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Petition to Instagram, artists

@Instagram: Make a Stricter Guideline on Reposts

As an artist, I would like to see a safer art community on Instagram. Instagram should make clear rules to users who reposts or traced over an artist's fanart/art, edits, or photos without permission. Instagram should not skim over the account because it "follows" the guideline. Instagram should look deeper into the reported person's account, look at the person's dm, post, and read the comments that are posted. The reason why they should Instead of skimming a person's account and dismissing it as a "small thing," there is a high chance of bullying and harassment towards the victim who is getting their art reposted without permission. If Instagram make a stricter rule on reposted fanart/art, edits, or photos, it would provide a safer community for artists.  Rules that should be Enforce for Reposts 1) If a person's account is getting reported so many times, investigate the reported account. Most of the time the account will include stolen art/edit/photos or an account that bullies/harasses and claims it as a "constructive criticism" account.   2) Make a clearer guideline when it comes to reposted art. The person should not repost anyone's art/fanart/edit/photos. If the person is posting anything related to the following, make a notice that states "Is this your art?" If the person press yes, it is their own art. But, if the person press no, another notice should come up and reads, "Did the person give you permission to post their art? If so, provide proof." The proof the person must give is a screenshot. If they do not provide you that, don't let them post, until they are given permission to do so. If the person lies or repost someone's art, the first warning is to give them a warning. The second warning is suspending their account for  24-48 hours time period. The third warning is removal of account and permanently banning them on Instagram.  3) If the artist see their art/edit/fanart/photos on a person's account without permission or credit, they have RIGHT to get their art/edit/fanart/photos remove quickly without any hesitation.  

Mae Kagamine
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Petition to Kathleen Wynne, Charles Sousa, Eleanor McMahon, Han Dong, Joe Cressy

Save 401 Richmond

401 Richmond Street West is a restored, heritage-designated, industrial building turned arts-and-culture hub in downtown Toronto. It is home to over 140 artists, cultural producers, social innovators, microenterprises, galleries, festivals, and shops. Now looming property tax increases threaten to price tenants out of this long-time sanctuary for dozens of Toronto's non-profit cultural organizations. "401 Richmond, a beloved downtown hub of non-profit culture organizations in a reclaimed factory, has been hit with a property tax increase that could spell its end." - The Toronto Star The Premier and others in her government need to take action and update provincial tax policy now in order to ensure the preservation of cultural centers like 401 Richmond. The last tax assessment is terrifyingly high -- it's now a matter of great urgency. "This building and its extraordinary roster of tenants was made possible through the generosity and vision of its owners - a rarity in Toronto, and an example the city needs! It must be protected!" - Vera Frenkel In 2012, UrbanSpace, the building’s owner, paid close to $447,000 in property taxes, with its rate increasing steadily to that point at 1 per cent per year. Then in 2013, it jumped to $520,280. By 2016, the bill was within a few hundred dollars of $700,000. Without some kind of intervention, the building’s 2017 tax bill will be $846,210.73. "City council has delivered a clear statement to the province: New provincial tax policy is necessary if we are going to protect and support important buildings like 401 Richmond," - Ward 20 Toronto City Councillor Joe Cressy While UrbanSpace has absorbed the worst of the increases, tenants have shared some pain. And with taxes projected to go as high as $1.29 million by 2020.The only way for this address to pay the proposed tax is for the current building to be torn down and a 40-storey tower built to replace it -- action needs to be taken immediately. "Please don't let artists and creators be dispersed and driven out of the heart of the city! A totally sterile urban landscape is not what we need!" - Margaret Atwood Please sign and share this petition if you wish to protect 401 Richmond as well as other cultural and creative centers like it. To go the extra mile you can call and/or write to your MPP and tell them to change the provincial tax rules that inappropriately tax heritage buildings. What to Share on Social Media Link: Hashtag: #save401richmond Twitter: @Kathleen_Wynne @SousaCharles @EMcMahonMPP @401Richmond Square Logo: *for Instagram sharing Full Logo: Where to Send Letters Premier Kathleen Wynne Legislative Building Queen’s Park Toronto, ON M7A 1A1 (Photo Eduardo Lima, Metro)

Phil Tucker
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Petition to Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce, The Shallow Grave, Mayor Steven M Hunnicutt, Mayor Pro-Tem Nathaniel J Birdsong Jr, Mike Herr, Donna Sheehan, T Michael Stavres, Travis Edwards, Polk County Officials

Save the Grave!

The Shallow Grave (Click here to visit website), a haunted attraction, opened it's doors only a few years ago in Winter Haven, FL. Since then, they have gained NATIONAL attention as being one of the country's leading haunted attractions, winning many awards and "Best Of" lists. Massive changes have been made every year drastically changing the haunt making it exciting for repeat customers. Changes like this are a huge undertaking, taking the majority of the off season to complete and a huge financial undertaking. The Shallow Grave announced on August 21 that they would be CLOSING THE DOORS forever due to continuing operation being cost prohibitive. How so, you ask? A) The city ordinances of Winter Haven, FL only allows them to operate a limited number of nights during the year, therefore limiting the revenue made and ability for public to attend B) The Shallow Grave rents space in a run down warehouse style building. The landlord refuses to change or reduce rent to accommodate this business. C) The haunted attraction industry demands updates. Repeat visitors don't want to see the same haunt year after year, therefore huge cost goes into updating the haunt yearly to make it interesting and different enough for repeat visitors to be excited about returning. The Shallow Grave owners would rather close the doors than cut quality. WHAT WILL CLOSING THE SHALLOW GRAVE DO? A) The Shallow Grave brings thousands of visitors to the Winter Haven area over weekends in September/October. Closing this attraction will diminish this influx of local and out of state visitors to the area, therefore causing other local businesses to see a dip in sales (hotels, restaurants, bars) B) The Shallow Grave has set the industry standard for independent haunts in Florida. Without the bar set so high, the entire industry will likely slip in quality and not strive to achieve this level of quality. C) The arts scene in Winter Haven, FL will diminish. Beyond being scary, the level of artistry in these attractions is phenomenal. The scenic, costumes, make-up, puppets, animatronics and special effects in these houses employ artists who are top in their field. Closing The Shallow Grave will likely leave these artists unemployed and possibly having to leave the area to find work in their field. WHAT CAN BE DONE? A) Reduce the rent to allow The Shallow Grave to continue operation, purchase the building to allow The Shallow Grave to continue at a reduced monthly cost. B) Change the city ordinance, increasing the amount of operating nights per year, allowing The Shallow Grave to operate on a more robust schedule, driving more visitors to the Winter Haven area. C) Find another location for The Shallow Grave to continue that is more cost effective with higher visitor traffic that will allow them to grow and flourish. D) Help The Shallow Grave continue on to allow the ARTS to continue in Winter Haven, FL. Sadly, I only found out about The Shallow Grave and made my first visit in 2015. I visited three times that year, bringing friends from Orlando and Tampa together to visit. I visited several more times in 2016, enjoying the changes and massive updates from the previous year. I also visited their awesome holiday haunt in December 2016, with a complete overlay to their Halloween haunt making it unique and very different. It is heartbreaking to see the news of their closing as I yearn to see the updates and continuation of these skilled artists/experts throughout the years. Living in the Orlando area, my Halloween seasons will feel empty without a haunt of THIS QUALITY in my backyard. It is time to SAVE THE GRAVE. In the meantime PLEASE get down to see everything great that is The Shallow Grave this fall. Bring friends and family to see this one of a kind independent haunt. Support the Arts and Haunt Industry in Central Florida!!

Ty M
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