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Change the law, give Power to Petitions!

Change the law, give Power to Petitions - make your voice heard in Government again. As shown by recent events, "politicians have stopped representing the majority of Australians" (Andrew Wilkie - MP, Sep. 2018).The community has lost confidence in federal politics and require reassurance that serious topics with mass public support will be addressed, debated and responded to by parliament (and by the politicians that we elected to represent us). We require an online petitions system similar to the United Kingdom that guarantees petitions with 10,000 signatures will have a response from government, petitions with 100,000 will be considered for debate by parliament, and a petitions committee that has powers to investigate issues raised and press the government for real action. We require such an online platform to be user friendly, easily accessible and up to date. This system is essential to restoring faith in a government that shows increasing contempt for the needs and wants of regular Australians in favor of what increasingly appears to be, Corporate interests. This has been proven time and again by the lack of action on subjects that the majority of Australian people demand action on (as these issues would require big business to update their business models). Examples include both major parties continually voting against anti-corruption legislation despite 67% of people insisting this is necessary, the persistent lack of action on climate change which is desired by 84%, while the debate of a bill to stop live exports (supported by 75% of Australians) was recently refused to be even heard for discussion by parliament. Meanwhile politicians continue to focus their attentions and resources toward big business interests, and to such pursuits as hiring and firing Prime Ministers that were neither scrutinized, voted for or desired by the Australians, & then refusing to answer media's enquiries as to "why". Senator Di Natalie, due to how well you recently spoke in parliament about the Australian populations frustrations, please put forward and champion the implementation of the above request to change how Petitions are responded to in Parliament. To anyone reading/ signing this petition, an election is coming up, please google who your postcode's MP's/Candidates are - comment on their Facebook page asking if they will support a bill like this, and only vote for the individuals who prove they can enact REAL action by putting their vote to such a bill BEFORE the election takes place.Hold your local and federal politicians accountable. If they don't deliver, vote for someone else. Follow the Facebook page: "What can I do? THIS:" for updates.  

Lauren Mac
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Started 4 weeks ago

Petition to Australian citizens/electors of the Division of Warringah

Petition for Tony Abbott to lose the seat of Warringah at the next federal election.

The incumbent member of the Division of Warringah has recently brought the government of Australia to a virtual stand-still with his dishonourable behaviour and politicking. Having had his demands met on various policy issues, such as the National Energy Guarantee, he has still turned on his party's leadership in a spirit of selfishness and revenge, inconsistent with his public claims of putting the people of Australia first and respecting his party's choice of leader with promises of "no wrecking, no undermining and no sniping". He has used his influence to successfully bring down two Prime Ministers, first Julia Gillard and now Malcolm Turnbull, with vicious, vindictive behaviour unbecoming in a person holding high public office. It is clear that Australia can never enjoy stable government while such a disruptive force remains in power. Without stable government, we cannot move forward successfully as a country on matters of social and economic importance. We petition the citizens of the electorate of Warringah to send a clear message to Tony Abbott and his supporters that this is not how democracy should be conducted and it is not how public servants should behave. For the sake of all Australians, we beg that you do what you can to ensure Tony Abbot does not retain his seat at the next federal election. Please vote for anyone other than Tony Abbott and ensure that your preferences do not go to him as well. 

Archie Doushenka
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Petition to Parliament of Australia, Senator Bernardi

Let's put the Prime Minster and Cabinet in the Constitution

Australia has just lost its 5th prime minister in 8 years! This revolving-door process has to STOP. Most Australians vote for a prime minister, not just a party.  Therefore it should be the people who decide whether or not to remove the prime minister - at the electoral ballot.    What we have seen in the last decade is an outright disregard to democracy in the governments of Australia.  Both Labor and the Liberals have treated their respective prime ministers like a CEO of a football club rather than the leader of a nation.   If the offices of the Prime Minister and Cabinet are defined in the Constitution - which is currently not the case - it would be considerably harder to remove a prime minister. Party leadership spills would be subject to legal scrutiny, and groundless leadership changes could potentially be ruled out by the High Court (depending on the wording of the Amendment). For 118 years, the Constitution has not mentioned the PM or cabinet - until the last decade it hasn't been necessary. But now things have changed: Anarchy prevails, and the country's leadership is decided by whim.  This is the new convention.  The Prime Minister and Cabinet need to be subject to the Rule of Law, not the petty whims of politicians, as is currently the case!   Help us by putting your signature to this petition to the Australian Senate.  Maybe we can affect real change so the past tragedies don't happen again!  ......................................... To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament   The petition of the undersigned shows: The recent crisis which has befallen the parliament and the nation – yet again – is testament to the brokenness of our system of executive government.  Our once-variant of the Westminster system has mutated, becoming so disfigured and dysfunctional that there is little hope whatsoever of it cohering in the future.   Our 5th prime minster in 8 years has just been deposed, and Australians like ourselves feel there is nothing we can do.  That is why we are presenting you with this petition.   Your petitioners ask that the Senate: Consider a Constitutional Amendment Bill.  The Constitution should define the offices of prime minister and cabinet within the executive powers of the Commonwealth.  Since federation, the offices of prime minister and cabinet have been assumed through custom and convention.  We regard these customs and conventions as broken, and the provisions of the Constitution in this matter as little use.   Defining the prime minister and cabinet within the Constitution will confer stability and gravitas on those offices.  It will also give real meaning to the Constitution in the matter of our de facto executive government.  Please give our petition your most serious attention.   Once a constitutional amendment Bill is passed through both houses of parliament, the Australian people can then have their say on this matter at a Referendum.   

Benjamin Thompson
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Petition to Steven Marshall MP, Peter Malinauskas MP, Susan Close, Bill Shorten, Malcolm Turnbull, Senator Richard Di Natale, Mark Parnell Greens MLC, Nat Cook, Michelle Lensink

Improve and Properly fund the South Australian Housing Trust.

Dear reader, I am a Young South Australian who lives in a South Australian Housing Trust House with my Mum, my dream is to be a politician one day when I am an Adult. The State Government says they want to upgrade all SAHT homes built before 1968 by 2030. They still need to upgrade those built between 1968 and 1990 because they are becoming outdated and need upgrading as well as the fact that the homes are colder in winter and Hotter in summer due to poor insulation and the use of asbestos which remains in the homes.  The State Government are not building enough new homes and are continuing to Privatise SAHT, which has been happening since the late 1990's/Early-mid 2000's Housing SA does not use in-house publicly owned contractors like SAHT used to, they use private contractors who I and others are concerned do not complete things as well as could be hoped, residents have also expressed concern to me that they are paying money for basic maintenance. SAHT has given management of many properties to Charities or service organisations that often promise many things and do not deliver, They now have a goal of turning a further 4000 over. SAHT need to be the face once again, right now people get mixed up with SAHT, Housing SA and other Government agencies. Here is my 10 point plan for a better South Australian Housing Trust, There are others, however, these are the main ones: 1. New Logo and Slogan for SAHT and a Department to be named "Department of Public Housing." They would also, therefore, have a Minister or Cabinet minister dedicated to SAHT as well as other services. SAHT would be the place that people see and deal with, not Housing SA. 2. All new and current Housing Trust Homes to stay publicly owned, maintained and upgraded. The Federal Government should also contribute funding. 3. Build many Quality New Homes within the next several Years including in Rural/Outer Suburbs, using SA Materials where possible and using stronger, better quality materials that have better energy efficiency. 4. Cap rent at a fair rate with no sharp rent rises without large amounts of notice and an appeals process. 5. Substantially Upgrade all Housing Trust homes built before 1990 with new insulation, Kitchens, and Bathrooms, and, fixing structural damage like Concrete Cancer. Upgrade homes built between the start of SAHT in the 1930's and 1980 by 2025/2030 and homes built between 1980 and 1990 by 2035. 6. Install Solar panels and batteries on as many Housing Trust houses as possible, including on all new houses. 7. Make all new SAHT Homes accessible for those who have Special Needs. 8. Re-Introduce Publicly owned Maintenance that Does not bill Tenants for maintenance. 9. Better support for Tenants, especially those with Special Needs, Older Persons, Victims of Domestic Violence, young persons and those who are very disadvantaged. Better support ranges from rent checks, checking in with tenants about how they feel where SAHT is concerned, to support getting to know other local community members, drug addiction help with tenant permission etc. 10. Increase Federal Government funding for Public Housing. South Australians should be able to be proud of Public Housing and how it helps many lower-income families, pensioners, singles, young adults, those with special needs etc. Right now they cannot be proud, the system is rigged and needs fixing. There are major Economic Advantages to making sure Everyone has a Home, including the fact that those people can participate in the community easier. I have contacted the new Premier Mr. Steven Marshall about Housing Trust and am awaiting a response from him. Thank You for reading this please sign to get politicians to support a better South Australian Housing Trust.

David Deex
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