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Petition to Atari, toho, Bandi Namco

Atari: Let's get the Pipeworks Godzilla Trilogy back on the market!

Fans across the world have been patiently waiting for another Godzilla game. In 2002 Pipeworks developed Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee for GameCube & Xbox, which was published by Atari. In 2004, another game in the series was released called Godzilla: Save the Earth, and later in 2007 Godzilla: Unleashed was released for the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii. With a new Godzilla movie arriving next year, it would be a great opportunity to release these games once more either through Xbox Backwards Compatibility or a remastered collection for Xbox one, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Presently Atari owns the rights to these titles, as they published them back in 2002 & 2004. Pipeworks, the developer, has expressed interest in bringing these classics back to the market, however their hands are tied. This petition was created to help showcase interest for having these classics either introduced through the Xbox Backwards Compatibility program, or remastered in such a way that would allow old fans and new players alike to enjoy them with the new technological advances that have been made since their original release. If you would love to see these titles reintroduced to the market, please sign the petition, and show Atari that there's a large amount of Godzilla & game fans that would love to see these games once more on a new generation of platforms.  

James Armstrong
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Petition to Dan Wilga

Open Source Geneva + Neodesk

Dan Wilga has been a vital part of the Atari ST experience for decades. Through his company Gribnif Software he has released two programs that revolutionized alternative desktops and multitasking. Geneva and Neodesk are still considered by many to be the best OS and desktop experience available. Unfortunately due to lack of development for years, there are challenges with compatibility with modern applications. We acknowledge that the Atari community hasn't been the most supportive of developers such as Dan and we apologize for that. However, our respect and admiration for Gribnif Software and Dan Wilga was always the highest. We would like to petition Dan to release Geneva and Neodesk as open source to the Atari community so that development may continue and Dan's legacy to live on. We understand that Dan has expressed interest in releasing Geneva and NeoDesk as freeware and has gone to lengths in accomplishing it. Sadly, he has faced challenges with locating and recovering the source code due to hard drive failure. Dan must also have other responsibilities and limited free time and progress has stalled. We, the petitioners, ask that Dan Wilga make a final last ditch effort in restoring the source code and making it available as open source to the community. We offer our help in whatever way we can. We have experts in data recovery so we can do the hard work for Dan. We are also willing to consider donations to achieve this goal.

Atarian Computing
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