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Petition to Smt Nirmala Sitharaman

Justice for Shubham - a disabled Indian Army Officer Cadet left unattended by our Nation!

This is Shubham Gupta at the age of 19 he donned a uniform to pursue his dream of proving himself in battle protecting our motherland. He chose to put his life on line to fight for you and me. Today he is fighting a different battle! A battle to survive, a battle to stand on his own feet, a battle to do his daily chores!   He was selected to join the National Defence Academy  in June 2010 for training to become an Officer in the Indian Army. In April 2012 during the advance stage of his training he was wounded while on duty rendering him 100% disabled. His was an attributable injury. An injury that he sustained because he was doing what he was ordered to do, since it was necessary to make him capable enough to protect the nation. He considered it an honour to have been injured on duty in the service of his motherland.   He was boarded out of services with 100% disability, unable to even conduct himself without an attendant crippled for life. His parents whose pride he once was are struggling to provide their undivided attention to him due to his medical condition.   In return of pledging his youth to the nation he was given a pittance of monthly financial aid, which was pet-named ex-gratia and no benefits normally available to disabled Ex-servicemen and surprisingly – Zero Medical Facility.     He may be no one to our Political leaders or the military brass, but to his parents, he was the only hope. They have been running from pillar to post to get justice for him even petitioning the National Human Rights Commission and the President of Indian but no one has bothered to help. I believe, when someone gets injured in service of the nation, the nation is obligated to grant him his due- a decent disability pension.   This is not just his story but that of around 300 Officer Cadets, out there like him, left out in the open, wounded and forgotten. The small group of young boys, who chose the military, not as a career choice, but as a passion. These boys took this decision at a young age, in their teens, not because they did not have enough opportunities in this vibrant world but because, they consider their calling to their country as the No.1 priority. Don’t they deserve a life of dignity? Don’t they deserve a second chance at life, a resettlement?   If not for parents like his who were brave enough to offer their sons to the nation, this great republic would not have been the same. It is because we have youngsters like him, ready to serve and catch a bullet proudly on their chests, willing to die for the nation, that India sleeps peacefully. It is for our tomorrow that they gave their today. It is indeed unfortunate that they had suffered injuries in service of the nation but what is more calamitous is how the nation ignores them, their needs.   I have to take this up, because I still believe in the words of Capt. Manoj Kumar PVC “Some goals are so worthy, it’s glorious even to fail”
After all, I have been trained by the Indian Armed Forces, I couldn’t give up without a fight. I hail this petition for your support for this cause. Lend me your voice for · Disability pension respectable to the rank trained for ·  medical cover · Option for shelter employment in other Government Departments in officer cadre Kindly support this cause.

Ankur Chaturvedi
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Ban RSS Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh

Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS), for so many decades, has only promoted violence, hatred and disruptive activities in India. It claims to be a social service organization, but its communal activities and mindset has brought more damage than benefit to the society. The RSS shakhas (branches) teach values of separatism and prejudice against Muslims and other minorities in every area, right from the childhood. Even the games the children are made to play in RSS shakhas talk about hatred to other communities. It has been proven time and again that most communal riots and many ‘terrorist’ bomb blasts in the recent times were carried out by the members of RSS. Even the US govt. has listed RSS as a terrorist organization. RSS was banned by Indian government three times in the past (starting with 1948 when even Sardar Patel supported the ban after the assassination of Mahatama Gandhi by Nathuram Godse who was an RSS member). This shows that it has always been the troublemaker. One can look at its entire history to see in what different ways the RSS has been damaging to the country. All peace-loving people of India demand a complete ban on the activities and ideology of RSS. Along with that, we also demand a ban on Shiv Sena, Vishva Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal, and all other communal forces working to spread hatred in India. This is the only way India can progress. America enlisted RSS in one of the Biggest Terrorist Organisation in the WorldA US-based risk management and consulting company has put the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in its category of ‘Threat Group’ and called it “a shadowy, discriminatory group that seeks to establish a Hindu Rashtra, a Hindu Nation.” Terrorism Watch & Warning provides intelligence, research, analysis, watch and warning on international terrorism and domestic terrorism related issues; and is operated by OODA Group LLC that helps clients identify, manage, and respond to global risks and uncertainties while exploring emerging opportunities and developing robust and adaptive strategies for the future.  The websites describes: “The RSS is a shadowy, discriminatory group that seeks to establish a Hindu Rashtra, a Hindu Nation. The group is considered the radical ideological parent group of India’s ruling Hindu nationalist party – the Indian Peoples Party (BJP).” “The RSS is a Hindu nationalist movement, a right wing group that was founded in 1925. Their philosophy, called Hindutva, was termed fascist by Communists, and their main demand of the central government was that it stop appeasing Muslims,” the description continues, adding, “Hindutva has been translated to mean variously: Hindu pride, patriotism, fundamentalism, revivalism, chauvinism, or fascism. The group self-justifies by ‘asserting the natural rights’.”   Describing violence as ‘Group Activities’ for the RSS, the site further says, “Violence has been a strategy for the Sangh movement. It is often couched as a method of self-defense against minority groups. Hindutva has been clear about the need for violence, particularly communal riots. The Sangh has incited rioting to cause further chasms between religions, and thus a further separation of religions, and to rally the Hindu community around the philosophy of Hindutva.” The Terrorism Watch & Warning database contains over 1,00,000 Open source intelligence (OSINT) excerpts from 1999 to present on terrorism and security related issues, attack database of over 10,000 attacks, original terrorism analysis, terrorism document repository, Homeland Security Fact Sheets and profiles over 500 Terrorist/Threat Groups. Let us spread this demand and appeal far and wide. This appeal is not from Muslims or any one particular community. This appeal is from all peace-loving citizens of India.   This petition will impact on whole Indian minorities who have been attacked by this reddicalised group by different ways in the name of cow beef ban and other attacks taken by them day to day they have been involving in islamic shariya law to ban in india its muslims right to practice and many cruel activity they have involved in recently in kerela there have found weapons and training activity by rss this is very radical group i urge human rights to take action .

aamer khan
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