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Petition to U.S. Department of State, Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security

Do not extradite Mr. Miroslav Fejfar from the USA to the Czech Republic

We the citizens and legal residents of the United States of America respectfully urge the U.S. Department of State to revoke the decision to extradite Mr. Miroslav Fejfar to the Czech Republic where he has been unjustly prosecuted for the last 18 years, and allow him to continue seeking asylum in the United States. As a small business owner in his native Czech Republic, Mr. Fejfar was regularly targeted by corrupt police and law enforcement and frequently asked for bribes. Because he has always denied and decried this practice, now as well as then, the law officials in the area framed him for crimes that never happened. In 2001, he was sentenced to 3 years in prison. He fought this decision with all legal means and tools available to him by the Czech judicial system, and after he realized there was no chance to get justice in the Czech Republic, he fled to the United States. Mr. Fejfar applied for asylum in the USA in 2012. His asylum claim was admitted by an Immigration Judge, and his final hearing was set up for April 14, 2016. Three days before this hearing, Mr. Fejfar was arrested, and the Immigration Judge was ordered to close the asylum case. The Judge argued the important nature of the relief requested and the risk of violation of Mr. Fejfar’s due process rights, and refused to close the case. Nevertheless, his decision was overruled, and the asylum case was administratively closed. Mr. Fejfar is a 49-year-old resident of Beaverton, Oregon. With Barbara, his domestic partner of 20 years, he raises two sons, Christopher (8) and Charlie (3), who were born in the USA; and runs small business supporting the local economy. Both of his children were born extremely prematurely, the younger son weighing just little over 2 pounds. Despite his parents’ dedication and care, Charlie is legally disabled and suffers from on-going health problems which require continuous attention. In the attachment to this petition, excerpts from support letters written by local community representatives and leaders attest to Mr. Fejfar’s character and actions and sharply contradict Government's claim that extradition of Mr. Fejfar is in “public interest.” We the undersigned believe that extraditing Mr. Fejfar to the Czech Republic, particularly before granting his asylum case to be heard in the United States violates fundamental human rights and International Laws and Treaties which bar extradition of an asylum-seeker while their asylum proceedings are still pending. Therefore we kindly ask the Department of State to revoke its decision and refuse the Czech Republic’s extradition request. Attachment: The Mayor of the City of Beaverton states: "People in our community see Mr. Fejfar as a valuable, contributing member of our community, and a man with many qualities we greatly value in this country. A well-respected, hard-working, honest, responsible business owner. A generally good and decent person with firm moral values and integrity. Law obedient citizen. A good partner and loving father. I remain hopeful that he will be allowed to stay in our great country, to continue to live and work in our beautiful city, and to care for his family." M. Raddish, MD, Development, and Behavioral Pediatrician at St. Vincent Hospital states: "The Providence Children’s Development Institut provides treatment for children with complex medical needs. Both children were born prematurely and medically fragile. Through the intense work provided by Mr. Fejfar and his wife, Christopher is developing normally and attends the mainstream classroom without support. Charles continues to require specialized services to support feeding, communication, and problem-solving. Charles is at high risk for long-term complications of prematurity including learning delays, speech and language delays, and ADHD. Mr. Fejfar has been an extremely active participant in the management and care of his young boys. His extradition would negatively impact their growth and development significantly." The President/CEO of the Beaverton, Oregon Chamber of Commerce states: "Mirek and Barbara have had two darling little boys, and we have watched them grown and admired their closeness and beautiful family. They are a part of our community. They are active in their local elementary school and participate in community events. Mirek is a responsible and respected business owner. His kindness is demonstrated in all of his work with clients and fellow business owners. He is an asset to our community and the farthest thing from a threat that we can imagine." The President of Czech School of Portland states: "I have known Miroslav to be a very honest and open man with strong moral values. He possesses a great deal of integrity and sense of doing things right. I see him as a person truly dedicated to his family, his partner Barbara, and his sons Christopher and Charlie. He is hard working, resourceful and generous individual, who never misses an opportunity to ask how he can be helpful. Judging by his observed respect for law, I believe that should he be given a chance to become a legal resident; he would make a great asset to the society as a whole." Mr. Fejfar also received written support from many other people and organizations, including Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici, other doctors and therapists caring for his sons, teachers, neighbors, clients, and others.

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Petition to German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, Parliamentary Secretary Ole Schröder, President of the BAMF Jutta Cordt

Family Reunification from Greece: Let them be together again!

My name is Michael. I’ve been working in Greece as a volunteer for Mobile Info Team for more than a year now. I provide information on asylum procedures and legal support for refugees. Most of the people I speak to are trying to get back to loved ones. They’re going through what’s called a ‘Dublin procedure’ for family reunification. This takes up to eleven months. Currently there are more than 2000 people waiting to do this in Greece. In March, the German Interior Minister, Thomas de Maizière, requested a restriction on these transfers, starting in April. Before then, Germany was reunifying over 300 people a month, now it’s around 70. If this continues, even people who have had their transfer approved could be waiting for another 3 years or might not even be allowed to fly. Mahmoud, 27 years old from Syria, has been in Greece for more than 18 months. His mother is sick and his brother has Down Syndrome. They are both in Germany. His sick mother has to take care of his brother around the clock, and that only makes her illness worse. She is alone and close to a breakdown. Mahmoud wants to be there and take care of them. “It is nearly unbearable,” he told me. “I can’t stand by their side, now when they need me so much. I don’t know how my mother can make it through so long without me.” Since we learned about the restriction, I’ve received dozens of calls and messages from desperate mothers, husbands, and siblings. They wish for nothing more than to start a new life with their families. They cannot understand why it’s taking so long. Lives are being put on hold. Many people have been here since the beginning of 2016. They are tired and feel powerless. They’re in an endless state of transit. This cannot continue. I urge Minister de Maizière to remove this limit immediately. Family unity is a human right! We’re collecting letters from people affected. We’re translating and sending them to Mr de Maizière, to make sure he understands what they’re going through. With your signatures behind their voices, we can force Mr de Maizière to listen to Mahmoud and the thousands of families who remain separated, and make him lift the restriction. The petition is available in the following languages: Deutsch | English | Italiano | Español | عربی | فارسی

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