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Petition to Staedtler

Please make FIMO polymer clay a vegan product again

According to various online art and craft blogs, FIMO polymer clay is a vegan product. Great news, right? Well, sadly not as it's now been confirmed that FIMO polymer clay contains substances of an animal origin. I’m not sure why or when this happened, but I recently received this message from Staedtler … 'The raw materials used for FIMO contain a small proportion of substancesof animal origin. FIMO therefore cannot be considered as vegan.' This is awful news for everyone who uses FIMO polymer clay. Not least the very many vegan artists out there who have been using FIMO completely unaware that it is not an animal-free material (& I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news on this one as most will still be unaware. Please let them know!) Even if you're not a vegan practitioner, you will no doubt at some point have vegan clients - or not, as the case may be. As such, if you’re a FIMO polymer clay user, this news very much affects you too. I’m sure you’ll agree that if the folks at FIMO can create a great quality vegan polymer clay – then why don't they? As a polymer clay artist who primarily uses FIMO, I want mine and other FIMO artists' artwork to be available to everyone. I also want polymer clay workshops to be an inclusive experience, and available to everyone. Please, sign and share this petition to show your support in telling Staedtler to please dump these needless substances, as FIMO polymer clay should be for everyone!    ***    Further info: 'Veganism is both the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals. A follower of either the diet or the philosophy is known as a vegan' Source: Wikipedia   ***   UPDATE 22nd April: Please note that I have received new information advising that Cernit polymer clay and all accessories ARE vegan. I'll of course investigate further and let you know!

Lizzie Campbell
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Petition to SARPA , UBCON

Don't put the artists outside at UBCon and also restrict them to selling on one day.

Back on February 13th 2017 UBcon opened their Artist and Vendor applications, but with a catch, the SARPA treasurer posted this message one hour after applications went live. Hello Everyone,This is a follow up to the last post. This year we are looking into possibly changing up how the artist ally works. We were tinkering with the idea of moving the ally outside under a large tent and making it an artist bizarre. This would change the artist schedule to just one day, Saturday. We apologize if this changes some of your minds, but this is a possibility we have not finalized everything yet. Thank you for your time. Sincerely,Sean TenEyckSarpa Treasurer The artists were concerned about this change so close to the event and tried to voice their opinions on the matter, since some of us have merchandise that can be ruined by in climate weather. (Art prints, Plush, Bath bombs, ect) We offered ideas such as keeping us where we are, putting us in the hallways by the vendors room, to even putting us in a separate building where UB holds Minicon since it is near panel rooms.  Sean then commented this message stating, "I promise everyone we are working on logistics and going to plan what we think is the best for the con. It is only a possibility and not an guarantee. We are working to fine what is the best for you and the best for us." They then had a meeting over the weekend of the 18th and said they would update us as soon as they knew. Today February 20th, the UBcon page posted an announcement without even telling the artists first about the results of their weekend meeting.  "After long consideration, we have decided on a list of criteria for vending to be in a tent outdoors or an alternative space that must be met when considering the validity of the option. We want nothing but the best for our artists and attendees, hence why we're looking into this option. If this change works, it would not only help our artists, but it will also help bring about long-term growth for our convention. Thank you for your feedback, and we hope to see you in April." An hour later after the post, due to confusion by attendees they offered this statement, "For clarity, the criteria for alternative space that we have essentially means a centralized location, and a closed tent with indoor-like conditions such as hard floors, lighting, and electricity. We care deeply about the hard work artists put into their work, and we value the importance of your comfort and presence at our convention. As such, we want nothing more than for Artist Alley to have the space to grow, have a massive increase in foot traffic, and more legitimacy. By moving the alley, we are also essentially creating more large space for large gaming events, so we can break our attendance ceiling. This alternative space wasn't something that was thought of on a whim, and we will continue to delve into the option. We'll be sure to keep you updated as to where we are in the stages of planning." So we artists are asking for your help to let them know that we are not happy with this decision and the working conditions they want to put us under. We are upset they are putting us outside because we feel like we are being excluded from the con as a whole. This college campus is not short on space and is very big but also in a location where the weather in this time of year is unpredictable.  Please sign our petition and let them know it isn't right to treat us like this and you don't want us to leave UBcon.  If you have any concerns you wish to voice to the UBcon staff about this matter you can do it right here on their facebook post about the artist tent.  We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us at this time and we all want to continue to be at UBcon for you all to supply you with wonderful unique arts, handmade trinkets and goods from all over the WNY region, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Canada, and beyond. Thank you.    

The Ubcon Artists
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