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Petition to Norwich Pride

Norwich Pride stop using animals for entertainment

We the undersigned request that the Norwich Pride organisation no longer use live animals for the purpose of entertainment. This petition comes in response to the Pride committees failure to respond in any meaningful way to criticism by the community that they continue to use animals as a form of entertainment and to promote events such as their Big Gay Out and Rainbow Garden Party events at Stody Estates in Norfolk, who support hunting, bloodsports, and whose gamekeeper was found guilty of wilfully killing protected species of birds of prey*1. Last year, Norwich Pride used a pony in their loud and bewildering march, *3 and this year have presented rainbow dyed baby goats as an attraction at their Rainbow Garden Party event at Stody estates. *2Further to this, the Pride committees only response to criticism from animal rights groups and concerned individuals, including members of the LGBTQI+ community  thmselves has been to attempt to silence them by removing critical comments on social media without responding to their content beyond blocking commenters. Norwich Pride, who have been keen to present themselves as animal lovers through dog walking events in previous years cannot then ignore instances of wildlife abuse by partners and venues they work in partnership with without laying themselves open to charges of, at the least, failure to address the concerns of the LGBTQI+ community who they claim to represent, and at worst of open hypocrisy. Many LGBTQI+ people stand against abuses of animal rights and are currently ignored by Pride, who seem more interested in their image than their substance. We ask that Norwich Pride cease using animals as part of any spectacle or entertainment they organise and cease tacitly supporting illegal cruelty to wildlife by the abusive Stody Estates. We also ask Norwich City Council to stop allowing animals to be used in parades and events simply for the sake of entertainment and spectacle. We call on Pride to put in place a policy regarding animal welfare and to make changes to their events- in particular, to make the ethical decision not to work in partnership with unethical groups or organisations such as Stody Estates or any other group seeking a public relations boost from association with Pride. We believe that Pride has no place for animal cruelty, and that Norwich Pride has become little more than an opportunity for reprehensible groups to gain a public relations “pink washing”, allowing animal abusers and people who enjoy killing animals for fun to benefit from appearing to be respectable or progressive when the opposite is true. Please Norwich Pride- please review your policies and make a different choice. *1 -*2*3

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