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Petition to David Coleman, Hon Peter Dutton MP, Hon David Coleman MP, Peter Dutton, Scott Morrison, Kristina Keneally

Please let our 3-year-old son stay in Australia!

We are a happy and settled family living in Seymour, Victoria. Our son Darragh was born in Australia on 18 August 2015. Australia is the only home our son knows. On 3 August 2015 we applied for our family to become permanent residents of Australia. A few weeks later our son was born and soon after he was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. Our family’s application for permanent residency was then refused by the Australian Department of Home Affairs because they assessed him as having a condition which make him a burden on the Australian community. Despite appealing the decision to the Administrative Review Tribunal, the Tribunal does not have the power to overturn the health assessment and as such unless the Hon David Coleman MP or Hon Peter Dutton MP can help us, we will be forced to leave our friends, family, and the life we have built for ourselves in Australia. The Administrative Review Tribunal has made a recommendation for our case to be referred to the minister.  Darragh has been doing extremely well considering his condition, and we have positive letters from his doctors and specialist stating that he should live a full life and that his disease progression will be much slower than average. His condition has no effect on his cognitive ability and should he wish to finish school and go to University, he has every chance at being successful in a career path of his choosing. Darragh is a bright boy with a positive future ahead of him. We have always felt extremely grateful to live in Australia. I studied here gaining my Masters in Special Education. I have worked full-time as a school teacher and now as an Acting Assistant Principal and my husband works part-time as a bus driver and also volunteer for SES. We have been living in Australia for almost 10 years and have a strong support network here with our friends and family and we are well settled in regional Victoria. Darragh has the support of his inherited Australian family, our large support network in Seymour and the wider Australian community. By signing this petition, you are showing your support for Darragh and his life in Australia and you believe that he should be allowed to stay in Australia and have the opportunity to contribute to our community. Please sign and help us ask the Minister to let our son stay in Australia.

Christine Hyde
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Petition to Q-Dance, Exhibition Centre Canberra

Expressions of interest for Defqon 1 to STAY in Australia

Made possible by Raveconnect: A decade of memories torn to shreds in a singular post. NSW is no longer suitable to run an event at this capacity due to changing laws enhancing societies restrictions. Festival-goers unite as one annually to celebrate the biggest event of the year, from the Netherlands to Sydney, and everywhere in between the name Defqon 1 is heard. I am attempting to revive Defqon 1 Australia by contacting multiple locations where the event can be held. I have messaged hundreds of artists, brands, corporations & more. To spread the word, share this! The most suitable location so far is the Exhibition Park in Canberra. With it’s outdoor areas and stages, it is perfect for Defqon 1, with its ability to withstand 100,000 patrons it is sure to boost ACT tourism exponentially, especially since it is a yearly event! Address: Corner of Flemington Road and Northbourne Avenue, Mitchell, ACT, 2911 Exhibition Park Distances: Canberra Hospital (24hrs): 22 minutes  Calvary Public Hospital (24hrs): 10 minutes  Canberra Airport: 15 minutes  There is suitable accomodation in Canberra, beautiful hotels, AirBNB’s and there are even campgrounds at Exhibition Park!  What I ask is that you register your interest to show Q-Dance and Canberra that us Warriors will continue to fight for what we love and to not allow the governments and those in power to ruin something that has been iconic for over a decade in NSW.  Another organisation and/or centre is due to step up and create an experience for the thousands upon thousands of people who look forward to this event ever year. Sign up and show that when we unite as One Tribe, we will do whatever it takes to reclaim what is rightfully ours. Thank you, Michael  

Michael Hirmiz
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Petition to Parliament of Australia

Australians Demand Truth in Political Advertising

Australians have the right to decide how to vote based on trustworthy information about a candidate or party’s policies, platform and values. During the last campaign it was clear that much of the campaign advertising was anything but trustworthy. Federal legislation for truth in political ads was signed into law in 1983 [1] but repealed in 1984 on the basis that its scope was so broad as to be unworkable. Nonetheless, a 1997 parliamentary report [2] concluded that amended legislation along similar lines to South Australia’s law  (section 113 of South Australia’s Electoral Act 1985) could be workable and is desirable. The report concludes: “Though any provision mandating truth in political advertising will be difficult to enforce, its wider impact upon the political culture should not be discounted. Such legislation has the potential to have a powerful impact in shaping political ethics and campaigning practices in Australia.” As consumers we expect and demand that the information we receive when deciding whether to buy a product is reasonably accurate. I ask all Australians to join me in demanding that the information we receive when deciding how to vote, whether it is published in print media, on television, or via paid advertisements on social media platforms, is at least as trustworthy as the product ads we see on TV. Mary-Anne CosgroveConvenorACT Humanist Society ---------------- [1] Commonwealth Electoral Legislation Amendment Act 1983, Section 116(2). [2] Truth in Political Advertising Legislation in AustraliaResearch Paper 13 1996-97George WilliamsLaw and Bills Digest Group Photo courtesy Australian Electoral Commission, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia license.

ACT Humanist Society
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