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Petition to Hon Peter Dutton MP

I have trained many young Australians and my boys were born here - please help us stay.

Hello everyone, My name is Vinh To, I hope you can take the time to read my family’s story. Over the last 10 years that my wife and I have lived in Sydney, Australia we have tried appealing to rectify our Visa problem as we were tricked into coming to this wonderful country by unscrupulous people, including immigration agents. What followed was many years of ensuing very expensive, and even misguided and negligent, legal advice that has adversely affected our application.  We have now been advised we must leave Australia; we only have a few days left on our bridging Visa. My wife and I could accept this fate and let go of our dreams except for what has now become our main priority in life – our two boys. Our beautiful boys, Lucas (5yrs) and Louis (3yrs) were born in Australia. Our two boys have only known Australia, they have been raised as Australians, all their friends are here, their day-to-day lives and activities are here, their education is here and their native tongue is English. Australia is their home, they have never left the country and only know the Australian way of life. Please help us and our boys stay in this wonderful country by signing this petition to the Hon Peter Dutton, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, for his Ministerial intervention. The Minister’s intervention would allow us to remain in Australia. Our efforts to date for Ministerial intervention are currently being denied by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection; as such our appeal for intervention is not being forwarded to the Minister. Without the Honourable Peter Dutton’s Ministerial intervention we must take our boys to Vietnam, a place they have never been to. Our boys have been raised as Australians, they are Australians by culture and would not fit into the Vietnamese way of life. Deporting them to Vietnam will cause them considerable isolation and hardship which will have an adverse impact on their health and wellbeing. In comparison to life in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Australia has significantly lower levels of crime, less corruption, much better educational and career opportunities, stringent food, health and safety standards, and a better level of healthcare. Of considerable concern, child safety is a growing problem in Vietnam with many reported cases of child abductions. Our sons would face a life of many challenges and hardship in Vietnam. I am a qualified and highly skilled tradesperson and have worked full-time and paid taxes since being in Australia.  During my time in Australia, I have worked for three businesses and have been instrumental in the training and education of well over a dozen young Australian trainees and apprentices.  Through my skills and unique expertise I have contributed to Australia and have trained and imparted my skills and knowledge to many young talented Australians who are now qualified and, themselves, contributing to Australia.  If I am granted a Visa to remain in Australia, as I dearly hope, I have no doubt I will continue to train, mentor and help many more young Australians achieve their goal of becoming qualified highly competent tradespeople. One of the main criteria for Ministerial intervention is that a person must be a benefit to Australia.  As a skilled tradesperson who has trained many young Australians I truly believe I have contributed to Australia and will continue to be a benefit to Australia and its people. The careless and flawed immigration legal advice and work we have received has resulted in our unsuccessful application to have our Visa problem rectified so we may remain here in Australia. This legal advice has been a considerable drain on our financial resources; to the extent that if we are sent back to Vietnam we will struggle to set-up a home for our boys, let alone send them to school or provide them with adequate healthcare.      Sadly, the circumstances in which we found ourselves have had a negative impact on being re-granted a Visa. During the 10 years we have been in Australia we have lived and abided by the laws and customs of Australia and I firmly believe that we have contributed positively to Australia.  If we are granted a Visa to remain in Australia my wife, my boys and I will continue to contribute to Australia, the country we so profoundly love and respect. After 10 years in Australia, to deport my family to Vietnam would have an immeasurable detrimental impact on my family. The deportation of my sons to a foreign country is a cruel and harsh punishment of innocent children. I sincerely and respectfully ask for your help in encouraging the Hon Peter Dutton for his Ministerial intervention in granting my wife, my boys and I a Visa to remain in Australia. By signing and sharing our petition with your friends and family you will be helping us get the Minister to personally investigate our case in which he will see we are genuine people who are of benefit to Australia and its people. Currently, the Department is blocking our requests for the Minister’s intervention. Please help us by signing and sharing this petition. Yours sincerely, Vinh To and family UPDATES:  We have some very good news to share with you all. Last week we received written notification from the Department of Home Affairs that the Assistant Minister Mr Alex Hawke has granted me, my wife and our two children Australian residency. We would like to thank you all for your support and helping us obtain ministerial intervention. Our words cannot express the respect and gratitude we have for you all - without your efforts and support we would never have achieved this wonderful outcome. We are truly happy to be able to call Australia home. So thank you all, we are forever grateful and indebted to you all. We have been granted an extension on our Bridging Visa by DIBP and may remain in Australia until October 1, 2017.  On advice, a complaint has been lodged with MARA about the conduct and practices of our previous immigration agents. Thank you everyone for your amazing support to date. Please ask your family and friends to also sign our petition.

Vinh To
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Petition to Australians

A Royal Commission into Australia Post

Australian’s deserve a better, more reliable postal service. You only need to look at the online reviews of Australia Post and Startrack Express, to realize we don’t have one single reliable courier company in this country. Any company who receives over one million complaints each year is in need of a shake-up. Now it’s time to force the government to give Australia Post the shake-up it deserves. If we don’t, you may not get your Christmas presents delivered on time again this year! Australia Post is a government-owned business, with the Australian Government as the only shareholder through the Minister for Communications and the Minister for Finance. It is governed under the Australian Postal Corporation Act 1989. Australia Post has the following general obligations:·      To perform its functions as far as possible consistent with sound commercial practice. ·      Commercial obligations for sound commercial practice when possible.·      Community service obligations (CSO).·      Governmental obligations such as directions by the Minister, international conventions and government policies.Australia Post continually fails to meet their obligations to the general public of Australia. Whilst the CEO is paid a salary package in excess of five and a half million dollars, the suckers who pay those wages (us) don’t get their goods delivered on time and often at all. If Australia Post was privately owned, it would have been forced to close due to insolvency. But the Government does nothing to improve or fix the issues. Here is your opportunity to call for a Royal Commission into the mismanagement of Australia Post and Startrack Express. Australia, we deserve better!

Geoff Brand
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new anthem for straya'

Advance Australia fair is out-dated, and is no longer a banger and relevant to the younger generations of aussies.We need to change the anthem to a timeless classic and banger. After hours of searching we have come to the conclusion that, John Farnham's, "You're the voice", is the best option for this as it gets everyone turnt like they just popped three pinggaz. After dear considerations and hard work we've tested this at our local sporting events and the responses we received were much greater then that of Advance Australia Fair. Imagine the 2020 Olympics, when the aussies march out to this certified banger, all the other countries will be like "Fuck, check out theses sick cunts!". That is how we want other countries to view us, as loose units not uptight old cunts.The changing of the anthem, will distance us from the UK and help our country establish our own identity. This change will likely bring about the immigration of many to our great land, doctors will get sick of their country and when they have a google of other countries they'll hear our anthem and be like " aye, these cunts are loose as!". All Australians will benefit from this change as it is a happy change that will lead to discoveries of self worth and value. This change will increase the quality of life for everyone through out our great nation. ALSO FUCK PAULINE HANSON 

Liam Grimshaw
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