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Petition to German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, Parliamentary Secretary Ole Schröder, President of the BAMF Jutta Cordt

Family Reunification from Greece: Let them be together again!

My name is Michael. I’ve been working in Greece as a volunteer for Mobile Info Team for more than a year now. I provide information on asylum procedures and legal support for refugees. Most of the people I speak to are trying to get back to loved ones. They’re going through what’s called a ‘Dublin procedure’ for family reunification. This takes up to eleven months. Currently there are more than 2000 people waiting to do this in Greece. In March, the German Interior Minister, Thomas de Maizière, requested a restriction on these transfers, starting in April. Before then, Germany was reunifying over 300 people a month, now it’s around 70. If this continues, even people who have had their transfer approved could be waiting for another 3 years or might not even be allowed to fly. Mahmoud, 27 years old from Syria, has been in Greece for more than 18 months. His mother is sick and his brother has Down Syndrome. They are both in Germany. His sick mother has to take care of his brother around the clock, and that only makes her illness worse. She is alone and close to a breakdown. Mahmoud wants to be there and take care of them. “It is nearly unbearable,” he told me. “I can’t stand by their side, now when they need me so much. I don’t know how my mother can make it through so long without me.” Since we learned about the restriction, I’ve received dozens of calls and messages from desperate mothers, husbands, and siblings. They wish for nothing more than to start a new life with their families. They cannot understand why it’s taking so long. Lives are being put on hold. Many people have been here since the beginning of 2016. They are tired and feel powerless. They’re in an endless state of transit. This cannot continue. I urge Minister de Maizière to remove this limit immediately. Family unity is a human right! We’re collecting letters from people affected. We’re translating and sending them to Mr de Maizière, to make sure he understands what they’re going through. With your signatures behind their voices, we can force Mr de Maizière to listen to Mahmoud and the thousands of families who remain separated, and make him lift the restriction. The petition is available in the following languages: Deutsch | English | Italiano | Español | عربی | فارسی

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Petition to Donald Trump, Department of Homeland Security, Rex Tillerson

We Demand Political Asylum for Syrian Democracy Activist Dr. Radwan Ziadeh!

We Demand that Dr. Radwan Ziadeh be granted Political Asylum! Political Asylum is the Right of the Oppressed and it is Our Duty to Defend Their Rights! Build Solidarity with the Democratic Struggles to Oppose the Phony “War on Terror”! State Terrorism and Violent Sectarian Terror are Two Sides of the Same Coin! Syrian refugee Dr. Radwan Ziadeh was recently informed in a Letter of Intent to Deny Asylum that his application will be rejected because he had, allegedly, provided “material support” to “undesignated terrorist organizations”. Dr. Ziadeh is an opponent of the brutal Assad regime, which through violent repression of massive peaceful protests in 2011, forced Syrians seeking democracy to arm themselves in self-defense. The United States government, under the Obama administration, publicly declared its support for the democratic struggle; but now Dr. Ziadeh, who did not belong to the armed opposition, is accused of providing support for “terrorists”. Not only does this accusation reek of hypocrisy, it is unfounded and represents a serious threat to all who support the democratic struggle in Syria, and potentially, anywhere else. The Letter of Intent to Deny Asylum states: “As both the FSA [Free Syrian Army] and the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood used weapons with the intent to endanger the safety of Syrian government officials, both groups have engaged in terrorist activity such that they met the definition of an undesignated terrorist organization (Tier III) at the time you provided material support.” Hypocrisy! The United States and allies provided monetary and limited material support to both the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood. Moreover, the real terrorists in Syria are Bashar al-Assad and his regime and supporters, which are responsible for imprisoning and torturing to death tens of thousands, murdering hundreds of thousands, and driving millions from their homes. The charge of providing “material support” is ridiculous because it refers to an invitation to representatives of these organizations in 2012 and 2013 to a conference on the democratic transition in Syria.  A serious discussion on a democratic transition necessarily required the participation of the FSA and the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood. It is pertinent that Dr. Ziadeh has resided in the US for the last ten years, and holds fellowships at Harvard, Georgetown and the US Institute of Peace. Forcing him to return to Syria would put his life at risk, as the Assad regime will arrest him and the misnamed Islamic State has his name on a kill list. The reason offered for denying Dr. Ziadeh asylum would extend the “Muslim ban” permanently against most Syrian refugees from the democratic opposition, even as the eventual end of the ban would enable supporters of the Assad regime to obtain asylum! In effect, taken together with the “Muslim Ban”, the US government’s identification of Dr. Ziadeh’s heroic efforts to promote a democratic transition in Syria as “terrorist” means asylum will only be granted to Syrians who are Christian, support Assad, or who have maintained a public “neutrality” toward the regime’s campaign of genocide! The revelation of a list of “undesignated terrorist organizations” is further cause for alarm. The only purpose for such a list is to carry out a secretive foreign policy, and in the case of US-Syria relations, a duplicitous policy. The State Department’s public list has never been applied with a consistent concern for identifying organizations that terrorize civilians. For years the US cynically designated the Palestine Liberation Organization as “terrorist” while consciously ignoring Israel’s horrendous record of attacks on civilians, and for many decades it even designated the movements against apartheid South Africa, including the African National Congress and its Nobel Peace laureate leader Nelson Mandela, as terrorists. At the very least, however, the publicly disclosed list is subject to review and therefore, some modicum of democratic input. A secret list of “undesignated terrorist organizations” is a direct threat against all who build solidarity with democratic struggles anywhere, not just in Syria! The “undesignated terrorist organization” list is part of a broader attack on civil liberties that includes the current ban on travel from six majority Muslim nations. These attacks on civil liberties are the domestic component of the bloody farce of the “War on Terror”, whose immediate targets are the US Muslim community, and through indiscriminate bombing of civilians, millions of human beings in the Middle East and around the world. An organized opposition to these attacks is urgently needed. The denial of Dr. Ziadeh’s request for political asylum would be a terrible injustice, exposing him to mortal harm on an obviously ridiculous accusation. Dr. Ziadeh actions were a service to the struggle for democracy in Syria and it is nothing less than shameful that he could be denied asylum for his efforts.   We, the Undersigned, Hereby Demand:1) That political asylum be immediately granted to Dr. Ziadeh!; 2) That support for the Syrian Democratic Revolution be protected from any definition of “terrorism”; and 3) That the category of “undesignated terrorist organizations” be removed from asylum application and all other official considerations, subject to public scrutiny and democratic legislative approval.  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spanish version: ¡Exigimos Que Se Extiende el Asilo Político al Dr. Radwan Ziadeh! ¡El Asilo Político es el Derecho de los Oprimidos y Es Nuestro Deber Defenderles Sus Derechos! ¡Construimos la Solidaridad con las Luchas Democráticas para Enfrentar la Farsa de la “Guerra Contra el Terrorismo”! ¡El Terrorismo del Estado y el Terror Sectario Son los Dos Lados de la Misma Moneda! El refugiado sirio Dr. Radwan Ziadeh recién fue informado en una Declaración de Intención de Negar el Asilo que su aplicación será rechazada porque se alega que proporcionó “apoyo material” a “grupos terroristas sin designación”. El Dr. Ziadeh es oponente del brutal régimen de Assad, lo cual empezando en el 2011 reprimió de manera violenta a protestas masivas y pacíficas, obligándoles a los sirios en busca de la democracia de armarse en defensa propia. El gobierno de los Estados Unidos, durante la administración de Obama, públicamente declaró su apoyo por la lucha democrática; pero ahora el Dr. Ziadeh, quien no es miembro de la oposición armada, es acusado de proporcionar apoyo a “terroristas”. Esta acusación es más que hipócrita y sin fundamentos, representa una amenaza seria a todos los que apoyan a la lucha democrática en Siria, y potencialmente en cualquier otro lado. La Declaración de Intención de Negar el Asilo declara: “Como tanto el FSA [El Ejército de la Siria Libre] como también la Hermandad Musulmana Siria usaron armas con el fin de atentar contra la seguridad de oficiales del gobierno sirio, ambos grupos han participado en actividades terroristas de manera que cumplen con la definición de ser una organización terrorista sin designación (Nivel III) al tiempo en que usted les proporcionó apoyo material.” ¡Hipocresía! Los Estados Unidos y sus aliados proporcionaron dinero y cantidades limitadas de apoyo material en apoyo a ambos el Ejército de la Siria Libre (FSA por sus siglos ingleses) y la Hermandad Musulmana Siria. De importancia mayor, los verdaderos terroristas en Siria son Bashar al-Assad y su régimen y los que los respaldan, quienes son responsables de haber encarcelado y de torturar y matar a decenas de miles, asesinar a cientos de miles, y huir a millones de sus hogares. La acusación de proporcionar “apoyo material” es ridículo porque se refiere a una invitación a representantes de dichas organizaciones en el 2012 y el 2013 a una conferencia de trato a la transición democrática en Siria. Una discusión seria del tema necesariamente exigía la participación del FSA y la Hermandad Musulmana Siria. Es pertinente señalar que el Dr. Ziadeh tiene 10 años de residencia en los Estados Unidos, es miembro de la facultad de Harvard, Georgetown y el Instituto Estadunidense por la Paz. Obligarlo a regresar a Siria le pondría en riesgo a su vida porque el régimen de Assad lo detendría y el mal llamado Estado Islámico lo tiene marcado para la muerte. ¡La razón ofrecida por negarle al Dr. Ziadeh el asilo extendería de manera permanente al “veto musulmán” a la mayoría de los refugiados sirios, miembros de la oposición democrática, mientras el eventual fin del veto para otros permitiría los que apoyaron al régimen de Assad de obtener el asilo! ¡En efecto, en conjunto con el “veto musulmán”, el hecho que el gobierno estadounidense haya tachado de “terrorista” a los esfuerzos heroicos del Dr. Ziadeh por promover una transición democrática en Siria significa que el asilo político únicamente se extendería a sirios que son cristianos, o que apoyan a Assad, o quienes han mantenido una posición pública de “neutralidad” frente la campaña de genocidio del régimen! El revelar una lista de “organizaciones terroristas sin designación” es causa adicional para preocupación. El único fin de tal lista es llevar al cabo una política extranjera secreta, y en el caso de las relaciones estadunidense-sirianas, una política de dos caras. La lista pública del Departamento del Estado nunca se ha aplicado con una preocupación consistente por identificar a las organizaciones que atentan actos terroristas contra civiles. Por años los EEUU cínicamente designaron de terrorista a la Organización por la Liberación de Palestina mientras hicieron caso omiso a la historia horrífica de ataques contra civiles de Israel, y por muchas décadas hasta designaron de terroristas a los movimientos en contra del apartheid Sud África, incluso al Congreso Nacional Africano y su dirigente ganador del Premio Nobel Nelson Mandela. Sin embargo, por lo menos la lista pública se difunde y, por lo tanto, se permite la crítica democrática. ¡Una lista secreta de “organizaciones terroristas sin designación” es una amenaza directa en contra de todos los que construyen la solidaridad con luchas democráticas por donde sean, no nada más en Siria! La lista de “organizaciones terroristas sin designación” forma parte de un ataque más amplia en contra de las libertades civiles que incluye el veto a la entrada al país de personas provenientes de seis países cuya población es mayoritariamente musulmana. Estos ataques en contra de los derechos civiles son el componente doméstico de la farsa sangrienta de la “Guerra Contra el Terrorismo”, cuyos blancos inmediatos son la comunidad musulmana estadunidense, y por medio de los bombardeos indiscriminados de civiles, millones de seres humanos en el Medio Oriente y por todo el mundo. Urge organizar una oposición a estos ataques. Rechazar la petición por asilo del Dr. Ziadeh’s sería una grave injusticia, exponiéndolo al riesgo mortal, y en base de una acusación que obviamente es falsa. Las acciones del Dr. Ziadeh fueron un servicio a la lucha por la democracia en Siria y sería nada menos que una desgracia que no se le otorguen la amnistía en honor de sus esfuerzos. Por lo tanto, nosotros, los firmantes, exigimos: 1) Que se le otorgue el asilo político de inmediato al Dr. Ziadeh!; 2) Que el apoyo a la revolución democrática siria sea excluido de designación “terrorista”; y 3) Que no se de consideración a la categoría de “organizaciones terroristas sin designación” en la evaluación de aplicaciones para el asilo o en cualquier otra consideración oficial, y que la lista de organizaciones sea publicada y sujeta a la aprobación legislativa democrática.    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------  Arabic version:  ‎نحن نطالب بأن يمنح الدكتور رضوان زيادة اللجوء السياسي! اللجوء السياسي هو حق المضطهدين، ومن واجبنا الدفاع عن حقوقهم! نحن في تضامن مع النضال الديمقراطي لمعارضة "الحرب على الإرهاب" الزائفة! ‎الإرهاب الدولة والإرهاب الطائفي العنيف وجهان من نفس العملة! وقد أبلغ مؤخرا اللاجئ السوري الدكتور رضوان زيادة في رسالة بأن طلب اللجوء الخاص به سيتم رفضه لأنه يزعم قدم "دعما ماديا" إلى "منظمات إرهابية غير محددة". ‎ويعتبر الدكتور زياده معارض لنظام الأسد الوحشي الذي أجبر السوريين الذين يسعون إلى الديمقراطية على تسليح أنفسهم دفاعا عن النفس من خلال القمع العنيف للاحتجاجات السلمية الواسعة النطاق في عام 2011. أعلنت حكومة الولايات المتحدة، تحت إدارة أوباما، علنا دعمها للنضال الديمقراطي؛ ولكن الآن الدكتور زياده، الذي لا ينتمي إلى المعارضة المسلحة، اتهم بتقديم الدعم "للإرهابيين". ولا يقتصر هذا الاتهام على النفاق، بل هو لا أساس له، ويمثل تهديدا خطيرا لجميع الذين يدعمون النضال الديمقراطي في سوريا، وربما، في أي مكان آخر. ‎رسالة نوایا الرفض اللجوء تنص على: "كما استخدم الجيش السوري الحر والإخوان المسلمين السوريين الأسلحة بقصد تعريض سلامة مسؤولي الحكومة السورية للخطر فقد شاركت كلتا المجموعتين في نشاط إرهابي بحيث استوفيا تعريف منظمة إرهابية غير محددة (المستوى الثالث) في الوقت الذي قدمت فيه دعما ماديا ". النفاق! وقدمت الولايات المتحدة وحلفاؤها دعما ماليا محدودا و ادوات اخری على حد سواء للجيش السوري الحر والإخوان المسلمين السوريين. وعلاوة على ذلك، فإن الإرهابيين الحقيقيين في سوريا هم بشار الأسد ونظامه ومؤيدوه، الذين هم مسؤولون عن سجن وتعذيب عشرات الآلاف، وقتل مئات الآلاف، و تهجیر الملايين من ديارهم. إن تهمة تقديم "الدعم المادي" أمر مثير للسخرية لأنه يشير إلى دعوة ممثلي هذه المنظمات في عامي 2012 و 2013 إلى مؤتمر حول التحول الديمقراطي في سوريا. إن النقاش الجاد حول التحول الديمقراطي يتطلب بالضرورة مشاركة الجيش السوري الحر والإخوان المسلمين السوريين. ومن المهم أن الدكتور زياده يقيم في الولايات المتحدة على مدى السنوات العشر الماضية، ويحمل زمالات في جامعة هارفارد، جورج تاون ومعهد السلام الأمريكي. إن إجباره على العودة إلى سوريا سيعرض حياته للخطر، لأن نظام الأسد سيعتقله، والدولة الإسلامية تضع اسمه على لائحة القتل. ‎والسبب الذي دفع إلى رفض منح الدكتور زياده لجوء سوف یتسع الی نطاق "حظر المسلمين" بشكل دائم و علی راسهم ضد معظم اللاجئين السوريين من المعارضة الديمقراطية، حتى وإن كان نهاية الحظر ستمكن مؤيدي نظام الأسد من الحصول على حق اللجوء! في الواقع، جنبا إلى جنب مع "حظر المسلمين"، فإن تحديد الحكومة الأمريكية للجهود البطولية للدكتور زياده لتعزيز التحول الديمقراطي في سوريا بأنه "إرهابي" يعني منح اللجوء فقط للسوريين المسيحيين، ودعم الأسد، أو الذين حافظت على "حياد" عام تجاه حملة الإبادة الجماعية التی ترتکب من قبل النظام بشار الاسد! ‎كما أن الكشف عن قائمة "منظمات إرهابية غير محددة" يسبب مزيدا من القلق. والغرض الوحيد من هذه القائمة هو تنفيذ سياسة خارجية سرية، وفي حالة العلاقات بين الولايات المتحدة وسوريا، کما تخلق سياسة مزدوجة. لم يتم تطبيق القائمة العامة لوزارة الخارجية أبدا مع القلق المستمر لتحديد المنظمات التي ترعب المدنيين.‎لسنوات عديدة وصفت الولايات المتحدة منظمة التحرير الفلسطينية بأنها "إرهابية" في حين أنها تتجاهل بوعي سجل إسرائيل البشع للهجمات على المدنيين، وعينت على مدى عقود حركات عدیده كإرهابيين التی کانت تنضال فی افریقیا الجنوبیه ضد الفصل العنصري، بما في ذلك المؤتمر الوطني الأفريقي وقائدها الحائز على جائزة نوبل للسلام نيلسون مانديلا. ‎على أقل تقدير، ومع ذلك، فإن القائمة المفصح عنها علنا تخضع للمراجعة، وبالتالي بعض المدخلات الديمقراطية. قائمة سرية "المنظمات الإرهابية غير المحددة" تشكل تهديدا مباشرا ضد كل من يبني التضامن مع الصراعات الديمقراطية في أي مكان، وليس في سوريا فقط! ‎وتعد قائمة "التنظيمات الإرهابية غير المحددة" جزءا من هجوم أوسع نطاقا على الحريات المدنية يتضمن الحظر الحالي على السفر من ست دول ذات أغلبية مسلمة. وهذه الهجمات على الحريات المدنية هي المكون المحلي للمهزلة الدموية "للحرب على الإرهاب"، التي تستهدف بشکل مباشر الجماعات الإسلامية في الولايات المتحدة، و ایضا عن طريق القصف العشوائي للمدنيين، والملايين من البشر في الشرق الأوسط وحول العالم. وهناك حاجة ماسة إلى معارضة منظمة لهذه الهجمات. إن رفض طلب الدكتور زياده للحصول على اللجوء السياسي سيكون ظلم رهيب، مما يعرضه إلى ضرر مميت بسبب اتهامات المثيره للسخرية. كانت أعمال الدكتور زياده خدمة للنضال من أجل الديمقراطية في سوريا، وليس أقل من المخجل أنه يمكن حرمانه من اللجوء لجهوده. ‎بموجب هذه الوثيقة نحن الموقعين نطالب:!‎١: أن يمنح اللجوء السياسي فورا للدكتور زيادةهذا الدعم للثورة الديمقراطية السورية يجب حمايته من أي تعريف "للإرهاب" ‎: ۲ ‎٣: إلغاء فئة "المنظمات الإرهابية غير المحددة" من طلب اللجوء وجميع الاعتبارات الرسمية الأخرى، و ایضا یجب یخضع الی التدقيق العام والموافقة التشريعية الديمقراطية. ‎الموقعون: ‎ديفيد توربين ، عضو فی اللجان المناهضة للحرب و في التضامن مع الكفاح من أجل تقرير المصير الشعوب المظلومه‎آن إيفيليث، عضو فی اللجان المناهضة للحرب و في التضامن مع الكفاح من أجل تقرير المصير الشعوب المظلوم.

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Petition to General John Kelly, 115th U.S. Congress

DHS must continue to protect LGBTQ asylum seekers in the U.S.

For too many people around the world, “coming out” continues to be fundamentally dangerous. It is still illegal to be gay in 73 countries. LGBTQ people in these countries are imprisoned and subjected to “corrective” action, including rape by government officials and public humiliation. In 10 countries, homosexuality is punishable with the death penalty. As a result, the persecuted often seek refuge in the U.S. Despite this persisting reality, the Republican Party Platform (released in July 2016), expressed an overt desire to narrow the category of people eligible for asylum in the United States. Specifically, the Platform states: “Asylum should be limited to cases of political, ethnic or religious persecution.” This thinking is cause for concern because it omits protection for people seeking asylum due to membership in a “particular social group” (“PSG”). The “PSG” clause currently protects an array of extremely vulnerable people, including: persecuted LGBTQ people, victims of domestic violence, and female genital mutilation. (In 1994, “membership in a particular social group” was expanded to include sexual orientation.) Therefore, if implemented into practice, this seemingly minor omission will have catastrophic consequences for LGBTQ people worldwide. If this language is successfully removed by the Republican Party as a legitimate reason to seek asylum in the U.S., what will happen to the millions of LGBTQ people who remain at risk abroad? Where will they turn to for safety?  Sign this petition to help us deliver the following clear message to General John Kelly, incoming secretary of Homeland Security, and the 115th Congress: We will not stand for the removal of membership in a “particular social group” as legal grounds to seek asylum in the U.S. The vulnerable groups that this clause protects both deserve and need our support. We are, therefore, calling on the new administration to not change the settled status of “PSG.” It is important to note that in addition to being anti-immigration, U.S. President-elect Trump's incoming administration is notoriously anti-LGBTQ. According to PinkNews: “Every single Trump cabinet member so far opposes LGBT rights.”  Mike Pence, Vice President Arguably the most anti-LGBTQ vice president in history.    Marriage equality would lead to “societal collapse,” &  homosexuality is “a choice.”  Before he signed the anti-LGBTQ “religious liberty” law in Indiana last year, Pence supported “conversion therapy” as a member of Congress. Steve Bannon, Top White House Advisor Published headlines including: “Gay Rights Have Made Us Dumber, It’s Time to Get Back in the Closet,” & “Day Of Silence: How The LGBT Agenda Is Hijacking America’s Youth.” Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education Prominent donor to the anti-gay marriage lobby.  Family organizations have also made large donations to anti-gay marriage causes. Jeff Sessions, Attorney General The Alabama Senator is known as one of the most conservative and anti-LGBTQ members of Congress. He has a 0% rating on the Human Rights Campaign’s Congressional Scorecard on LGBTQ rights. Tom Price, Secretary of Health & Human Services Co-sponsor of the First Amendment Defense Act, which would legalize discrimination against LGBTQ people on the grounds of religion. We cannot allow for anti-LGBTQ and anti-immigration sentiments to erode our country's moral character. As LGBTQ asylum claims continue to increase, there remains an indisputable need for LGBTQ asylum in the U.S. The "PSG" clause must stand.  Our country’s legacy is at risk. But most importantly, lives are at stake. *Photo Source: “Pride London Parade, July 2011” by Nicky Rowbottom is licensed under CC BY 2.0 / Cropped from original. 

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Petition to USCIS, United States Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Homeland Security

Help a gay guy get a chance at asylum

I am a gay person that has disembarked from a vessel and escaped from the US airport where I would of been sent home. The problem that I am facing is that when I fled, I fled as a crewman on C1/D visa and the US law currently doesnt allow crewmembers to adjust status here because of the visa type. I escaped from the airport due to fearing prosecution in my own country. People that are gay in Macedonia face hardships, torture and many of the end up dead. I have managed to get some proof of media and gay hatred by the community which I thought would help my case here, but when I talked to a pro bono lawyer he told me that in order to claim asylum since I am on C1/D visa I will have to prove something that has personally be done to me, like leading or being in a political group where my political opinnion would make me a target. I ofcourse all my years spent dwelling and hating my country because all of my childhood years till now I had to lie and be someone that I am not. What my lawyer was telling me to do is that I should of came out and said that I was gay to the public and risk dieing or worse getting tortured because of who I am, what good is the asylum to me if I am a dead man ? It would mean that all of my suffering for 15 years as a child both mental and phyisicall have been for nothing. I would also like to say that I am a victim of domestic violence and I have been molested by a group of older people. I hated who I was throughout my entire childhood and was not able to accept my self. Instead of studying I was falling through grades and thought of myself as a freak, instead of having friends I kept shutting everyone out because I didnt trust anyone could understand my pain or worse what if they find out who I am, then my life might end. Macedonia is not a country where you can escape, you can pass the entire country within a day of travelling with a car. We are not in EU, there was no way to escape except when I was offered a job as a crewman for a ship company that goes to US. I couldnt be happier that day, because I heard that this country is the land of the free and I had some good experience on the ship on of which enforced me to runaway was that I saw a gay married couple having a child alongside with them, it brought tears to my eyes. Our country doesnt allow marriage for same sex nor adopting a child, I can never be happy if I returned to my country, I will always have to worry if someone found out or if I ever get a partner that I love if maybe he will be taken away from me some day. I dont want to worry, I want to finally be able to live my life the way I want to and not having to pretend or lie about who I am. On the end of this petition I will supply you with 2 links. One will be for ineligability of adjustment of status as a C1/D and the other one will be a link of a popular media that spoke publicly against the LGBT community in Macedonia. I am doing this because I want you to understand why I need your help, why this freedom means so much to me, I am happy here and for the first time I met some LGBT communities and the people in them were really nice. I lived my life for once while I was here and I dont want that to be taken away from me, because of the limitation I might have by the visa. I have not filled out the asylum form yet and I have 9 more months to do it, but I need your guys help to achieve that. I am asking that USCIS & Department Of Homeland Security give me a normal chance at asylum by disregarding my entrace as a crewman, but accept me as a legal alien. I did not runaway to the US for the money, I am here because I want to be myself, meet a certain someone, create a family, love and be loved by that person and live the rest of my life with a smile on my face. I dont want my child to hate me for who I am ( in my country it can happen because of the people around me ), I dont want to be pressured and to lie anymore. I want freedom and understanding for my pain. Please people if you can share,tweet and email this as much as you can, help me get my voice heard please! Let me smile like this forever, I dont want to feel sad or depressed or suicidal ever again so please help. I am also ready to talk to media and tell them everything or any organisation who can help my case, so please help me out that is all I ask.I am also planning to make a youtube video of me when I feel I am safe enough to do it.   Thank you, Boris. C1/D visa link: LGBT media discrimination:

Boris Kostadinov
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