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Petition to Rob Stokes - NSW minister for Education.

Save the Future of Australia.

Every year hundreds of students are abused at New South Wales Government school and mine is one of them. For 5 years Ive reported more than 50 incidents of abuse, neglect and torture to the department of education and many other parents are in the same situation. I’ve written to everyone that I can but no one will act. And that’s a sign that our government has failed but the people must speak out. Far too many Petitions here are about child abuse and it’s many evils. The parents complain to the department but are dismissed and the injuires never investigated. And the beatings continue. The NSW investigation unit EPAC claim that strangling an infant doesn’t qualify as an “assault, ill-treatment or neglect”. How can that be true ? And possibly thousands of injuiries have not been reported by families unfamiliar with the system or too frightened to complain. This well publicised culture of child brutality and government inaction contravenes the governments own policies, human rights laws, common decency and respect for human life. It destroys the child’s emotional growth, confidence, trust, self worth, and psychological stability. It terrifies the parents, extended family and friends to see their greatest asset punished because they’re young, vulnerable or disabled. Australia is ruining its own future and creating a new generation of monsters to continue the abuse. I call on the NSW state Minister for Education, Rob Stokes to immediately announce an open and independent enquiry to investigate the thousands of child abuse reports. Or hand this national disgrace to the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to form a Royal Commission to investigate this gravely disturbing and corrupt situation across our nation. I beg you to please sign this petition to protect this precious generation of the youngest Australians now and in the future who skip to school with cheeky grins in search of fun and improvement and not into the hands of predators for 12 years of physical and emotional terror that does ruin them forever. Read on for more from us and other parents. Please add a name and an email and let me and the other parents step up for all kids. Giselle Malden.

Giselle Malden
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Petition to Philip Field, Lead Ombudsman – Banking and Finance, Shane Tregillis, Chief Ombudsman

Australian Banks please allow us to use OUR money however we see fit

To whom it may concern, We, the people of Australia, request that all banks in Australia allow us to use our own money how we see fit. The recent attacks on the cryptocurrency industry is not acceptable. At least three of the big 4 banks are already involved in at least one cryptocurrency namely Westpac, Commbank and ANZ, but they are trying to restrict us from doing the same. The stance Australian banks have taken on this industry are purely based on their desire to control any financial market and limit competition. In our current society we're able to withdraw any amount, walk into a casino or lottery agent and gamble the entire amount away to nothing, but we cant invest in something that can be extremely profitable. That's a tad oxymoronic isn't it? Admittedly it is high risk; as are all forms of legalised gambling that are currently destroying our society. These are investments and are only growing in value. The big question the banks should all ask themselves is this. When Australians do start to withdraw large investments returns; are we viewed as a supportive and appealing bank for customers to enable this to occur? Australian banks - update your T&C's to include the acceptance of liability when dealing in the cryptocurrency market lies solely with your customers. Then stop dabbling in our affairs Aussies - If you want to boycott the banks sell your shares, withdraw all savings from your accounts and notify the bank why. Regards, Australia  

Ezra Hope
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