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Ban serial pedophile John Kricfalusi from Instagram!

Hello. This is Jonathan Goltz, aka "Gerbil" online. My name hasn't always been Jonathan, though. I come to you seeking your help. I have history with a man who absolutely must not be allowed to keep an account on Instagram. The situation at hand is dire indeed. The well-being of several minors is already at stake, and I fear there will only be more involved, the more time that is allowed to pass. The Instagram user "johnk_human", aka John Kricfalusi, is the same person who groomed me with presents and kind letters when I was aged 12 through 14 (1992 through 1994), after I'd initially sent him fan mail for the TV show he co-created, "Ren and Stimpy." He was my "pal," as he ended all his letters. When I got an AOL Instant Messenger account at his suggestion, he soon began prodding for details of my sex life (which he found out I already had, at that point) in our private chat, pressing for more and more information until I began having flashbacks, ran to vomit, then deleted my AIM account that night. I burned everything he sent me but his first letter (which I couldn't find at the time, but have since found, still bearing my previous name, Heidi). I used to long to be an animator, but I burned that dream along with his letters. During our conversation, John remarked that "all those other men could just see how cute you were." Hearing this from my then-idol-- that my previous abusers were absolutely in the right-- *destroyed* what self-esteem I had left at the time, and at age 16, I attempted suicide by means of jumping in front of a train, just as soon as I was able to drive to the tracks on the outskirts of my hometown. Somehow, I survived, though I have no evidence available of these days. When I was 22, I grew the courage to confront John over AIM about our conversation from 1994. He claimed he had no idea what I was talking about, and then proceeded to spend the next hour hitting on me, using many of the same lines he did when I was 14. I realize I have very little tangible proof to offer, and few tools at my command, besides the truth. So I'm going to use that truth the best way I can, to raise the voices of others who believe likewise: that this man cannot be allowed to run free on a site that allows contact with minors. The Internet already knows most of what John has done. On March 29, 2018, BuzzFeed News reported on his past with two of his survivors [link: , ], including multiple crimes which remain unpunished in court due to the statute of limitations expiring in the state where they occured (California). He has gone so far as to pay for a then-14-year-old's transportation to have sex with her for the next four years, and the list only goes on from there. When the BuzzFeed article dropped, my first thought was "I wasn't the only one?!" I didn't want to make my own story known at that time, because I am (and thus far, the only known target of his who is) transgender, and it would've shifted the narrative in a way I didn't want if everybody had seen my name and cried, "He went after boys, too?!" But I've got a solid year of therapy under my belt, and multiple kids' safety is at stake. I don't care about my anonymity anymore. There are many other women I have been introduced to since last year that have similar stories to mine (the grand majority of whom have requested to remain anonymous, and I'm honoring that). They all agree, this is how John works: with kind messages, usually online. Nothing out of the ordinary. At first. It has been brought to my attention that he has recently been liking and commenting on numerous underage fans' posts related to "Ren and Stimpy"-- and, then, deleting those comments, soon after one or both of his publicly-identified survivors online mentions that he's doing so. I have the screencaps from before these were deleted, and can provide them to Instagram as proof. I am also aware Instagram has a private chat function. Knowing that John is able to use Instagram as a platform to reach *more* minors one-on-one makes my blood run cold. While I can't see anything public that could get him banned under Instagram's Terms of Service, I, as well as all those undersigned, *implore* you to investigate this man for possible banning, as well as prosecution, if he indeed has already behaved inappropriately with anyone on Instagram's messaging system. He has been a serial predator, online and off, since 1992. We *cannot* allow there to be more victims in 2019. I don't want revenge. I only want John banned from Instagram, as well as any other sites where he attempts to contact minors in the future. John K. doesn't get to have any more "pals." This long, miserable story ends HERE.

Jonathan Goltz
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Petition to Boomerang , Mediatoon Distribution, Jérôme Alby, Aude Rimbault-Joffard, Livia Guffanti, Media-Participations , Ellipsanime

Boomerang: Pickup & Renew Code Lyoko For Season 5 of the Original Series

Background: Code Lyoko is the only cartoon we know that features both 2D and 3D animations, and it's one of the best and underrated childhood shows on television when it was ahead of its time. For those of us who remember the time when we first watched our favorite as a child, we noticed that nothing new has happened since it last aired, while Darguad (the current CL owners) knows that our community fanbase is still alive. Here's The Problem: In terms of what happened to the broadcasting rights, Cartoon Network decided to pull Code Lyoko off from the cable channel while the rest were sent straight to online because of its failed negotiations with France 3 and it's no wonder why our favorite show ended too soon after four seasons. Since then, we ended up getting something else that no one asked for it, including a pair alternate continuities of the incomplete Live-Action (Real World)/CGI (Lyoko) sequel (Evolution) as well as the unreadable four-novel series (Chronicles). Reason(s) For The Code Lyoko Revival: We still need an official continuation of the original animated series because even though the fourth season didn't end in a cliffhanger, but not enough closure either, there are still several questions that have yet to answer at this point. Lore of the Series: Who Was Franz Hopper? What Is Project Carthage? Why Did Hopper Wish To Destroy Project Carthage? What Does He Want? What Happened To Aelita's Mother? What Was Aelita's Past? Incomplete Little Things: Jeremy's Development on Lyoko; Ulrich and Yumi's Relationship; William's Redemption; Their Parents & Family Issues; XANA's Real Voice & Physical Form (Doesn't Include Possessing People). Solution (To Make A Continuation): Our goal is to have the WarnerMedia's streaming service of Boomerang pickup and renew Code Lyoko for a proper continuation including Season 5 of the original animated series as first-run acquired programming. That means it's got to respect the original material by using the traditional 2D and 3D animations as well as making new seasons and episodes much more of a serious or darker tone to keep the older viewers interested in finishing the series as a complete overhaul. Otherwise, not following our conditions of bringing the show back would make the same mistake that already happened before that will lead to declining the community fanbase even further. Benefit To Who? The solution to having Season 5 of the original Code Lyoko series will most importantly benefit us as viewers who watched the show as a child and are now teenagers and younger adults that we still cared about our favorite show to get the final answers that we deserve as well as for the younger generation to come. Beyond Signing The Petition: To request Code Lyoko on Boomerang, click the link here to do your part:

Seattle Entertainer
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Petition to The Walt Disney Company, Douglas Wood, Baby Einstein

Revive Disney's Little Einsteins With a Third Season

Little Einsteins was created by Douglas Wood. The show started out as a Disney DVD one-hour special pilot in August 23, 2005 as "Little Einsteins" Our Big Huge Adventure. Afterward the show premiered in October 9, 2005 on Playhouse Disney (of the Disney Channel) and ended on December 22, 2009. Little Einsteins was designed to teach the target demographic art and music appreciation by integrating famous or culturally significant art works (usually, but not exclusively, paintings) and classical music (most typically from the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods) into the scenery, plot and soundtrack of each episode. The show is also designed to encourage viewer interaction (such as patting their knees, gesturing or singing along to help the characters succeed on their "mission"); at the end of the mission, Leo says "Mission Completion!" and the Little Einsteins then do the Curtain Call. At the end of the Curtain Call, Leo says, "See you on the next mission!", then the curtains close and in season 2 a "That's Silly" segment is shown.   More recently, there have been videos posted on YouTube of a remix of the Little Einsteins theme song. It became a trend on Vine in 2015 and as of November 2016, has gained 50 million views on YouTube and 11 million plays on SoundCloud.   After that trend, it would be really great to see the Little Einsteins revived with a third season or a possible reboot. So let's make that happen.  

Sean Horace
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