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Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

U​.​S. Government: Provide Support to Australia's Volunteer Firefighters *petition only*

We ask our United States Representatives in the House and the Senate to vote to send aid to our friends and allies in Australia to help fight the catastrophic wildfires and that we act immediately. Australia is burning at an unprecedented rate. Truly beyond anything it has ever experienced. Their All Volunteer Fire Department has quickly realized that this is a highly unusual event and are overwhelmed. Fire season has started months early with no end in sight. It is time for allied governments to send aid in the form of firefighters and equipment. We should also request help from all of the nations of the world who are able. This is an emergency and we cannot stand by without offering our assistance.  The amount of wildlife lost is hard to comprehend and acting now will save many human lives, as well as treasured flora and fauna, some species of which are now lost forever, never to return. The amount of suffering is immense. We have to expect that our government function in an efficient and timely way when our friends and neighbors need us. Help now before many more millions of lives are lost, we will regret this later if we don't act now. Please sign now to show our politicians what is important to us all as Americans. That we act in friendship when devastation occurs. That the world is small and we help each other. Thank you!

Tamara Kay
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Petition to Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment, OET, Boxhill Institute, Cambridge Language Assessment

Open OET Centre in Ghana

Ghana deserves a Test Centre for OET  Occupational English Test (OET) is increasingly becoming the top choice for healthcare professionals desirous of practising abroad, and for this reason, a test centre must be made available wherever there are good numbers to sit the test. Ghana has a large population of nurses, doctors and pharmacists who want to travel to work in the UK, Australia, the US and other English-speaking countries. These countries, however, require them to pass an English language proficiency test as part of their professional registration and immigration processes.  Unfortunately, there are a large number of Ghanaian health professionals willing to take and pass the OET but are denied this option due to the unavailability of a test centre in Ghana. As the second-largest African country contributing nurses to the UK NHS after Nigeria, Ghana deserves to have an OET test centre. We wish to petition the Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment Trust to consider setting up a test centre in Ghana to give the nurses and doctors the option of choosing which test to take to advance their careers. Dreams Consult, being an OET tuition provider in Ghana after several years of success in the provision of IELTS tuition, urges all OET stakeholders to consider setting up a centre in Ghana as a matter of urgency.

Dreams Consult
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