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Petition to Steven Marshall MP, Peter Malinauskas MP, Susan Close, Bill Shorten, Malcolm Turnbull, Senator Richard Di Natale, Mark Parnell Greens MLC, Tammy Franks Greens MLC

Improve and Properly fund the South Australian Housing Trust.

Dear reader, I am a Young South Australian who lives in a South Australian Housing Trust House with my Mum, my dream is to be a politician one day when I am an Adult. The State Government says they want to upgrade all SAHT homes built before 1968 by 2030. They still need to upgrade those built between 1968 and 1990 because they are becoming outdated and need upgrading as well as the fact that the homes are colder in winter and Hotter in summer due to poor insulation and the use of asbestos which remains in the homes.  The State Government are not building enough new homes and are continuing to Privatise SAHT, which has been happening since the late 1990's/Early-mid 2000's Housing SA does not use in-house publicly owned contractors like SAHT used to, they use private contractors who I and others are concerned do not complete things as well as could be hoped, residents have also expressed concern to me that they are paying money for basic maintenance. SAHT has given management of many properties to Charities or service organisations that often promise many things and do not deliver, They now have a goal of turning a further 4000 over. SAHT need to be the face once again, right now people get mixed up with SAHT, Housing SA and other Government agencies. Here is my 10 point plan for a better South Australian Housing Trust, There are others, however, these are the main ones: 1. New Logo and Slogan for SAHT and a Department to be named "Department of Public Housing." They would also, therefore, have a Minister or Cabinet minister dedicated to SAHT as well as other services. SAHT would be the place that people see and deal with, not Housing SA. 2. All new and current Housing Trust Homes to stay publicly owned, maintained and upgraded. The Federal Government should also contribute funding. 3. Build many Quality New Homes within the next several Years including in Rural/Outer Suburbs, using SA Materials where possible and using stronger, better quality materials that have better energy efficiency. 4. Cap rent at a fair rate with no sharp rent rises without large amounts of notice and an appeals process. 5. Substantially Upgrade all Housing Trust homes built before 1990 with new insulation, Kitchens, and Bathrooms, and, fixing structural damage like Concrete Cancer. Upgrade homes built between the start of SAHT in the 1930's and 1980 by 2025/2030 and homes built between 1980 and 1990 by 2035. 6. Install Solar panels and batteries on as many Housing Trust houses as possible, including on all new houses. 7. Make all new SAHT Homes accessible for those who have Special Needs. 8. Re-Introduce Publicly owned Maintenance that Does not bill Tenants for maintenance. 9. Better support for Tenants, especially those with Special Needs, Older Persons, Victims of domestic Violence, young persons and those who are very disadvantaged. Better support ranges from rent checks, checking in with tenants about how they feel where SAHT is concerned, to support getting to know other local community members, drug addiction help with tenant permission etc. 10. Support for rural communities with more Housing, support for farmers, Indigenous communities etc. South Australians should be able to be proud of Public Housing and how it helps many lower-income families, pensioners, singles, young adults, those with special needs etc. Right now they cannot be proud, the system is rigged and needs fixing. There are major Economic Advantages to making sure Everyone has a Home, including the fact that those people can participate in the community easier. I have contacted the new Premier Mr. Steven Marshall about Housing Trust and am awaiting a response from him. Thank You for reading this please sign to get politicians to support a better South Australian Housing Trust.

David Deex
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Petition to Christian Porter MP

Homelessness happens. Extend funding for homelessness now Christian Porter MP.

It's not only people who 'sleep rough' on the streets who are homeless. The fact of the matter is that 95% of people experiencing homelessness are hidden from view. They live on couches or floors, motels, rooming houses, caravan parks. Even in cars. Vicky fled family violence and slept with her kids on couches and in crisis accommodation for 4 ½ years. ''You wouldn't know it when you pass us in the street, but each of us has been homeless at some point in our lives. It didn’t need to happen.'' Jody, an ex-Australian Defence Force employee, lost her job after a workplace injury, and ended up sleeping in her van when she was forced from her rental after the property was sold. Kevin slept in dangerous rooming houses for years and decided it was safer to sleep in a park after a violent attack in a rooming house in Fitzroy. Courtney first became homeless at 14 when her parents were going through a divorce. Family breakdown stopped her from returning home and she now lives in temporary youth housing. Joal couch surfed with friends and family while holding down café jobs in the city after leaving an overcrowded home in her teens. Liam slept in CBD stairwells and walkways to stay close to vital emergency services that provided food and health services. Every day we cross paths with people and have no idea what they are going through. Most homelessness is hidden, and happening to people you would never guess. We have no idea who they are, where they’re going, or whether they’re coping. Now the major federal funding program for homelessness, the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness is about to expire. This is $115 million annually that funds 180 vital programs and services. If this funding is not extended, the hidden plight of people like Joal, Kevin, Jody, Vicky, Courtney and Liam - and the 80,000 other people assisted by this funding will not only remain invisible, but unhelped. Will you help stop lives being destroyed by homelessness by calling on Social Services Minister, Christian Porter to extend the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness?

Council to Homeless Persons
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Petition to Parliament of Australia Petitions, The Hon. Julie Bishop MP, The Hon. Steven Ciobo MP

Establish an Australian Mission in Norway

The Commonwealth of Australia and The Kingdom of Norway trade extensively between each other, including an annualised average of A$75million of Australian export and over A$401million of Norwegian imports to Australia. In addition to this, Australia’s vast unopened shale oil reserves in the North-West have an immense potential to be explored with the technological aid of Norway’s pioneering EquiNor operations. It is well within Australia’s economic strategy for the future to further Australia’s exposure throughout Norway. As The Commonwealth of Australia’s closest geographical neighbour, sharing an official territorial border on the continent of Antarctica, it is pertinent that an official Australian Embassy be established in The Kingdom of Norway.Norway currently has a mission in Canberra - Australia, yet Australia does not have a reciprocal mission on Norwegian soil. As such, Australia currently goes without national exposure in Norway – to further Australian economic, business, and research & development interests in the Norwegian community. Reinforcing, refining, and reviewing our shared international objectives into the future can only be achieved in a truly expedient manner via the establishment of an Australian Embassy to Norway; thus, it is within the Australian National Interest that this petition be entertained by the House.

Chris Ainswørth
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Petition to Mr Alan Joyce, Mr Daniel Bowden, Mr Lee Schofield, Mr Gareth Evans, Mr Lim Kim Hai, Mr Rob Sharp, Mr John Borghetti, Mr Cai Jianjiang, Shri Pradeep Singh Kharola, Mr Chistopher Luxon, Mr Simon Foo, Mr Rupert Hogg, Mr Ho Nuan-Hsuan, Mr Xulun Ma, Mr Tan Wangeng, His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Tan Sri Tony Fernandez, Mr Peter Baumgartner, Mr André Viljoen, Mr Muhammad Arif Wibowo, Mr Chen Feng, Mr Enrique Cueto Plaza, Mr Izham Ismail, Mr Chandran Rama Muthy, Mr Geoff Bowmaker, Dr Lucio Tan, Mr Akbar Al Baker, Mr Xinguo Lan, Mr Foo Chai Woo, Mr Goh Choon Phong, Captain Suren Ratwatte, Mr Charamporn Jotikasthira, Mr Oscar Munoz, Mr Duong Tri Thanh

Airlines - Don't Deport Asylum Seekers to Danger!

With increased rates of deportations occurring and being threatened by the government, the Refugee Action Collective has created a Code of Conduct for airlines to follow. Sign the petition to show your support for the Code and to send a clear message that protection needs to be permanent and that deportations of refugees and asylum seekers are against international law.  Preamble: Australia continues to forcibly deport asylum seekers back to places such as Sri Lanka, Iraq, and Afghanistan where they face imprisonment, torture and death. Article 33 of the UN Refugee Convention, to which Australia is a signatory, states “No Contracting State shall expel or return ('refouler’) a refugee in any manner whatsoever to the frontiers of territories where his [sic] life or freedom would be threatened on account of his [sic] race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.”Thousands of asylum seekers in Australia are at risk of deportation particularly because the Coalition government changed asylum assessment processes and abolished the Refugee Review Tribunal.An investigation by the Edmund Rice Centre in 2011 found that of 179 refugees who were forcibly returned to Afghanistan 20 had been confirmed killed and dozens more had disappeared. An update of the report in July 2017 concludes “it would be impossible for Australian, European and other governments to guarantee the safety of Afghan returnees in this period of instability”.Deportation itself is a brutal process often involving physical or chemical restraint. It breaches Australia’s obligations under international law. People deported by Australia have been bound and gagged. Deportations sometimes occur in the middle of the night with little to no warning for the person being deported.In 2010 Jimmy Mubenga, was suffocated to death while being restrained on a British Airways flight during deportation by the UK government.Deportation invariably puts passenger safety at risk because asylum seekers will often rightfully resist the process. Abdlmoneim Khogali, a Sudanese asylum seeker handcuffed to a passenger seat ripped the seat from its floor mountings in an attempt to avoid deportation from Australia. He was then beaten by guards in front of passengers. Several attempts were made to inject him with tranquilliser, the needle missed and bent into the seat. He was eventually injected with that same bent and contaminated needle, and bears scars from it. Deportation is self-evidently harmful for asylum seekers and can also be traumatic for airline staff and passengers.In Germany pilots refused to carry out deportations 222 times between January and September 2017. Lufthansa spokesman Michael Lamberty told the Westdeutsche Allegeimeine Zeitung newspaper that pilots were able to make such decisions if they thought that flight safety could be affected.A more recent example includes American Airlines' refusal to partake in Trump's latest immigration policies.Deportations are happening here in Australia quite frequently, with the story of the Tamil family from Biloela, Queensland, being the most recent high profile case.Airlines are not legally required to carry out forced deportations. We the undersigned therefore call on all Australian airlines to agree that they: - Will not carry out forced deportations of asylum seekers back to possible danger- Will not take disciplinary action against any airline pilot who independently decides not to fly a plane with a forced deportee onboard

Refugee Action Collective (Victoria)
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