer dollars, are overly proscriptive, and only make it more difficult to help individuals with disabilities.  None of what DDA is forcing on this vulnerable population needs to be done. It is not mandated by any laws, regulations, or requirements. Disability Rights Maryland has gone so far as to say in their public comments that the “…DDA cannot abrogate the fundamental right of freedom of association with other individuals with disabilities…” DDA leadership refuses to listen. The just released 2019 Office of Legislative Audits Report has cited DDA for repeated fiscal mismanagement and noncompliance with regulatory statues. The state audit concluded “As a result of our audit, we determined that DDA’s accountability and compliance level was unsatisfactory” We AGREE with the State Audit. It is time for change. The vision of DDA is not our vision. Please join those with disabilities in calling for a change in DDA, their policies, and the way they do business with the public. We are asking the Governor to intercede and correct the unresponsive, inept, and failed management within DDA and to give Maryland a Developmental Disabilities Administration of which we can be proud. One that is capable of designing a fair and efficient system of service delivery to our most fragile and vulnerable of citizens. Those with disabilities and their families deserve this. Please show your support by signing this petition and sharing with friends and family who care about the future of our children and adults with disabilities.

Whitney Ellenby
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