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Petition to Gladys Berejiklian, Steven Marshall MP, Daniel Andrews, Mark mcgowan, Annastacia Palaszczuk, Will Hodgman

Allow pet owners to travel with their pets on public transport

Many dog owners would like to catch public transport with their pets. However, in almost all cities and regional areas within Australia, they are unable to do so. Changing laws to allow dog owners to travel with their pets would be of benefit to all dog owners, but of particular assistance to those who cannot drive, for example, people with disabilities and the elderly. Pooches are allowed on public transport in cities across the world, including Paris, Washington and New York. A "certification program" would allow dogs to travel on public transport provided they are given a "good boy" tick of approval for behaviour and socialisation standards. I am calling on all governments in Australia to change their laws so that dog owners can travel on public transport with their dogs. The "face" of this campaign is "Peter", a well-behaved, beautiful border-collie who would love to travel on trains and buses with his owner Patricia, the founder of this campaign. Some references:

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Petition to Cr Dan Stewart

Cheap Cat and Dog Desexing in Gympie

This is petition is the Gympie Council area. At the moment the council only works with RSPCA for desexing. This is only for a short time each year and only offers a 20% discount. At the moment Central Highland Council offer desexing $55 for females cats and $35 for each female after that and $35 for male cats. Dog desexing is $50 to $80 depending on size. Microchipping is available for an additional $5 with desexing. We need Gympie Council to come under National Desexing Network and and do the same so that makes it affordable for everyone. "I know how much effort, time and expense and study that goes into turning a person who loves animals into a Veterinary Surgeon and they have the overhead of keeping up a Practice but gee it would be terrific if somehow we could get inexpensive desexing of dogs and cats. They make up such a big part of our lives and I know that there are those who say..if you can't afford to purchase a dog or cat and have all the needles, desexing and registrations required, you shouldn't have one...but there are also those in our community who CAN afford to feed their cat or dog each week along with buying their groceries BUT it is the BIG bills like neutering and speying that hit lower income families hard. There are people missing out on having the comfort of a pet in their lives and animals missing out on having a good home with people who love them. " Coralie CluneAll councils spend a lot on animal management within the pound system. Another reason for them to fund this is the outlay will reduce their costs in the end. They have no argument as to why it would not be worth the money spent. If you can to help further our cause please write a letter to council to let the know we want cheaper desexing. Their email address is Please sign and share this petition and make our council introduce affordable desexing for our pets. This petition when it has enough signatures will go to Cr Dan StewartPosition: Councillor - Division 5 Portfolio: Community DevelopmentMobile: 0499 081 404E-mail:

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Petition to Scott Morrison, Matthew Canavan, Tony Abbott MP

Call RSPCA and ALL local councils to account for their blatant collusion and corruption!!

RSPCA & LOCAL COUNCILS ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE BLATANT AND CONTINUED DISREGARD FOR (STATE) ANIMAL WELFARE ACTS & (FED) JUSTICES ACT 1886 The ducks in this photo were confined to this 2mx2m cage with a concrete floor covered by a single cotton sheet... 15 ducks = 5 ducks x 3 cages. How long do you consider is a reasonable period to confine them to such a tiny cage 24/7 without EVER allowing them out? If you think 7+ months is perfectly fine, this may not be the petition for you. If it makes you gasp or shake your head in disbelief, please keep reading. How do I know how long they were there? THEY WERE MY BEAUTIFUL DUCKS!! NB. All thanks for my life-altering and ongoing heartache and anguish go directly to RSPCA and Scenic Rim Regional Council.  RSPCA in collusion with local councils have been stitching up and illegally prosecuting responsible and decent pet owners, carers, no kill shelters, rescues, breeders and trainers for FAR too long, while deliberately and blatantly ignoring REAL suffering of animals in REAL need. They act only if there is money in it to be made by them. They lie, manipulate, cover up, harass, bully (apparently that's a crime - as long as you're not RSPCA or a local council) and intimidate in order to serve their own contrived agendas. There is overwhelming exponential and irrefutable evidence in existence that blind Freddy can see what is really going on and how prevalent and all-pervading it truly is... and it happens with the full, unquestioning support and backing of the federal, state and local governments. Its disgusting and abhorrent. There are countless stories that want and need to be told about the depth and degree of atrocities inflicted by these government backed and funded agencies. There is no higher authority or governing body to hold RSPCA to account which is why and how they are able to continue colluding in order to wreak havoc and cause insurmountable pain, damage and financial expense at will on average Joe Citizen. The conditions with which they keep OUR animals in is NOTHING short of appalling and in the majority of cases, far worse conditions than the very groups and individuals they prosecute for 'neglect'. How is this not hypocrisy of the highest order? Make no mistake, it IS hypocrisy of the highest order and they continue on, operating with an arrogant believe that they're invincible and untouchable. So are they untouchable? Only if nobody stands up to the big bullies. This crucial issue is in such dire need of a David vs Goliath moment, nothing will change without it - in fact to the contrary, it will continue in becoming exponentially worse... then there'll be NO going back. Ask yourself the glaringly FUNDAMENTAL question... how have they been able to get away with it year after year after year? How else?! By being in bed with and scratching the backs of the right people...  10 000 signatures are needed to take this further. Come on Aussies, we might be laid back, but if ever there's a time to lace our boots, stand up against these mongrel mobs and defend our homes, families, pets and all that is sacred to us, this HAS to be it! If you have a pet or know someone who's been wronged by these gutless wonders, I implore you to take 10 seconds out of your day to add your support. You might think it's somebody else's issue, but if only you could know how perilously and frighteningly close you are to this abhorrence so easily becoming your own gut wrenching experience and reality... and without warning. If you knew a shark was lurking in the water next to you, would you just ignore it? Of course not - you'd take WHATEVER IMMEDIATE AND NECESSARY ACTION required to prevent injury to you and your loved ones!! RSPCA/Council are that shark masquerading right alongside you... LAWS HAVE TO CHANGE and THIS LEVEL of disgraceful, shameful and pathetic CORRUPTION HAS TO END. Why should ANY person have an issue or take umbrage with a call for transparency if they have nothing to hide? IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE, YOU HIDE NOTHING.   The ONLY thing they are competent OR successful at is playing the Game Of Lives Destroyed By Intentionally Breaking & Wilfully Violating the Very Laws They Prosecute Under. I am beyond shattered.   PS. If you're interested, the duckies' names are/were: Mr Ducky,  Mrs Ducky,  Mellow,  Arthur,  Martha,  Fred,  Bitza,  Philly,  Skip/Spike,  Sukoshi,  Namu,  Fluffy,  Speshy,  Gumboot,  Chai....  I will NEVER forget you or what they did to you.

Rachel Staines
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