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Petition to New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, Corey Johnson, City Council Member Laurie Cumbo, Meenakshi Srinivasan

Protect Poet Walt Whitman's New York City Home

Walt Whitman, America's most famous poet, lived at 99 Ryerson Street in Brooklyn, New York when his world famous book Leaves of Grass was first published in 1855.  While Whitman lived in over 30 places in what is today New York City during this lifetime, the house at 99 Ryerson Street is the ONLY ONE still standing.  Accordingly, 99 Ryerson Street is of great cultural and historical significance.  It tells not only the story of a key moment in American poetry and literature, but also the story of a towering figure in global culture. We are seeking official city landmark designation from New York City to protect the building from demolition, especially because development is encroaching on the neighborhood.  While the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission initially rejected our request, the Commission is currently reviewing additional information and research that we provided on the significance of the site and Walt Whitman's association with the site.  We need your help convincing the Commission to landmark this critically important building. The house at 99 Ryerson Street is one of only two buildings directly associated with Walt Whitman that are still standing in New York City.  It would be an unforgivable tragedy to lose this crucially important building to history.  Join us in protecting this important cultural resource for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations. Quotes from supporters: "To protect a house like this one, it seems to me, is a form of cultural stewardship.For this house to disappear would be something like an extinction: such a place cannot be got back, not ever, once it is lost."  - George Saunders, author of Lincoln in the Bardo and winner of the 2017 Man Booker Prize “During my time as Poet Laureate of the United States, my travels in our country and abroad gave me a renewed sense of Walt Whitman’s ongoing, central importance. Poets writing in other languages, on every continent have looked to Whitman’s work for an epitome of what is most liberating in the culture of the United States. Please let me add my voice to those hoping that you will recognize his house in Brooklyn as a true landmark.”  - Robert Pinsky, former U.S. Poet Laureate "I feel a particular relationship to Whitman and, maybe more to the point, a strong sense of just how much impact not only his work but his physical presence had on the New York City of his day. I do hope you’ll revisit the question of the house on Ryerson as a historic landmark."  - Michael Cunningham, award winning author  “2019 marks the bicentennial of Walt Whitman’s birth. We hope to celebrate Whitman’s groundbreaking contributions to literature by landmarking the site most associated with his seminal work by the time that key milestone arrives. I hope the Commission understands this is not about the architectural merit of 99 Ryerson Street but rather its incredibly significant cultural value.” - Professor Karen Karbiener, founder of the Walt Whitman Initiative “The city needs more landmarks like this one to help narrate the histories of LGBT Americans – and it needs to consider cultural landmarks seriously rather than aesthetic landmarks alone.” - Jay Shockley, co-founder of the NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project “If Whitman’s Leaves of Grass gave birth to American poetry, then Brooklyn is thebirthplace of our art, and 99 Ryerson Street is the last remaining cradle. The Commission needs to reconsider its initial rejection.” - Jason Koo, executive director and founder of Brooklyn Poets

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Petition to Insomniac Events, Pasquale Rotella, Hard, Mad, Mad Decent, Ultra, Gary Richards, Russel Faibisch, Alex Omes, Thomas Pentz

Allow the Art of Gloving in Music Festivals: Let People Express Who They Are.

As the rave culture is becoming more and more mainstream each year, people from all demographics have attended an EDM music festival. A place where everyone thought they could be themselves, express who they really are without the fear of judgement. Nearly a decade ago, this changed for about 250,000 rave-goers. LED Gloving is an art form that was banned in 2010 by most major rave creators including Insomniac, Mad Decent, Hard, and Ultra. Gloving is an art form that created a community worldwide. This ban was detrimental to the gloving community. Not allowing them to express their art in a place where there shouldn’t be judgment.  In 2010 a law in California was passed called the Concert and Music Festival Safety Act, also known as the Rave Act which required events to be assessed for health and safety hazards. This Act didn’t explicitly ban LED gloves at festivals, but it did scare hosts like Insomniac, Ultra, Hard, and Mad Decent to ban LED Gloves, labeling them as “drug paraphernalia”. This banned is simply outdated by nearly a decaded concerning a culture that is constantly evolving every year. The Rave Act was created due to a young girl dying at a music festival due to drug abuse. Government officials and people unfamiliar with the rave culture correlated LED gloves with drug use.  Simply asking any glover if they consider LED gloves to be a drug accessory would immediately put this argument to rest. Gloving is a form of self expression through art. Glovers will practice for hours to master this skill, just like painters, song writers, and dancers alike. Banning gloves is a completely misguided attempt to eliminate the stigma around raves and illegal drug abuse. In fact, the ban on LED gloves has only created more danger and corruption at raves. With event security abusing and harassing glovers everywhere. There have been numerous accounts where glovers have been blackmailed and bribed by event security, forcing them to either pay them X ammount of money or they would have to give up their gloves, which could cost an upward of $70 a pair. Security has also tackled, pinned down, and even assulted glovers at festivals. A place where everyone is supposed to feel welcomed.  I hope after reading this you understand the importance of lifting the ban on LED gloves at music festivals. To create a fun, safe, and enjoyable experience for everyone to enjoy, to allow people to express their creativity how they see fit. Nobody should be stopped from self expression. Everyone should be allowed to be who they are at these events, with out judgement, harassment, or abuse. 

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Petition to Dr Joseph Muscat, Dr Owen Bonnici, Dr Deo Debattista

Support artists calling for the resignation of ECOC Valletta 2018 Chairman Jason Micallef

More than 100 Maltese artists, authors and arts professionals are calling for the resignation of Valletta 2018 European Capital of Culture Chairman Mr Jason Micallef. If you believe that using artists, culture and Valletta 2018, for political expedience is shocking and outrageous support the artists and endorse the letter.  The open letter sent to the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, Minister for Culture Owen Bonnici and Parliamentary Secretary for Valletta 2018 Deo Debattista states the following: We, artists, authors and arts managers write to you to express our concern that the legacy of Valletta 2018 as European Capital of Culture is seriously jeopardised by the actions of Mr. Jason Micallef, Chairman of the Valletta 2018 Foundation. His ongoing derogatory public comments about the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia do not reflect the European objectives and principles of the Capital of Culture initiative. As chairman of Valletta 2018 Foundation, Mr Micallef has been appointed by you to represent a European project, including ourselves, as laid out in European legislation. The role of a Chairman of a European Capital of Culture cannot be partisan in attitude and purposely divisive in action. In addition, we would like to recall the number of instances that Mr. Micallef used his role as Chairman of the European Capital of Culture to publicly ridicule and attack artists who criticised and satirised those in power. His role as Chairman should be to safeguard this right, not to threaten it.  Using artists, culture and Valletta 2018 for political expedience is shocking and outrageous.   The irresponsible and embarrassing actions of Mr. Micallef are leaving irreparable damage to the reputation, programme and leadership of Valletta 2018.  This is a legacy that the Maltese cultural sector does not need or want. We, the undersigned reiterate the call for his immediate resignation. For the list of signatories and information read more here  

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