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Petition to Scott Morrison, Marise Payne, Bill Shorten, Senator Penny Wong, Senator Richard Di Natale

Condemn ALL countries that persecute the LGBT community - Brunei is not alone!

We want the Australian government and elected officials to condemn foreign persecution of people who identify as LGBT. We, as a collective community, call upon our leaders to denounce countries that whip, stone and imprison homosexuals. They must impose sanctions and reconsider Australia’s relationship with these barbaric nations. Countries like this have no place in our global community. More needs to be done to educate LGBT Aussies on countries that pose a risk to our basic human rights. These countries are dangerous, and the government needs to increase the threat level on Smart Traveller in order to protect our citizens. It is unacceptable for the Department of Foreign Affairs to advise travellers to simply “exercise normal safety precautions”. Nor should Smart Traveller advisors suggest gay travellers “act heterosexual” as reported in this article: Although Brunei is currently in the media, they are not the only country whose laws victimise people from the LGBT minority. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore all have laws that criminalise homosexuality. Western countries are often silent on such oppression, especially when the country in question is their ally. Australian citizens should not be fearful of visiting other countries due to their laws. We must stand against all nations which represent the worse of humanity. Australia must play its role in our global society and call out hate wherever it manifests itself.  More articles:

Jayden Roberson
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Petition to The Hon Scott Morrison MP, The Hon Michael McCormack MP, Hon Bill Shorten MP, Hon Anthony Albanese MP, Mr. Alan Joyce, Tom Enders, Derryn Hinch

QANTAS FLIGHT 72: Heroes Ignored for their Great Acts of Courage and Bravery!

  We the undersigned respectfully call on the Australian Prime Minister, The Hon Scott Morrison MP, Chief Executive Officer of Qantas Group, Mr. Alan Joyce to please acknowledge and recognise Qantas Captain Kevin Sullivan (Ret.), First Officer Peter Lipsett, and Second Officer Ross Hales as Australian National Heroes for their extraordinary and outstanding contribution to Australian Aviation. Against all odds, these courageous men skillfully pulled off one of the most remarkable near-death escapes in aviation history when they critically handled and recovered a falling aircraft from the sky not once but twice when all they could see was the Indian Ocean. Their selfless act, courage, and cool-headed actions under extreme pressure ensured the lives of 315 passengers and crew was safely back in their hands. 119 passengers were injured (12 seriously) in what was described by many of the passengers as the "Terror Flight from Hell!" Sullivan a born American (who calls Australia his home) served in the U.S. Navy as a Top Gun fighter pilot during the Iran-Contra Hostage Crisis. Sullivan had no option but to execute a military manoeuvre to safely land the Qantas Airbus A330 aircraft. A move that was familiar territory for Sullivan having practiced it many times in the Navy for similar situations. In doing so, he and his crew cautiously avoided the possibility of another sudden nosedive which would have been catastrophic and fatal. Sullivan now medically retired faces an uphill battle in dealing with the struggles of managing his chronic PTSD constantly every day as a direct result of Qantas Flight 72. This extraordinary human being has certainly gone above and beyond the call of duty and has certainly ticked all the boxes by far. A very modest and well-respected citizen, Sullivan downplays his heroics acknowledging that it was a team effort just doing their job. Sitting quietly on the sidelines is Chief Executive Officer of Airbus, Mr. Tom Enders, who has yet to publicly apologise to Sullivan, Lipsett, Hales, and to the 315 passengers for the horrific ordeal they had experienced inside of their faulty A330 aircraft. With the assistance of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau investigation, Airbus was able to identify what went wrong and acted swiftly in rectifying the problem on all their aircraft worldwide to ensure the safety of all future passengers and crew. On behalf of all our supporters, we strongly recommend that Captain Kevin Sullivan, First Officer Peter Lipsett, and Second Officer Ross Hales be awarded Australia's highest civilian Bravery Award, the Cross of Valor, (CV) for acts of the most conspicuous courage in circumstances of extreme peril" on 7th of October, 2008. Below are just some of the comments, from letters we managed to obtain from amongst the hundreds of letters that are being withheld at Qantas Care (for reasons unknown to us) from passengers, family, and friends, acknowledging the heroic actions of our heroes. Names have been withheld as respect to their privacy at this time. 1. Your courage, expertise, and experience saved my young family’s life. You are all heroes! The crew absolutely exercised tremendous intelligence, skill and professional composure to bring us home to our extended loved ones on that day. 2. You should be all extremely proud of yourselves dealing with such arduous circumstances. Please uphold the faith in your judgement and ability, as you all saved many people that day. 3. I am writing to thank you for saving the lives of my treasured daughters. If it weren’t for the swift skilled actions of the Captain and the care of the crew, their lives could have been cut short. My story, and why I am so passionate about bringing this to your attention is because I am one of the 315 survivors. Captain Kevin Sullivan has been a big part of my life since that day, and he is certainly 'The Man' you can rely on when it matters most. Trust me, I know this because I am here at home with my loved ones. We are now brothers for life!  (The link below is the full documentary of Qantas Flight 72.) Mayday - FreeFall. Season 18 Ep.7: Readers Digest Article: The Sun: https://he Facebook Page / Photos: I sincerely thank you all for your prayers and support in signing this worthy petition. God Bless, Fuzzy MaiavaQF72 Flight Attendant (Medically Ret.) PS... Please share this forward for public awareness.   

Fuzzy Maiava
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Petition to Malcom Turnbull, Nigel Scullion, Bill Shorten, Ben Wyatt

An INDIGENOUS person to be APPOINTED INDIGENOUS AFFAIRS MINISTER Fedral and State Govt Why hasn’t there ever been an Aboriginal Indigenous affairs minister? Nigel Scullion was originally born in England and migrated here but somehow has now been the Aboriginal affairs minister since 18 Sept 2013? I feel somewhat perplexed that our own Aboriginal affairs are not being lead and governed by an actual Aboriginal! There’s talk in the media, government and society about having Aboriginal representation that has influence within the government and the ability to affect positive change but to date i have seen very little evidence of this and i don’t hold much hope for the near future. I feel like the first line of approach should be that it’s a requirement to have an Indigenous leader as the minister for Aboriginal affairs! It only makes sense to me that someone from our Aboriginal community is more likely to understand the issues and challenges facing the Indigenous population and therefore better represent the goals and aspirations of our people! I’m dead sure that there are many among us that have the aptitude, skills, empathy, compassion and experience to manage the portfolio of minister for Aboriginal affairs and that the reason the role has never been held by an actual Aboriginal person is due to the government’s lack of care, understanding and the governments disrespect for our values and culture. I personally don’t feel an immigrant with no connection to Aboriginal people is a suitable candidate and it should be reviewed and changed to reflect what should be happening… An Indigenous leader selected by the Indigenous population for Aboriginal affairs! Why do we allow this injustice to continue in this day and age? It’s like having a shark being minister for seal affairs! Sharks eat seals! What can we do as a community that wants to get a voice inside government that is actually listened to and isn’t a toothless tiger? How do we get an Aboriginal to be elected Aboriginal affairs minister? In my mind this is a subject we need to address and demand that a representative from our people to take the responsibility to be our minister for Aboriginal affairs and not some immigrant from England who’s only good at playing politics and has shown a track record of poor performance and neglect towards what Aboriginal Australians need! A genuine, homegrown, proud and respected Indigenous leader as minister for Aboriginal affairs can and should only be occupied by an Indigenous person! If the government was serious about helping us close the gap, reduce social and cultural barriers and improve the overall lifestyles of the Indigenous population surely the government could develop a legitimate path for an Indigenous leader to take the role as minister for Aboriginal affairs. Pauline Hanson’s in parliament and Clive Palmer bought himself a position so it’s obvious that you can buy your way in or manipulate the ignorant to enter government so surely we can assist the government legitimately elect a leader that truly does have influence and power within the government that is an Aboriginal for aboriginal affairs. This article is a passionate opinion piece by David Barker. If you’re interested in having your very own article published, please get in touch with us via email or via our Welcome to Country Facebook page.

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