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Petition to Jacinda Ardern, Clare Curran

Get Iconic Kiwis Online

The TVNZ Archive holds over 600,000 hours of television spanning almost 55 years of New Zealand’s public broadcasting history. The collection of 647,000 items includes iconic content such as documentaries, entertainment shows, dramas, sports programmes and nightly news bulletins. The Ministry for Culture and Heritage considers the majority of titles in the collection to be of high heritage value. In August 2014 the Broadcasting Minister Craig Foss publicly committed to the digitisation and free online access within three years of approximately 20,000 titles from the collection. He gave Nga Taonga Sound & Vision the explicit responsibility of digitising the items of highest heritage value, and ensuring New Zealanders could get online access, free of charge. Three years on and the Ministry for Culture and Heritage has confirmed that although 2,139 titles have been digitised – none of these iconic Kiwi titles have made it online. According to both the Ministry and TVNZ, the only reason this hasn’t happened is an ongoing dispute between the state broadcaster and Nga Taonga about which database fields can be displayed online. That’s the only reason: Copyright is not an issue. Online hosting and streaming are not issues. Nga Taonga have been funded millions of dollars to do this work from the public purse and it has still not happened. Well we believe New Zealanders have waited long enough, and fortunately there is another organisation with a strong track record in this area. Current Crown agreements also allow for the TVNZ Archive collection to be streamed freely on the government funded website NZ On Screen. This very easy to use website already boasts over 900 TVNZ titles that Kiwi families from all over New Zealand have been enjoying for the last nine years. All NZ On Screen would need from TVNZ would be a programme title and an original broadcast date – no commercially sensitive database fields required! Utilising NZ On Screen’s user comment functionality, people could quickly transcribe the credit list or write a brief description of the programme – easy. So we call on the Minister of Broadcasting Clare Curran and the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Jacinda Ardern - as representative custodians of the TVNZ Archive collection - to release the thousands of TVNZ titles digitised by Nga Taonga over the last three years, and provide the digital files and some additional funding to NZ On Screen so that all New Zealanders can at last see historic Kiwi icons and events streaming on the internet – something we were all promised in 2014.   (This petition is organised by private citizens advocating for the protection and access to our shared heritage - we have no affiliation with Nga Taonga, TVNZ or NZ On Screen)

Campaign for Preservation and Access to our Taonga
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Petition to State Library of Victoria

Digitise the 1909-1919 'Woman Voter' as a matter of urgency

  We need our rich stories accessible to us, particularly now.  We urgently need the insight of the voices contained in the pages of the Women’s Political Association (1909 - 1919) paper, 'The Woman Voter', digitised. It is on the list, but a long way down. Ask the State Library of Victoria to bring it up the list. Here are a few samples: Woman Voter August 1914: The policy of huge armaments, which made war inevitable, and rendered it so dreadful when it came, was dictated by an international ring of armament firms under the direction of prominent and all powerful statesman and financiers who control parliaments, governments and the press. Woman Voter 11 August 1914: We may indeed crush Germany but are we then to see the end of military tyranny? ...  Now what are you women going to do about militarism in Australia, about militarism in other countries? Woman Voter 27 January 1916:  According to (Mr Hughes)  ... those persons who do not like the war - conscription, commercial exploitation, militarism - in any form - must be fallen upon with the ‘ferocity of a Bengal tiger’. Such expressions from the Prime Minister are nothing short of incitements to murder. Geraldine Robertson Tel: 03 9486 1808 Mobile: 0412 8653 10 Women's Web - Stories, Actions -  Women Working Together suffrage and onwards - Prejudice and Reason, some Australian women’s responses to war -  

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