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Petition to Lexington-Fayette County Urban Government

Remove Confederate Statues from Cheapside

What we're after: 1. Remove the Statues2. Bring Back the Plaque3. Open up dialogue to make the space more inclusive for everyone Currently, there are two confederate statues located at Cheapside, one of John Hunt Morgan and another of John C. Breckenridge, both slaveholders and defenders of the institution of slavery. That our city was filled with confederate soldiers, statesmen and sympathizers during the Civil War is not something we wish to forget, but neither do we wish to celebrate it. In 2015, the John Hunt Morgan statue was vandalized, as was a marker recounting the history of slavery in Fayette County and the role Cheapside played in that history. Around the same time, a white supremacist murdered nine African Americans in Charleston, SC. Concerned, city officials asked the Urban County Arts Review Board's guidance regarding the statues, the marker and Cheapside Park. Citizens also voiced their opinions. The Arts Review Board recommended the statues be moved and the space re-imagined with new art more representative of our city's full and complicated history. City officials declined the board's recommendations. The confederate statues still stand at Cheapside Park. The marker that speaks of slavery does not. While city officials say they will revisit the issue once construction on the courthouse is complete, we feel this delay is both negligent and unnecessary. It is imperative to remember and reckon with our city's whole history now. For far too long, the experiences, memories and traumas of enslaved people have been kept hidden. We seek their revelation. For more information, go to

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Petition to Vancouver Police Department, Tumblr, Twitter, Inc, Jeanine Castaneda, Eugene Castaneda, City of Vancouver Washington, Facebook, Robert Givens, Instagram, Myspace, Google

Stop the online predator, Shae Castaneda (AKA Nightflightversel)

Evidence resources (please look at these) The internet is supposed to be a source of inspiration and creativity for all artists of every region. A place that anyone could feel like they are free to express themselves and make a living off of their creations.   This is not the case. As there is someone targeting and threatening the lives and safety of others. And the crimes he has committed, the danger he has put others in, the City of Vancouver Washington have failed to stop this.  Nightflightversel, AKA Shae Castaneda, has been going around and threatening people online to release their personal information and bring harm to them if they don't meet his demands. These being drawing images of an OC that is a lavender dragon.   The tactics he uses to get what he wants is state but not limited to Threatening to release all personal information Threatening to physically "find them" and bring harm to them or take over their social media accounts Stalking, which includes him posting the links to the their comments and activities and bullying them Mining for information Stealing the Intellectual property of his victims Impersonation of the targeted victims Sexual harassment The police were contacted twice to stop his behaviors and it has only gotten worse, and his parents have failed to keep him offline In fact, this situation has gotten so bad to the point where he has bragged about sexually abusing a dog publicly on his Tumblr. Not only this, but he is targeting minors online and sexually harassing them to get them to do what he wants. He has targeted minors in the age range of 10-16 years of age who draw online These are the signs that this guy may become a serial killer/rapist if this is allowed to continue, and it won't be long before it happens.   I am asking for anyone who reads this: Please. Please stop this person from damaging the lives of others online, because if this is allowed to continue, he will step up, and he will resort to bringing actual harm to others. This is not okay to let a person who brags about abuse and harassment to keep doing this  He needs to have his access to the internet taken away for good, as he has proven multiple times that he is untrustworthy of having said access and to be institutionalized to keep him from being a threat to others and give him the help he needs  

Veritan Amalgam
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