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Change the law, give Power to Petitions!

Change the law, give Power to Petitions - make your voice heard in Government again. As shown by recent events, "politicians have stopped representing the majority of Australians" (Andrew Wilkie - MP, Sep. 2018).The community has lost confidence in federal politics and require reassurance that serious topics with mass public support will be addressed, debated and responded to by parliament (and by the politicians that we elected to represent us). We require an online petitions system similar to the United Kingdom that guarantees petitions with 4,000 signatures will have a response from government, petitions with 40,000 will be considered for debate by parliament, and a petitions committee that has powers to investigate issues raised and press the government for real action. We require such an online platform to be user friendly, easily accessible and up to date. This system is essential to restoring faith in a government that shows increasing contempt for the needs and wants of regular Australians in favor of what increasingly appears to be, Corporate interests. This has been proven time and again by the lack of action on subjects that the majority of Australian people demand action on (as these issues would require big business to update their business models). Examples include both major parties continually voting against anti-corruption legislation despite 67% of people insisting this is necessary, the persistent lack of action on climate change which is desired by 84%, while the debate of a bill to stop live exports (supported by 75% of Australians) was recently refused to be even heard for discussion by parliament. Meanwhile politicians continue to focus their attentions and resources toward big business interests, and to such pursuits as hiring and firing Prime Ministers that were neither scrutinized, voted for or desired by the Australians, & then refusing to answer media's enquiries as to "why". Senator Di Natalie, due to how well you recently spoke in parliament about the Australian populations frustrations, please put forward and champion the implementation of the above request to change how Petitions are responded to in Parliament. To anyone reading/ signing this petition, an election is coming up, please google who your postcode's MP's/Candidates are - comment on their Facebook page asking if they will support a bill like this, and only vote for the individuals who prove they can enact REAL action by putting their vote to such a bill BEFORE the election takes place.Hold your local and federal politicians accountable. If they don't deliver, vote for someone else. Follow the Facebook page: "What can I do? THIS:" for updates.  

Lauren Mac
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Started 4 months ago

Petition to Australian citizens/electors of the Division of Warringah

Petition for Tony Abbott to lose the seat of Warringah at the next federal election.

The incumbent member of the Division of Warringah has recently brought the government of Australia to a virtual stand-still with his dishonourable behaviour and politicking. Having had his demands met on various policy issues, such as the National Energy Guarantee, he has still turned on his party's leadership in a spirit of selfishness and revenge, inconsistent with his public claims of putting the people of Australia first and respecting his party's choice of leader with promises of "no wrecking, no undermining and no sniping". He has used his influence to successfully bring down two Prime Ministers, first Julia Gillard and now Malcolm Turnbull, with vicious, vindictive behaviour unbecoming in a person holding high public office. It is clear that Australia can never enjoy stable government while such a disruptive force remains in power. Without stable government, we cannot move forward successfully as a country on matters of social and economic importance. We petition the citizens of the electorate of Warringah to send a clear message to Tony Abbott and his supporters that this is not how democracy should be conducted and it is not how public servants should behave. For the sake of all Australians, we beg that you do what you can to ensure Tony Abbot does not retain his seat at the next federal election. Please vote for anyone other than Tony Abbott and ensure that your preferences do not go to him as well. 

Archie Doushenka
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