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Petition to Indonesia Ministry of Agriculture, United Nations

Protect The Orangutans

Orangutans are an iconic ape species but sadly like many other species they are in danger of going extinct. The ICUN lists the Orangutan as critically endangered. Their numbers are declining every day from a wide range of factories but mainly due to habitat loss. Indonesia has a serious deforestation issue. The jungle is cleared often by burning in order to make way for palm plantations. Unfortunately, the Orangutans are just collateral damage. They either get caught up in the fire or they are left homeless. Either way, it is lose-lose for the magnificent apes. The numbers don't lie, the forest fires have destroyed over 80% of the Orangutans natural habitat. That has resulted in the death of over 1/3 of the entire population. And that's not even accounting for the hunters and the poachers. Baby Orangutans are made orphans by palm farmers who consider them a pest and a threat to their business. On top of that poacher's murder legions of the adults in order to sell the babies on the black market. Many babies don't even survive long enough to be sold into slavery due to the rough method of transportation, human diseases, and the unsanitary conditions they are kept in. In a little over a decade, there might not be an Orangutans left. Their homes are being burned down, forcing the apes to run towards desperate and confused villagers who often end up eating them. The Indonesian government needs to do something, they have been blinded by greed for far too long. They have put the interest of business over the lives of sentient beautiful creatures that are in desperate need of aid and protection. The Indonesian government must provide a sanctuary or relocate the Orangutans to a nature reserve before the population reaches a point of no return.   Please sign and share, together we can save the Orangutans before it is too late. If we don't act now, future generations will only be able to see an Orangutan in a book or a museum.

World Animal Rescue
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Petition to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

Stop Animal Trafficking On Facebook

Facebook has a serious problem. It has a huge underground market, where poachers and hunters sell endangered and internationally protected animals. As of this moment, there are more than 14 Facebook groups selling 300+ endangered and rare species. Membership can be as high as 300,000. Everything from baby turtles to fully grown monkeys are advertised and sold. As a matter of fact, there are even postings for sun bears to blood python and even a crocodile. After being sold the animals eat up as food or trapped in a cage forced to perform. Facebook has become a marketing tool for poachers and smugglers. It has allowed the criminals to reach huge numbers of potential buyers, something that wasn't possible before. Facebook has allowed poachers and smugglers to enter new markets If this keeps up the demand for animal parts will only increase. The problem has gotten so bad, that there are postings to sell live Orangutan. A single ape could fetch more than $250,000. By using Facebook a smuggler is able to trap an Orangutan, post up an ad and complete a sale in complete anonymity. By the time the authorities find out about the posting, the animal is already halfway across the world. The only way to solve this crisis is to ban the selling of animals on Facebook. Facebook also has filters in place to block and remove nudity, there is no reason why they can't do the same for animal trafficking. Please sign and share to urge Facebook to do the right thing.

World Animal Rescue
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Petition to New York Blood Center

Don't abandon chimpanzees for whom you promised to provide lifetime care!

Sixty six captive chimpanzees in Liberia, Africa have been abandoned by the New York Blood Center (NYBC)—an organization with assets of $450 million and major corporate partners. The chimpanzees are in danger of dehydration and starvation. Please sign the petition to urge NYBC to reinstate funding for this chimpanzee colony before it’s too late! For years, NYBC used these chimpanzees in medical research, infecting many of them with hepatitis viruses. After decades of confinement, these chimpanzees do not have the skills to survive in the wild. They are completely reliant on humans for survival, but despite previously committing to the lifetime care of these chimpanzees, NYBC recently withdrew all funding for the care of the chimpanzees in March. Effectively they have left these poor chimpanzees to suffer from dehydration and starvation. The New York Blood Center is a large American organization that provides blood, develops blood related products, but it also conducts medical research. In the 1970's, NYBC worked with the Liberian Institute for Biomedical Research to create Vilab II to obtain and breed chimpanzees for use in medical research. After using and profiting from them for decades, NYBC decided the chimps were no longer needed for future research and retired them to small islands near the lab. NYBC publicly proclaimed their commitment to the lifetime care of the chimpanzees, but walked away from their ethical responsibility when they stopped all funding for the chimpanzees' care. We owe our thanks to the longtime caretakers who have continued to care for the chimpanzees voluntarily but this is not a sustainable solution for the chimpanzees or their caretakers. Without money to provide for the needs of these chimpanzees, they will suffer from dehydration and starvation. These chimps need your voice to survive so please sign my petition asking NYBC to fulfill their promise of lifetime care for these chimpanzees. I will also send your messages to NYBC’s corporate partners (Metlife, IBM and Citigroup) to let them know about your concern. After signing the petition, please visit the fundraising page to donate for the emergency care of these chimps.

Dr. Brian Hare
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Petition to California National Primate Research Center

UC Davis: Stop Cruel Primate Experiments

This petition is dedicated to raising awareness about the 5,000+ primate who undergo unnecessary/painful testing that goes on behind closed doors at the UC Davis Primate Research Center. #FreeDavisPrimates is a local, peaceful group in Davis, CA that aims to raise awareness about and end the unnecessary/painful testing that goes on at the UC Davis Primate Research Center. Free Davis Primates hosts peaceful, local demonstrations to raise awareness about the primates in our town. Let's use our voices for the voiceless and make a change for these beautiful, social, intelligent creatures who are prisoners in labs of experimentation.  “There will come a time when the world will look back to modern vivisection in the name of Science, as they do now to burning people at the stake in the name of religion.” – Henry J. Bigelow, MD - - -  Harvard University's primate research lab is closing to make way for better, more technologically-advanced options. When will we follow suit, Davis? ( (viv·i·sec·tion noun \ˌvi-və-ˈsek-shən, ˈvi-və-ˌ\: The activity or practice of doing scientific or medical experiments on live animals) "Many primates at UC Davis are used in brain-mapping experiments. These projects attach recording cylinders to the skulls of these innocent animals. Eye coils are implanted. Electrodes are forced into the brain. Primates are also confined to restraint chairs and deprived of water for extended periods of time." [Via] The National Primate Research Center system, (Harvard, Emory, University of Washington, University of Wisconsin, Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research, Oregon Health Sciences University, Tulane, and University of California Davis) uses over $600,000,000 annually.Government waste: Most primates are not used in experiments that study the diseases that kill most Americans. Projects that study primate psychology, alcohol & addictive drugs, brain-mapping, and sex in primates far outnumber studies involving heart disease or cancer.Repetition is rampant among NIH-funded projects. Currently, 175 NIH projects study neural information processing in macaque monkeys. These useless experiments waste over $70 million in federal tax dollars every year. Many of these projects continue on for decades wasting millions of tax dollars each year and victimizing primates for an entire lifetime.Fact sheets: "Exposing the truth to wipe out animal experimentation" - Davis experiments, deaths, infant mortality, government waste: [Please feel free to email us or send us a message on Facebook for additional detailed information on negligence reports from the USDA related to the CNPRC at UC Davis] "I abhor vivisection with my whole soul. All the scientific discoveries stained with innocent blood I count as of no consequence." -Gandhi

Lindsay R
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