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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull

Stopping Adani's controversial Carmichael mine in the Galilee Basin!

The Galilee Basin is a large inland geological basin in the western Queensland region of Australia. The Galilee basin is home to the Wangan and Jagalingou people. The Wangan and Jagalingou people say  "We are gravely concerned about the push by Adani and the Queensland and Federal Governments to open up the Carmichael Mine on our traditional lands. Our traditional lands are an interconnected and living whole; a vital cultural landscape. It is central to us as a People, and to the maintenance of our identity, laws and consequent rights. If the Carmichael mine were to proceed it would tear the heart out of the land. The scale of this mine means it would have devastating impacts on our native title, ancestral lands and waters, our totemic plants and animals, and our environmental and cultural heritage. It would pollute and drain billions of litres of groundwater, and obliterate important springs systems. It would potentially wipe out threatened and endangered species. It would literally leave a huge black hole, monumental in proportions, where there were once our homelands. These effects are irreversible. Our land will be “disappeared”. Not only would it destroy this important land but it would also, If the mine goes ahead and that leads to the development of other mines in the basin, their potential combined maximum output would result in more than 705m tonnes of CO2 being emitted each year. That’s about 1.3 times Australia’s total current emissions. If the world wants to have a 50% chance of keeping global warming at less than 2C above pre-industrial levels, 88% of the world’s known coal reserves need to stay in the ground. In the Asia-Pacific region, more than 90% of coal needs to stay in the ground, according to research published in Nature. So please, if you believe in the future of not only Australia but the world then please sign this, show that you care!

Thomas MInnett
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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten

Fix The Australian Constitution - Section 44.1

Section 44.1 of the Constitution reads: Any person who: is under any acknowledgment of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or a citizen of a foreign power; or shall be incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a senator or a member of the House of Representatives. This has caused some difficulty in the current parliament and the current rulings by the High Court appear to be a hard line on the subject. At the time the Australian Constitution came into being there was no such thing as an Australian Citizen and the words sought to exclude those who had no allegiance to the crown, those who were not British Subjects. Three things have led to the change in circumstances 1949 Australian Citizenship came into being. 1984 Australian Citizens were no longer British Subjects Increased use of dual citizenship to facilitate easy travel Effectively the High Court ruling has changed the meaning of the Constitution without changing the words of the Constitution, which they have the power to do. We believe Section 44.1 should read: Any person who: is not an Australian Citizen; or shall be incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a senator or a member of the House of Representatives. The matter of dual citizenship would then be governed by Australian Citizenship, on a one rule for all basis. Then the debate would move to how we feel about dual allegiance for all Australians equitably, not expecting politicians to somehow be more Australian than the rest of us. One rule for all being the guiding principle. It would also mean that eligibility to serve is not determined by how other countries interpret their laws.

Philip Barrington
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Petition to Russell Broadbent MP

McMillan residents: Russell Broadbent please call for men on Manus Island to be evacuated.

We, the undersigned McMillan residents, call on our elected Member to the House of Representatives of the Australian Parliament, Mr Russell Broadbent, to act as a matter of urgency and call for the refugees and asylum seekers on Manus Island to be evacuated immediately. Mr Broadbent in August this year you told the Australian Parliament that refugees and asylum seekers in offshore immigration detention need to be brought to Australia. In September this year you delivered a critical assessment of successive governments' handling of refugees on Manus Island and Nauru, predicting an imminent "tipping point" in what the public would accept. We thank you for these public statements of support. We, the undersigned McMillan residents, believe that the “tipping point” you predicted has been reached. We, as members of your electoral public, do not support nor accept these inhumane decisions being made regarding refugees and asylum seekers by our Federal Government on our behalf. Mr Broadbent, over the last month a humanitarian disaster has unfolded on Manus Island. Doctors, public figures and clergy have all called for an end to the suffering of refugees and asylum seekers marooned on Manus. Your recent silence on this crisis has been palpable. We implore you to speak publicly on our behalf on this matter and to act immediately as a matter of urgency.

South Gippsland Rural Australians for Refugees
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