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Petition to Brad Banducci

Imported Honey to be banned or labelled with Country of Origin. Eg. China, Argentina...

With over 153000 signatures our government must act now to save the Australian beekeeping industry.  Imported honey can carry different strains of diseases that can effect not only Australian honeybees but over 1500 indigenous bee species. One disease American Foul Brood is presently decimating bee colonies. AFB disease can be spread easily by animal lovers feeding birds and possums honey outdoors. Often people use cheap imported honey to feed animals and birds. We can learn from the prawn industry. Innocently people used imported prawns for bait which decimated the local prawn industry. The same thing is happening to our bees due to imported honey. With large packers importing huge amounts of imported honey Australia’s reputation overseas has been tarnished. Only a minuscule amount of honey entering the country is tested for purity each year, and as such there is a high chance of impure honey - which has either been produced by supplemental feeding of bee colonies or adulterated with other sweeteners entering the country undetected. This imported honey mostly from China is blended with Australian honey than reexported which means Australia is now considered a high risk country to buy honey from.   Australian food industry is dependent on honeybee pollination. For the pollination industry to remain strong we need a healthy bees and a healthy honey industry within Australia. By banning the importation of honey into Australia it will strengthen the pollination industry . Australian wholesale honey prices have been declining. If this continues many beekeepers with leave the pollination industry. Australian Beekeeper’s are receiving an unfair price. New Zealand banned imports and their wholesale price of honey is $12 a kilogram because of imports Australian Beekeeper’s are being paid as low as $3.10 a kilogram . Australia is the only continent in the world free of Varroa Destructor so our honey is free from chemical treatments. Australian Honey is some of the purist in the world our beekeepers deserve to be paid a premium price. Corporations are confusing consumers by not adding country of origin on their imported honey. Many Australian’s believe they are buying Australian honey when in fact it is Chinese honey blended with Australian honey. It is unfair Australians do not know the country of origin on the honey they purchase. Honey Packers that don’t import Chinese HoneyJohn Edmonds. ‭0412 735 179‬Beechworth Honey Stuckey 0412 977 261Australian Natural. Andre 0413 497 911 Gather By Jenna 0417 495 862. Honey down under 07 32712830Australian Beekeepers Cooperative 07 3881 3417 Super Bee Archibald Penisula Honey Kim Fewster (Tasmania) Please support Australian Beekeepers by paying a fair price for honey. HoneymapThis is a honeymap to source local honey.

Simon Mulvany
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Petition to University of Notre Dame

Do Not Change University Courses For Existing Students

The University of Notre Dame have changed the course structure for their Bachelor of Primary Education course resulting in misleading students, wasting their time and stealing money from them. If you went to go and buy a new car and you placed a deposit on it and you were then told the car would be ready in 10 weeks, only to return and be told that your previous contract is now obsolete and you can't get your deposit back, you'd be pretty outraged. This is pretty much what the University of Notre Dame is currently doing to their primary education students. At the start of semester, the course structure included core subjects such as "Cultural and Spiritual Life of Aboriginal People" and "Family and Community Partnerships People", costing students $1,520.63 and $1,751.63 respectively (according to the university's website - link below). Totalling $3,272.26 in HECS debt that is non-refundable. Of course students would enrol in these subjects believing they were contributing to their chosen degree. But only 3 weeks from the end of semester they have been told these courses no longer contribute to their degree. The Family and Community Partnerships course can be taken as an elective in 3rd year if students are to specialise in birth to 12 years, where students can obtain recognised prior learning (RPL). However, if the student had no desire of doing birth to 12 - only primary education. This previous core subject would no longer count towards their degree.  As for the aboriginal course, it has been combined with 1 other subject into a course named "Diversify in Education". Meaning they cannot gain RPL for this future course as they have not completed the other subject. Thus, wasting 13 weeks of the students time and practically stealing their money. The simple solution to this would be to just leave the course as it was for existing students! It can be changed for future students as it would not affect them. But for existing students it has incredibly complicated their learning experience and it will be leaving them over $3000 in debt with no contribution to their degree. When they were initially led to believe it would. Ultimately, I believe this should be legislated to prevent this happening in the future. If you believe that too, then please sign the petition and hopefully we can make this change now, for exisiting, and future students. Sources: Bachelor of Primary Education Course Information: University of Notre Dame Australia Fees: Please note: The headline does say Fremantle campus but underneath it states, "The following is a list of all courses that are available for study across all programs at the University of Notre Dame Australia in 2018".

Sam Green
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Petition to Hon. Dan Tehan MP

Change The Western Australian/Australian Curriculum

Students have been oppressed by the school curriculum for too long. I am apart of a small group of students in Western Australia who have had enough of this pointless curriculum. As Albert Einstein once said, "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination." We believe that school should be a place to learn life skills, get educated on what you will need to have your dream career and get prepared for the real world, not a place to have meaningless facts drilled into your head.Us as students are being expected to be reaching unreachable goals. If you judge a fish by its ability to clime a tree, it will think it's stupid for the rest of its life There are many other sources found on the Internet that are promoting the same point. One video on the Internet outlines how the curriculum hasn't changed since the time where children were destined to work in factories, without education for other jobs that would be coming in the future. This shows that our current curriculum isn't designed to cope with what we require from our schools, and shows that it is due for a big update, while there is another video showing that what we are currently learning isn't helping us in the real world. It outlines that there are many things he hasn't learned, while showing the pointless things he learnt instead. I recommend you watch the video at Let's talk about the teachers, they have the most important job in the world. Teachers should be payed just as much as doctors. One saves lives... and the other makes lives. Teachers are often blamed for problems with the schooling system, they are not the problem. Teachers aren't the problem, it's the people pulling the strings that are making the problems. In no way am I saying the government are the problem, it's the system they employ that is flawed.  If you ask any scientist they will tell you that no two brains are the same, but we are teaching them the same thing. Students are competing to get an 'A' a letter that determines your values and have you ever heard of grade A meat? We are being put in straight lines, nice and neat, if we would like to speak raise your hand... sounds like a factory, right? I'm not saying that we are being trained to work in factories, but we are being trained to work in factories.  What would happen if a doctor prescribed all of his patients the same medicine? well a lot of people would die. So why are we prescribing all of our students the same education? Every student has different needs, different gifts and different dreams, but we are teaching the same thing. People are graduating not knowing how to buy a house, start a business or how to pay tax. The value of our lives are being determined by a letter on a report card rather than our abilities and values as people. Please help us in our journey to make schools a better place. A change in Australia's curriculum  can inspire other nations to do the same thing and make the world a better place.   Sincerely, Dylan   Credits Writer - Dylan, Caleb, Logan Editors - Dylan, Caleb, Logan, Ashlyn Special thanks to... - All the teachers supporting us. - The people who helped with writing, you know who you are - And all the people backing this petition

Dylan O'Dell
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