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Petition to Commissioner Andrew Colvin, Julie Bishop, Ms Sarah McNaughton SC

Free Yoshe Ann Taylor, imprisoned in Cambodia after love-scam

Tricked by an international drug smuggling ring, Australian woman and mother of two Yoshe Taylor is now facing 22 years in a Cambodian prison in Phnom Penh for unwillingly having narcotics in her possession at Cambodia airport. Yoshe spoke to a man who called himself 'Precious Max', who claimed he was a successful South African business man, working in Cambodia. Over 12 months he wooed her and gained her trust. He paid for her travel to Phnom Penh, where he wined and dined her and promised her a job.  Yoshe has spent the past three years in the prison, convicted of drug smuggling in 2013 after being caught trying to leave the Cambodian capital with two kilograms of heroin concealed in her luggage, giving to her by Precious Max. Precious Max was also arrested and his real identity was revealed to be a nigerian drug trafficker fraudster. There is compelling evidence, in the form of a long digital trail between Yoshe and her love interest who duped her into carrying the drugs, which suggests Yoshe is innocent.  There are at least 3 other cases involving Australian women who have also been duped by the Nigerian fraudster. The charges against the previous two women who were duped by the same man were dropped. Why has Yoshe had to remain in jail for 2 years; facing another 22 years? Yoshe Taylor sits in Cambodian jail despite the AFP having knowledge of the syndicate who set her up. In three years, nobody from the AFP has reached out to her. The AFP, Cambodian Officials and the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions need to work together to drop the case against her. It needs to be accepted that she had been duped, that she had not formed criminal intent.Bring Yoshe home, it has already been too long. How long can one survive in a this horrible overcrowded hell of a prison, knowing they are innocent? 

Ashley Wallace
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