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Petition to Apple

Add a waffle emoji

I think that it is very important that we create a waffle emoji. Waffles are one of the most popular breakfast foods. I find this unfair and not equal for there to be an egg emoji yet not a waffle emoji. Most of the people that I have surveyed enjoyed eating waffles for breakfast rather than eggs. Don't get me wrong, eggs are great and I will not say waffles are better than eggs.... But according to most of the population of human being waffles are indeed the more superior breakfast food. I am aware that it is a somewhat unhealthy food but if we work together and make this emoji happen, I am sure more souls will be filled with happiness, for I have been wanting this emoji to be real forever. Forever is a long time. I do not think you should let us suffer the pain of not having a waffle emoji because it in fact, could be quite useful. Lets say you needed to tell your friend to pick up some waffles from the store and the president was coming over for breakfast that morning. It would take so much longer to type 'waffles' than just simply click the waffle emoji. Then your friend would know that you wanted waffles and the fate of your opportunity to talk with the president and have a peaceful breakfast would not be at stake. Now lets get serious, I need to ask you something and I want you to be totally honest with me, it might be awkward with us after this but I have to know how you feel,have kept this in for a while and it' s about time I was straight up and just confront you about it. I hope this doesn' t ruin the relationship we already have I just need to know and I can' t see any other way to get over this, it just doesn' t seem fair on me if want you to tell me truthfully, no matter what it is, I just want your honest opinion.... do you think we should have a waffle emoji as well? If you do please sign this petition  Thanks,               xx Caitlyn xx Photo Credits:    Hurley, Anna. Showcase of Delicious Breakfast Foods. 2012. Web. 24 July 2015. <>.  

caitlyn vincent
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Petition to Sundar Pichai

Tell Google to plug a loophole making phones unsafe for kids.

I love Google. I've been an Android user for years, and I run my life using Google Calendar, Maps, Keep, Music, Hangouts etc... You name it, I've used it. Until recently. Here's where it gets personal. I'm a recovering porn addict. It's an issue that has affected my marriage for years, and I've begun to get help recently. I've been going to a sexual addicts anonymous group, and using accountability software for those times when I need help. I've locked down every device I use so I'm never without some sort of protection. The problem is Google's apps have web browsers built in. I've had to move to an iPhone because I can't disable Google Now. I uninstalled Maps, Calendar, Music, etc... Because it allows me to access Google forums support, then YouTube, then Twitter, then I can pretty much go wherever I want. All without activating my protected web browser on my phone. And if you've ever had an addiction, you know how dangerous that can be.  But that's not the meat of this issue. If I can figure out this loophole, so can my son. Now, he's only a toddler and has not need of a cell phone right now, but kids these days are smarter on mobile devices than most adults. According to, 56 percent of children age 8 to 12 have a phone. And if you have a kid with a phone and utilize parental controls, you probably didn't think to uninstall Google Maps because of a hidden and unprotected web browser, did you?  Hangouts is the only Google developed iPhone app I've found that doesn't have it's own browser. For some reason this one app requires Safari (which I've disabled, needless to say). So it's not an impossible task for Google to implement some sort of workaround or added security feature. I've never heard anyone talk about this issue, and I can only imagine the horror of parents who buy their kids a smartphone thinking parental controls are effective, only to have them circumvented so easily. If you don't mind your kids having access to an open internet, that's your call. It is the responsibility of parents to monitor their children, but Google needs to come into partnership with parents to help! I'm not here to tell you how to raise your kids. But those of us who do care, should feel safe about the parental controls we're using, and confident that a company like Google can handle plugging its loopholes. Please sign my petition and help protect millions of kids, their parents, and recovering porn addicts like me.

Daniel Caporello
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