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Petition to Norwich Pride

Norwich Pride stop using animals for entertainment

We the undersigned request that the Norwich Pride organisation no longer use live animals for the purpose of entertainment. This petition comes in response to the Pride committees failure to respond in any meaningful way to criticism by the community that they continue to use animals as a form of entertainment and to promote events such as their Big Gay Out and Rainbow Garden Party events at Stody Estates in Norfolk, who support hunting, bloodsports, and whose gamekeeper was found guilty of wilfully killing protected species of birds of prey*1. Last year, Norwich Pride used a pony in their loud and bewildering march, *3 and this year have presented rainbow dyed baby goats as an attraction at their Rainbow Garden Party event at Stody estates. *2Further to this, the Pride committees only response to criticism from animal rights groups and concerned individuals, including members of the LGBTQI+ community  thmselves has been to attempt to silence them by removing critical comments on social media without responding to their content beyond blocking commenters. Norwich Pride, who have been keen to present themselves as animal lovers through dog walking events in previous years cannot then ignore instances of wildlife abuse by partners and venues they work in partnership with without laying themselves open to charges of, at the least, failure to address the concerns of the LGBTQI+ community who they claim to represent, and at worst of open hypocrisy. Many LGBTQI+ people stand against abuses of animal rights and are currently ignored by Pride, who seem more interested in their image than their substance. We ask that Norwich Pride cease using animals as part of any spectacle or entertainment they organise and cease tacitly supporting illegal cruelty to wildlife by the abusive Stody Estates. We also ask Norwich City Council to stop allowing animals to be used in parades and events simply for the sake of entertainment and spectacle. We call on Pride to put in place a policy regarding animal welfare and to make changes to their events- in particular, to make the ethical decision not to work in partnership with unethical groups or organisations such as Stody Estates or any other group seeking a public relations boost from association with Pride. We believe that Pride has no place for animal cruelty, and that Norwich Pride has become little more than an opportunity for reprehensible groups to gain a public relations “pink washing”, allowing animal abusers and people who enjoy killing animals for fun to benefit from appearing to be respectable or progressive when the opposite is true. Please Norwich Pride- please review your policies and make a different choice. *1 -*2*3

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Petition to Lisa Wilkinson, Sean Toal, Wilko's

Urge Wilko's To Stop Killing Hamsters!

Wilko's is one of the UK's largest chain of stores, selling DIY, food and pet products for 80 years! Sadly, the store knowingly sells a brand of Hamster bedding called "Soft 'n' Safe Bedding". They claim that this is a safe bedding to use for your Hamster, Gerbils or Mice. This bedding is killing animals! The material used in this so-called 'safe bedding' can choke and suffocate your small animal. The store is fully aware of this, however they continue to do nothing to change the product they sell to something more safe, despite many hamsters dying a slow and horrendous death! In one case, a Hamster spent hours trying to get the bedding out of her mouth and be able to breath normally. She had become so stressed that in an attempt to get her airways clear, she had torn the skin from her face. Hours later, she died. Wilko's are aware of this case, and still continue to sell the product. Please sign/share this petition to urge the store to take this product off their shelves, in all stores for good! With so many safe bedding options you can use instead, it's simply pointless and heartless to sell a product knowing it can kill! Until Wilko's removes this product, by singing, you pledge not to purchase any product from the store until they stop killing hamsters! This horrid madness has to stop NOW, before more small animals suffer a long, painful death again. Thankyou. Organiser's Email -  Donate to the campaign -  Get Involved - This campaign is run by Smokie's Haven

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Petition to VIRUNGA PROGRAMS, widlifefoundation , Animal lovers, worldwide, save our planet


No letup in drive to save DRC national parks from oil exploration The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) government announced last month it was considering opening up two of its national parks that are UNESCO World Heritage sites to oil exploration. It said in a statement a committee would establish plans to declassify parts of Virunga and Salonga in a move to increase oil production.  This triggered both local and international outrage and it seems the issue is not going to be wished away soon. According to latest reports, during the 15th extraordinary Minister's council, Congolese ministers adopted the decisions taken at the 11th Council of Ministers held on June 8, 2018, in which it was decided to set up an inter-ministerial commission to rule on the partial decommissioning of Virunga and Salonga. The Minister for hydrocarbons Aimé Ngoie Mukena was reported as declaring that, "the government is aware of its international commitments on the conservation and protection of Virunga National Park, and will not exploit oil in this site. However, it cannot be prevented from thinking about its oil wealth.” This latest statement is seen as a slap in the face of organizations and individuals who have stood up stoically to oppose this encroachment of the national parks for oil exploration. They have rightly argued that the move could leave thousands of fishermen and farmers who depend on the land struggle to survive. Conserv Congo has also started a drive to collect million signatures to save the two national parks from oil drilling. It said in a twitter statement that “Conserv Congo appeals to the President of the Republic to use his authority to save our two world heritage sites from an imminent disappearance by stopping this deadly and vexatious approach that will bring more problems than solutions to the Congolese population. We also call upon the international community, the United Nations and all media as well as other environmental across the world to put pressure through any means possible to stop this Congolese government's madness.” Conserv Congo said pending the final decision, environmental civil society and many other conservation partners do not intend to disarm. “They intend to lead lobbies at all levels so that any project going in the direction of any oil exploitation cannot exist, at least not in the protected areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.”   “There are lake-shore communities, especially in Virunga, that are very dependent on fishing and on the park’s integrity,” said Pete Jones of environmental advocacy group Global Witness. However, Congolese state spokesman Lambert Mende told the Thomson Reuters Foundation that the government will study the potential impact of oil drilling on local communities before they proceed. The government has previously defended its right to authorize drilling anywhere in the country and said it is mindful of environmental considerations, such as protecting animals and plants, in the two national parks.  The parks, which together cover an area about the size of Switzerland, are among the world’s largest tropical rainforest reserves and home to rare species including forest elephants. The Virunga Community Programs, in statement said this move should be resisted at all costs saying letting it to be carried on will lead to loss of biodiversity, pollute water and release into the atmosphere huge amounts of carbon dioxide. “We are against any move that’s intended to harm wildlife and existence of people not only in the DRC but also around the world. As an organization concerned with environmental conservation in the Virunga massif, we cannot sit and watch as part of our national heritage is now being threatened with wanton destruction,” says Virunga Community Programs, a non-profit organization with its headquarters in Goma, DRC Virunga Community Programs says it believes in responsible tourism and environmental conservation and that man should not interfere with nature since a human can decide not to a mine in this river or drill in that park.

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