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Bring Back FaceApps Ethnicity Filters!

On Wednesday August 9th 2017 FaceApp launched what would prove to be polarizing new filter options. These new filters touted the ability to transform your ethnicity to Black, Caucasian, Indian & Asian. Within hours people on twitter, social media, bloggers and journalists were in an uproar. They contend that these filters amount to digital black and yellow face, that it's inappropriate, offensive, racist even. My experience with these new filters however was very different. I've seen apps that have attempted to do this in the past and the results have been less than thrilling. FaceApps technology on the other hand was nothing short of brilliant. When looking at collages of my friends ethnic transformations in many cases had I not known the person I would have been hard pressed to identify which was the "real" person and which person was the filter. That's how good this technology is. The realization that this could be done on the fly, in a matter of seconds and for free, astounded me. I was hooked! And I had so many intriguing ideas for its use. You may want to know what some of those ideas are and the reasoning behind why I don't believe these filters are racist. I will address all that in my article to follow but for now this is about us. If you fell in love with this technology and are as disappointed as me to see it gone, this petition is for you. This is our unified voice asking Wireless Lab OOO to bring back the ethnicity filters! We accept that people have every right to be offended so perhaps it can be brought back as an upgradeable feature in the app, something the user would have to select, perhaps a standalone app altogether or some other way. Whatever it is we just want it back! We'd even pay for it! So here's what we're prepared to do to get it back. Sign this petition, share it with everyone you know and then go in the review section of the App Store and Google play store and fill up the comment sections telling Wireless Lab to bring back the ethnicity filters!!! Once they see how many people love it they won't be able to ignore us! If you wanna know why I don't think it's racist then read my article "FaceApp Ethnicity Filters Shows Us We're More Alike Than We Are Different" - By Sam Callica at

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