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Petition to KiwiBuild , Jacinda Adern

Make Kiwi Build Visually Appropriate

New Zealanders should vote for house building planning BEFORE construction starts. There is a great opportunity to create beauty. Learning from countries that have been building beauty for decades, we need not be a copy of another country but can be unique by gaining insights & inspiration from European newly built housing (they have learned from their classic origins & combine this well with modern interiors). 100,000 new houses is a lot.New Zealand, particularly the Auckland region - has discouraging housing developments, that create stress & leave no room to relax & de stress from daily living.  We need development that promotes well-being. Most local & non local walks are interrupted by boxed housing that scars the landscape. Ensure KiwiBuild is visually appropriate. This petition asks that:1. NZ votes for house building planning BEFORE construction starts.Voting from a range of plan choices. (For large developments & new suburbs). 2. Architects are hired that are skilled in the brief & are thoughtful. 3. Development is overseen with thought in mind for the land surrounds. 4. Classic Walkway's are a priority.5. Housing numbers allowed per region/suburb are voted on by the public, before construction.  (So housing can be spread thoughtfully to multiple suburbs in a thoughtful way).6. Ugly boxed housing is not allowed. 7. Beauty & inspirational living is a priority. 8. Beach front coastal areas are not allowed for ugly mass development. 9. Rural areas are not to be mass produced without beauty in mind & mind for keeping rolling hills with houses nestled & grouped well rather than - the land scarred & made to be filled with houses in an unthoughtful way.10. That thoughtful town & residential planning become better for all future buildings.  With a plan going in place to accommodate this.  Starting with KiwiBuildVote & following on from there, to ensure our land is preserved with surrounds in mind, to have lasting beauty & well-being.11. Spacial awareness is a priority. The positioning of houses must be a planning consideration, for example large tightly grouped houses in a straight line block the views of the sky & land surrounds for everyone, where as houses on angles are better, whether in a line or individually grouped - angled housing shows the sky & land surrounds for more beauty & a sense of space.

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Petition to bayside city council

Save the Beaumaris Art Group Studio

Bayside City Council have refused to consider the Beaumaris Art Group Studio building for heritage assessment, despite considering most of its other properties as part of its current heritage nomination scheme. Instead it is continuing with a redevelopment project which could result in demolition and replacement with a new art studio. Beaumaris Modern, a community not-for-profit group, paid for a professional heritage citation which has been submitted to both Heritage Victoria and Bayside City Council. Whilst Heritage Victoria can only consider the building for state protection, Bayside City Council has a statutory requirement to consider places of local significance for local heritage protection. We seek your support to petition Bayside City Council to consider this citation and to undertake a thorough heritage study to inform itself of ALL places which may be of local heritage significance. Read more about the Save the Beaumaris Art Group Studio campaign on our Facebook and Instagram sites (@savebagstudio). The citation's statement of significance is published here. The petition will be presented to Bayside City Council as per the text below. However as the council only accepts paper petitions to be submitted to its council meetings for debate, we're also circulating a paper copy. If you live in Beaumaris or nearby and would like to sign, please Like our Facebook page and we'll provide opportunities to meet and sign. We the undersigned hereby petition Bayside City Council to:a. include the Beaumaris Art Group Studios building for heritage assessment in its current Mid-Century Modern Voluntary Heritage Protection scheme; b. include the Beaumaris Memorial Community Centre precinct (incorporating all the buildings, open space & RSL Cenotaph) for assessment as a precinct or significant place in its current Mid-Century Modern Voluntary Heritage Protection scheme;  c. consider a less wasteful, less expensive, adaptive reuse approach than demolition and upgrade the existing building, with a western extension that incorporates a gallery / new storage areas / further kiln space and additional classroom area.

Jamie Paterson
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