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Petition to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg

Please permanently remove "Alirras" from Instagram

Many users on Facebook and Instagram know of a user named @Alirras, who is notorious for stealing, lying and harassing users. I've started this petition in hopes to get her permanently removed from Instagram, where she is repeatedly submitting traced and stolen artwork from an artist who goes by the username Dauxycheeks. I have filed copyright complaints against her over 10 times now, all of which has resulted in the content being removed. But still, Instagram continues to let her account remain active, regardless of how many complaints they receive on this user. I am not the only person this user has stolen from, she has multiple posts about her on Facebook regarding the tracing, lying and stealing. She has been permanently banned off multiple websites, including FurAffinity, Amino, IMVU and has even had a few of her Facebook profiles removed. Instagram is the only application I can't seem to get her off of, no matter how many times I e-mail them. I'm tired of having to police her profile, looking for my stolen work and taking time out of my day to have it removed.  Artists work hard for what we do, any and all income we get goes to support our every day lives. People that have the audacity to steal and replicate for their own profit, have no business being on any type of social media, until they can learn to have respect for the property of others.  This petition will be sent to Mark Zuckerberg, Chairman and CEO of Facebook, who now also owns Instagram. Please sign this petition to help me end this constant headache that has been going on for well over a year now. You can see another post regarding this person here:

Stephanie Spellman
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Petition to Michael Bennet, Cory Gardner, Diana DeGette, John Hickenlooper, Mitch McConnell, Orrin Hatch, John Cornyn, Chuck Grassley, Kevin Brady, Devin Nunes, Peter Roskam, Diane Black, Kristi Noem, Rob Bishop, Donald Trump, Greg Walden, John Shimkus


  An amendment to the tax bill was passed Saturday by the Senate that included The Robert’s Amendment. This amendment strikes artist housing from the list of qualified groups who can benefit from federally subsidized low-income housing. If the provision makes its way into the tax bill that moves on to the White House, it would forbid developers from using housing credits to build affordable housing with a preference for artists. Moreover, as written, the law would also render all existing artists’ housing developments built with housing credits retroactively ineligible for the benefit. The amendment includes a simple line-for-line language swap. Where current law carves out a special exception for individuals “who are involved in artistic or literary activities,” the new bill would instead specify a benefit for those “who are veterans of the Armed Forces.”   While we are also supportive of housing for veterans, we believe both should be included, not one swapped for another. Elimination of this tax credit for artists will have a significant impact on the ability cities have have to protect their cultural community. We are respectfully asking that you DO NOT REMOVE THE ARTIST PREFERENCE clause of SEC.42(g)(9)(c) Law. We would like to see the artist preference clause kept and the new veterans preference language added to it, making it a stronger and more inclusive piece of legislation.  

RiNo Art District
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Petition to Instagram, artists

@Instagram: Make a Stricter Guideline on Reposts

As an artist, I would like to see a safer art community on Instagram. Instagram should make clear rules to users who reposts or traced over an artist's fanart/art, edits, or photos without permission. Instagram should not skim over the account because it "follows" the guideline. Instagram should look deeper into the reported person's account, look at the person's dm, post, and read the comments that are posted. The reason why they should Instead of skimming a person's account and dismissing it as a "small thing," there is a high chance of bullying and harassment towards the victim who is getting their art reposted without permission. If Instagram make a stricter rule on reposted fanart/art, edits, or photos, it would provide a safer community for artists.  Rules that should be Enforce for Reposts 1) If a person's account is getting reported so many times, investigate the reported account. Most of the time the account will include stolen art/edit/photos or an account that bullies/harasses and claims it as a "constructive criticism" account.   2) Make a clearer guideline when it comes to reposted art. The person should not repost anyone's art/fanart/edit/photos. If the person is posting anything related to the following, make a notice that states "Is this your art?" If the person press yes, it is their own art. But, if the person press no, another notice should come up and reads, "Did the person give you permission to post their art? If so, provide proof." The proof the person must give is a screenshot. If they do not provide you that, don't let them post, until they are given permission to do so. If the person lies or repost someone's art, the first warning is to give them a warning. The second warning is suspending their account for  24-48 hours time period. The third warning is removal of account and permanently banning them on Instagram.  3) If the artist see their art/edit/fanart/photos on a person's account without permission or credit, they have RIGHT to get their art/edit/fanart/photos remove quickly without any hesitation.  

Mae Kagamine
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