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Petition to Jim Kenney, Darrell Clarke, Cindy Bass, Jannie Blackwell, Kenyatta Johnson, Curtis Jones, Maria D. Quinines Sanchez, Mark Squilla, Bobby Henon, Cherelle Parker, Brian J. O'Neill, Blondell Reynolds Brown, Allan Domb, Derek Green, David Oh, Helen Gym, William Greenlee, Al Taubenberger, Pamela A DeLissio, James R Roebuck Jr., Donna Bullock, Emilio Vazquez, Rosita Youngblood, Stephen Kinsey, Representative Chris Rabb, Angel Cruz, Jordan Harris, Art Haywood, Sharif Street, Vincent Hughes, Lawrence M Farnese Jr.

Stop Construction of a Polluting and Useless Power Plant!

Got Asthma?  Got Heart Disease? Got Dementia?  Want some?  No one does.  Don't allow a natural gas power plant to be built near you, or us.   Please sign the petition to prevent a polluting gas power plant from being constructed close to my city block, in Philadelphia.  37,000 people, 12 schools, 3 university campuses, and several day care centers operate within one mile of the site.  SEPTA (Southeastern Transportation Authority) has applied to build this natural gas power plant, in a low income neighborhood,  to generate electricity.  However, SEPTA has absolutely no need for increased electrical power. PA is a fracking state. The natural gas industry and SEPTA struck a deal back in 2012.  It's a health threat to us, and another investment in fossil fuel energy, and climate change.  The natural gas process, from drill site, to pipeline, compressor stations, and gas plant,  warms the global temperature more than other fossil fuels (oil and coal,) due to methane leaks. Please sign this petition to Philadelphia's Mayor Kenney and local legislators, asking them to prevent SEPTA's gas plant from being constructed.   Thank you!

Lynn Robinson
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Petition to California Natural Resources Agency, Jerry Brown

Help Save The Salton Sea

Many years ago, the Salton Sea was a booming tourist spot, with many hotels and hundreds at the beaches. If you go today, the areas around it are either farmlands, or abandoned, barely populated ghost towns. For years, farms have been putting agricultural runoff into the lake. This has made the salt leves over 25% more than the ocean. The runoff also has pesticides and heavy metals, polluting the lake. As the water evaporates, this salt and pollution gets more concentrated, making it harder for animals to live there The Salton Sea is a stop for thousands of birds in the Pacific Flyway. It is important for them to get rest and nourishment at this stop. A polluted lake, and dying fish mean that it will soon be a hazard for birds to drink and eat here, with toxins everywhere.      If the lake gets restored, it could become a huge ecosystem supporting life for many plants and animals. The Lake is not only a hazard for birds and fish, but also the people living near the lake. Asthma rates for people living in Imperial county are double the rates in the rest of California, and many other respiratory issues are common. On bad days, the air quality looks like this. This is hurting children and all living near the lake. If it dires up more, the dust and smelly gas (which is full of toxins such a lead) could reach cities many miles away, the smell can reach L.A! The most prominent solution is to build a pipeline from the ocean to the sea. The lake is below sea level, so it will use gravity to make water flow. This pipeline will increase the level of the lake, getting rid of the dust plains. This will prevent the dust clouds, decrease the lakes salt level, and provide a habitat for many animals. We need to make the government know people care about this issue and want a solution to be put into place. Contact For Jerry Brown 

Parker Culverhouse
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