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Petition to Scott Morrison, Bill Shorten, Michael McCormack, Federal Government of Australia

Help us to push for a Royal Commission into Political Corruption!

Royal Commission into Political Corruption and Institutional Conflicts of Interest in the Australian Political System The Democratic Reform Alliance is calling for a Royal Commission into Political Corruption and Institutional Conflicts of Interest in the Australian Political System. The slew of recent political scandals involving senior Government Ministers and politicians from all major parties has called into question the integrity of the Australian political system. * The Finance Minister has been caught accepting free air tickets from a private business who also happened to be a Liberal Party donor and the recent recipient of a fat government contract; * The Government has repeatedly issued lucrative business contracts to Liberal Party donors without following defined processes; * Politicians at all levels claim travel and electoral entitlements for a range of illegitimate reasons including to fraternise with overseas "sugar babies", speak at interstate hate speech rallies, and in the case of Canberra based politicians Zed Seselja (LIB) and Andrew Leigh (ALP) to commute from home to work; * The Cabinet stacks government boards and important commissions with inappropriate political appointees who are unqualified for the roles or who perform in a partisan manner; * Politicians and senior government officials misuse political office to gift highly paid jobs to party mates, girlfriends or pregnant staff members without proper scrutiny; * The Australian Liberal Party routinely sells access to meetings with Government Ministers to raise funds for the party; * The revolving door between Parliament and lobby groups allow politicians to vote on legislation one day and take up highly paid lobby work the following day; * Campaign funding laws are lax and the major parties are awash in inadequately disclosed corporate and union cash; * Kick-backs, favours, and advantageous regulatory outcomes worth in some cases hundreds of millions of dollars are common place. These are but some examples. Political corruption, rorts, and institutional conflicts of interest are rife in the Australian political system. It is not a question of one bad apple but of a systematic failure of accountability with the rorters coming from all the major parties. The number and extent of the abuse and the institutional nature of the conflicts of interest have reached a the point that can no longer be ignored. The system of integrity in politics has broken down. The system is in crisis. The public interest lies in a Royal Commission that will fully examine the conflicts of interests and abuse of entitlements that have come to mark our democracy. The Democratic Reform Alliance has blown the whistle! It’s time! Join us in calling for a Royal Commission now. Proposed terms of reference; The proposed terms of reference of the Royal Commission are: * To investigate the unethical and conflicted practices of our politicians and the major parties over the last decade and recommend criminal prosecutions where necessary; * To investigate the institutional response to unethical and conflicted practices and critically examine the failure of the relevant enforcement regimes to achieve better standards of integrity in politics; * To recommend legislative and administrative mechanisms for creating tightened and enforceable standards of accountability and transparency including minimising the opportunity for institutional and individual conflicts of interest within the political system across the following areas: a) Politicians Entitlements and Accountability; b) Anti-corruption, Transparency, and Integrity; c) Campaign Funding and Expenditure; and d) Mechanisms for increasing political participation; and * To advise on the creation of an independent and powerful Integrity Commission reporting directly to the Senate. The major parties will resist the call for the Royal Commission just as they resisted the call for the royal commissions into institutional child sexual abuse and the banking industry for over ten years. With your support, this Royal Commission will become a reality. Call for action; I join with the Democratic Reform Alliance in calling on the Australian Parliament to establish a Royal Commission into Political Corruption and Institutional Conflicts of Interest in the Australian Political System. Thank you for signing!

Democratic Reform Alliance
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Petition to Senator Penny Wong, Julia Banks MP, Andrew Wilkie MP, Dr Kerryn Phelps MP, Rebekha Sharkie MP, Adam Bandt MP, Bob Katter MP, Cathy McGowan MP, Bill Shorten, Senator Penny Wong

Petition calling for a Motion of No Confidence in The Morrison Coalition Govt.

We're calling on the Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten, and cross-bench Members of the House of Representatives, Julia Banks MP, Andrew Wilkie MP, Dr Kerryn Phelps MP, Cathy McGowan MP, Bob Katter MP, Rebekha Sharkie MP and Adam Bandt MP to put a Motion of No Confidence in Scott Morrison and the LNP Coalition minority government to the parliament to be voted upon on Monday 18th February 2019. Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Coalition government are stumbling from one political calamity to another.  Prime Minister Morrison has been manipulating the parliament without compunction for the LNP's own selfish political ends at the expense of Australia and all Australians. Prime Minister Morrison is an embarrassment on the international stage and has proven to be a duplicitous and disingenuous Prime Minister.  Morrison has brought the Office of Prime Minister into disrepute by his ineptitude, dishonesty, fabrications and incompetence.  Prime Minister Morrison and the LNP Coalition government are a liability to Australia.  Each day Australians are being alerted to the growing avalanche of incompetence, gross negligence and corruption of Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his minority LNP Coalition government.  Enough is enough.  We want a federal election NOW!    

Belinda Jones
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