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Petition to Daniel Andrews, Dannii Dekretser, Colleen Hartland, Tim Bull, Gavin Jennings, Fiona Patten, Martin Foley

Defend the rights of people with disabilities to decide who supports us

The Victorian government is planning to bring in a Registration and Accreditation Scheme where some of the options being considered will remove our right to choice and hand the decision making power over to a “regulator”. Public consultation is now open for only a short period of time so please stand up for our right to decide who supports us. Please speak up if you want to choose a worker based on their attitudes and values. Please take action so that the government will understand how much you value choice and control. Please spread the word to protect the right of people with disabilities and our families to make the crucial decision about who provides our support. You don’t have very long to respond, and please, it is important that you have your say if you want to continue to have choice over who provides your support. Please lend your support, all you need to do is sign and share this Petition. If this is personally important to you please also email and tell them why you think choice and control is important and why good workers who may not have disability qualifications should be allowed to continue to work as support workers. You can even copy any of the statements below that you agree with and email it with your personal experience. If a scheme is introduced, we support a voluntary scheme so that people with disabilities can access a qualified and regulated worker if they choose. People’s with disabilities are diverse, and the need and preference for workers with qualifications applies to some but not all of us. For many of us, an individual’s attitudes and values are far more important than a qualification or accreditation. Formal disability qualifications can take many months or years to complete and cost thousands of dollars. There are many excellent support workers who will leave because they cannot afford the time or money to undertake a formal disability qualification. We need to double the workforce to meet demand under the NDIS, it is hard enough to find good workers, we don’t need the government to make it even harder for us to find and keep support workers. Thank you, your voice and support is important and will make a difference!

Action for Choice and Control
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Petition to Federal Government of Australia

#ChangeTheDate of Australia Day to the 1st of January

The 26th of January as Australia Day doesn't make sense, we cannot unite on the day the British started colonisation here in 1788. We need a date we can ALL CELEBRATE! #changethedate to January 1.  "Australia Day should be a source of unity, pride and celebration that reflects the identities, histories and cultures of all Australians." Justin Mohamed, CEO of Reconciliation Australia.  January 26 represents Invasion Day and Genocide. It's also a day of mourning for Aboriginal people as they grieve the loss of thousands of Aboriginal people who were massacred during colonisation. It is Survival Day for Aboriginal people too. But not a date to celebrate Australia as a nation. Aboriginal people have been here for over 65,000 years! They are the First Nations, let's respect them.  Change the date of Australia Day to January 1st, because that was the uniting of our nation as the Federation of Australia in 1901. We will celebrate 117 years of Federation in 2018! This will bring the states and territories together. This act made Australia separate from Britain as a federated nation. We need a date that symbolises our independence as a nation.  The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act was proclaimed on 1st January 1901 in Centennial Park, Sydney with Sir Edmund Barton as the first Prime Minister of Australia!  Changing the date is important to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We need to respect the first nations as the traditional owners of the land. This will be a big step for reconciliation. Other dates that have been proposed are May 8, but this holds no historical significance and may clash with mothers day; March 3 for Australia Act 1986, but this has little meaning as a lesser known date involving politicians and may clash with Labour day WA.  January 1st has historical significance to celebrate as the anniversary of Federation and unites Australia! Please sign the petition and #changethedate. This requires Federal Government approval as a National Public Holiday. Another holiday can be generated in lieu of January 26 or rename that holiday, and New Year's Day will coincide with Australia day. 

Phil Watson
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