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Petition to Christopher Wray, Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke, FBI Deputy Director

Declare the NRA a supporter of domestic terrorism

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is more a political lobby than sportsmen's organization. It has spent over $3 million per year since 2013 to keep gun policies in an antiquated state despite the fact that  more Americans have died from gun violence (over 1.5 million) than from all the wars since the Revolution, and now want some form of gun control. A sensible reading of the 2nd Amendment would restrict purchase of equipment designed for mass murder: large clips, military grade semi-and fully automatic rifles, and ammunition for the same, which could be as easily tracked as over-the-counter medication. Yet none of it will be regulated while the NRA effectively controls the GOP. While not a branch of government, the NRA has enormous impact on American life by coercing politicians and voters with money and intimidation, and restricting our safety and public health. Thousands have already signed another petition calling the NRA a terrorist organization, and the governor of Connecticut agrees. Former NRA CEO and multi-millionaire Wayne LaPierre has said that "the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." As at Stoneman Douglas High, where three or four armed deputies waited outside during the shooting, this is rarely true and unfortunately doesn't help the shooter's victims. In Las Vegas, where over 500 people were shot with automatic gunfire, the shooter was inaccessible and shot himself before police arrived. In the wake of these horrific attacks the NRA mobilizes to enrich gun and ammo manufacturers while putting Americans at increasing risk of being shot. NRA's newly appointed CEO, Oliver North, infamously sold weapons to Iran to finance a covert Central American war under Reagan. This shows the cynicism and moral rot central to the organization; there is no reason to think they will ever act responsibly. Domestic terrorism is on the rise in the wake of Trump's election. White nationalist groups were eager to claim the shooter in Parkland as one of their own. The NRA facilitates both the arming and the militant ideology of these groups, supporting domestic terrorism. While right-wing politicians divert or attention with imagined threats from immigrants, the NRA does real harm to democracy, spreading anti-government hysteria and the idea of armed insurrection. The FBI should stop hesitating and brand the NRA for what it does rather than what it claims. This and other petitions aim to tarnish its reputation enough to interrupt its pernicious political influence. The victims of Santa Fe High (TX), Stoneman Douglas (Parkland, Fl), Sutherland Springs (11/5/17), Las Vegas (10/2/17), the  2016 Orlando shooting, Sandy Hook Elementary, Tree of Life Synagogue, and on and on and miserably on deserve no less.  Please sign the petition, another petition seeking to designate the NRA a terrorist organization under the Patriot Act, and support the Violence Policy Center.

Chris Monroe
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Petition to Bank of Montreal, Branch Bank and Trust, Capital One Financial, Citizens Financial Group, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley Bank, MUFG Bank, Northern Trust, People's United Bank, Stifel Bank & Trust, TD Bank, u.s. bank, Wells Fargo, Zions First National, Regions Bank, Bank Of America, Synovus Bank, Deutsche Bank, Fifth Third Bank

Banks, stop financing assault weapons manufacturers!

If you’re a customer of Chase, Wells Fargo, or any of more than a dozen other banks, your deposits could be helping finance the production of assault weapons – the weapons used in Parkland and many other mass shootings. This report from Think Progress shares the details. Sixteen banks are financing Remington Outdoor, Smith & Wesson, Sturm Ruger, Sig Sauer, and Vista Outdoor, the makers of the assault weapons used in Parkland, at Sandy Hook Elementary School, at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, at a church in Texas, and in countless other tragedies. It’s time to tell these banks that it’s no longer socially acceptable to be financing these merchants of death. Banks love to tell us how they are community-minded, but helping fuel gun violence is the opposite of community-minded! Please sign this petition to tell banks to stop financing assault weapons manufacturers. And in addition to signing and sharing this petition, please look at our Google document which lists all of the banks and contact information for them, and consider also reaching out to them directly to show your displeasure. Bank of America has announced that it will stop financing assault weapons manufactuers. These other banks need to follow their lead.

Boycott NRA Partners
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Petition to President of the United States, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

A Gun In Every Backpack

Like you, I’m a parent, and I care about the safety of my kids, especially when I’m not around. We know that schools aren’t entirely safe, and we want to do everything we can to make them safer. But even if we could make sure no bad guy ever got a gun again, bad guys won’t stop. They’ll use knives, bombs, cars, trucks, planes, and shuriken, the throwing star blade of the ninja. It’s easy to say we should let the police and security guards deal with the problem, but sometimes they don’t. And teachers are mostly liberal arts majors who collapse in tears at the mere sight of a Nerf dart. No, when we aren’t around, our kids cannot rely on anyone for their safety, except themselves. That’s why, today, I’ve released my online petition for a new initiative I call “A Gun In Every Backpack.” I know, I know. Sounds crazy, right? But when a rapist, terrorist, school shooter, or even a schoolyard thug threatens your child, who is going to be with her, all the time, every time? No one, but for herself. And she’ll be ready. For an initial investment of just $15 billion, we can buy a small pistol and ammunition to arm every K-12 student in America. As the child takes the gun with them year to year, developing not just a sense of security, but of responsibility and ownership, the cost drops to only $1 billion on an annual, ongoing, basis. That’s a tiny fraction of the $20 billion annual cost of putting armed resource officers in every school, and it’s far more reliable. Join me in signing the petition and contacting your legislators today. You need your child to be safe all the time, not just when you’re around.

Chris Nandor
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