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Petition to Stephen Mansfield, Brett Smith, Stephen Hepworth, Patrick Troughton, Suzette Harrison, Commissioner

Save our platypus

This petition has been initiated by Friends of Fernglade in an attempt to secure more support and funding for Fernglade Reserve in Burnie, Tasmania. This 50 acre conservation area along the Emu River, is home to 11 threatened species, over 50 bird species, and a healthy and reliably seen platypus population. Situated only minutes from the Burnie CBD it feels like it’s a world away, and is a much loved area by the local community.  The ecotourism potential for the area is enormous. The wild platypus viewing is considered one of the top 3 sites in the country, and the only one located near a port, hosting a rapidly growing cruise ship industry. Visitors frequently enjoy viewing platypus, wallabies, echidnas, giant freshwater lobsters, eagles and a huge variety of birdlife. Possums, bandicoots, quolls, Tasmanian devils and much more also call Fernglade home. Friends of Fernglade are concerned with ongoing incidents of illegal lobster poaching, rabbit trapping, trail-bike riding, lighting of fires, the presence of dogs, vandalism and hooning. Lobster poaching recently resulted in the deaths of 3 platypuses within the reserve. Please sign our petition asking for more support and funding for Fernglade. Friends Of Fernglade are a voluntary group assisting Burnie City Council and Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife Service in the management of the reserve.

Friends of Fernglade
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Petition to Martin Foley

Remove my attacker from his government funded housing. I'm not safe in my own home!

Dear Mr Foley, I am writing to you about the intolerable and terrifying position I find myself in. In 2013, I beat the odds and purchased my first home. Excitement quickly turned to fear, when I realised that my beloved home shares a wall with a DHHS property that contains a seemingly violent, mentally unstable man. After over a year of sleepless nights, due to disturbances, vandalism and arson (all of which were reported to police by multiple members of the community), my neighbour physically assaulted me. Unprovoked. DHHS's response? Go back and let it happen again so we can establish a pattern of violent behaviour. Yes. Much to my disbelief, after over a year of begging them to help their own client, I was quite literally asked to subject myself to more physical violence. I don't really need to point out that this is an utter disgrace, do I? Would you expect the women in your life to live with the undeniable danger that I do? My home has been vacant since May of 2016. The mortgage still has to be paid, but my home is uninhabitable. Police are powerless. My assailant simply denies any allegations made against him. CCTV is well beyond my already overstretched budget and I am yet to find an affordable way to get this terrifying issue to court. The man in question is quite obviously in dire need of mental health assistance and a much higher level of care and supervision. Under DHHS policy, it seems he is allowed to refuse such assistance, but can still be provided with a home and commit assault, arson, illegal occupation of private land, vandalism and disturbance of the peace. Have you ever had to try to sleep, wondering if you'll burn alive before you wake? Or walk to your car in fear of being stabbed or beaten? Or wondered how many consecutive nights of lengthy noise disturbances you can endure before you are no longer able to perform your job? I have. Every day. With no foreseeable end in sight. These are not the thoughts of an alarmist. These concerns were then and continue now to be very real. Just yesterday, I visited my home to find the front window smashed and a fresh coat of spray paint menacingly adorning the property. DHHS policies have facilitated the placement of a dangerously unwell man into the community. It is unacceptable that a more appropriate level of care is not provided for him. It is utterly abhorrent that I am expected to live in fear next door to my attacker. It seems no one can help me because our current laws and government policies dictate that this situation is perfectly acceptable. Acceptable it most certainly is not. It's inhumane.

Megan Grant
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