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Petition to To the Australian Parliament

Australian Parliament. Stop the sell-off of Australia to overseas entities.

We, the people of Australia, forbid the sale of any further Australian assets; land, businesses, infrastructure  or ports; to any overseas entities We demand that what belongs to the Australia people, remain the property of the Australian people and not sold off to any person / persons / representative of anyone, other than the Australian people.   Those voted in to represent us, our best interests, and to manage our lands and assets; were never given permission by the Australian people, to sell off any of the land or assets they govern on our behalf, to any overseas entities. Our forebears paid rates and levies to develop infrastructure to bring water to our paddocks, our land. We demand those water rights be returned to the land to which they belong, and have had their dues paid on. We demand that water is never again permitted to be sold or bought for profit by anyone but the farmers and growers, ensuring our food and industry supply.  We demand the government, who represent us and our needs, ensure the industries which provide our food and water are protected and remain owned by Australia for all Autralians.  We demand that the ports, airports and railways into, and out of, and across Australia, remain the property, and in control of, the Australian people.  We demand that what is ours, remains ours. We make these demands to ensure the safety of our food, it's continuous supply and a fair price is paid for a fair product. Most importantly we demand the security of our country, our borders and our democratic rights.  We believe that anyone, who represents the people of Australia, and who allows the sell off of our land, assets or infrastructure, is not representing the needs and wishes of the Australian people. We believe such persons or parties should be removed from their representative position immediately. 

Meg Bryar
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Petition to Brad Banducci

Imported Honey to be banned or labelled with Country of Origin. Eg. China, Argentina...

With over 181000 signatures our government must act now to save the Australian beekeeping industry.  Imported honey can carry different strains of diseases that can effect not only Australian honeybees but over 1500 indigenous bee species. One disease American Foul Brood is presently decimating bee colonies. AFB disease can be spread easily by animal lovers feeding birds and possums honey outdoors. Often people use cheap imported honey to feed animals and birds. We can learn from the prawn industry. Innocently people used imported prawns for bait which decimated the local prawn industry. The same thing is happening to our bees due to imported honey. With large packers importing huge amounts of imported honey Australia’s reputation overseas has been tarnished. Only a minuscule amount of honey entering the country is tested for purity each year, and as such there is a high chance of impure honey - which has either been produced by supplemental feeding of bee colonies or adulterated with other sweeteners entering the country undetected. This imported honey mostly from China is blended with Australian honey than reexported which means Australia is now considered a high risk country to buy honey from.   Australian food industry is dependent on honeybee pollination. For the pollination industry to remain strong we need a healthy bees and a healthy honey industry within Australia. By banning the importation of honey into Australia it will strengthen the pollination industry . Australian wholesale honey prices have been declining. If this continues many beekeepers with leave the pollination industry. Australian Beekeeper’s are receiving an unfair price. New Zealand banned imports and their wholesale price of honey is $12 a kilogram because of imports Australian Beekeeper’s are being paid as low as $3.10 a kilogram . Australia is the only continent in the world free of Varroa Destructor so our honey is free from chemical treatments. Australian Honey is some of the purist in the world our beekeepers deserve to be paid a premium price. Corporations are confusing consumers by not adding country of origin on their imported honey. Many Australian’s believe they are buying Australian honey when in fact it is Chinese honey blended with Australian honey. It is unfair Australians do not know the country of origin on the honey they purchase. Honey Packers that don’t import Chinese HoneyJohn Edmonds. ‭0412 735 179‬Beechworth Honey Stuckey 0412 977 261Australian Natural. Andre 0413 497 911 Gather By Jenna 0417 495 862. Honey down under 07 32712830Australian Beekeepers Cooperative 07 3881 3417 Super Bee Archibald Penisula Honey Kim Fewster (Tasmania) Please support Australian Beekeepers by paying a fair price for honey. HoneymapThis is a honeymap to source local honey.  

Simon Mulvany
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Petition to Christian Porter, Peter Dutton, Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese, Mark Dreyfus, Kristina Keneally, Mark McGowan, Francis Michael Logan, John Quigley, John Barilaro, Trish Doyle, David Elliott, Jodi McKay, Anthony Roberts

Deliberately starting bushfires should be classified as a terrorist act

With the amount of bushfires our country faces each year, and the number that are deliberately lit, we feel that these acts should be treated with the severity they deserve.  Just as a terrorist attack does, these cowardly attacks do the following: 1. Incite fear in large populations. 2. Cause death and destruction. 3. Threatens the population (not limited to humans, think of livestock, native fauna and beloved pets). Whilst not exactly defined as terrorism in the traditional senses, these acts cause such devastation, that we feel that the penalties and resources invested in finding and prosecuting these low lifes, should be on par with extremist groups. ‘While each definition is a bit different, they do have constant themes. These themes include involving premeditation terrorist acts which are motivated by some political or social agenda, terrorists generally target non-combatants or civilians and are generally sub-national or clandestine groups. The configuration of terrorist groups is generally dependent on one's environment, relationship with the state, motivation and/or goals.’ preparing this petition, we have referenced the below article, and acknowledge that the only obvious difference between an Act of Terror, and Bushfire Arson, is the lack of religious or political motivation. With the stakes so high, and every criminals motivation being their own, we fail to see how the political, religious or ideological motivations differ from that of an arsonist. The attribution of electronic or cyber attacks seems to be a moot point in this instance. Quotes from the article above: Definition of terrorism in Australian law5.5 Terrorism in Commonwealth law is defined as an act or threat that is intended to: advance a political, ideological or religious cause; andcoerce or intimidate an Australian or foreign government or the public (or section of the public ), including foreign public.The conduct falls within the definition if it:causes serious physical harm to a person or serious damage to property;causes death or endangers a persons life;creates a serious risk to the health and safety to the public (or section of the public), orseriously interferes, disrupts or destroys:an electronic information, telecommunications or financial system; or an electronic system used for the delivery of essential government services, used for or by an essential public utility, or transport system. /End Quote. The Australian Public are sick of watching with despair. Whilst we do not expect to fix this issue overnight, we hope that this will make would be arsonists think twice. Even if the terms terrorism or act of terror are not used, we ask for similar judicial treatment and consideration as such an offence. Thank you for your time.  

Ian Wall
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