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Petition to President of South Africa Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa, President of Uganda Mr. Y. Museveni, President of Kenya Mr. U. Kenyatta, President of Tanzania Mrs. Samia Suluhu Hassan, President of Namibia Mr. Hage Geingob, President of Botswana Mr. Mokgweetsi Masisi, President of Zambia Mr. Edgar Lungu

Stop any kind of Safari hunting in Africa - Fermiamo tutti i safari di caccia in Africa

Kill these wild animals for a so-called "sport" does not help and give benefits anyone. All wild animals in Africa, Elephants, Giraffes, Lions, Rhinos, Leopards, Cape buffalos, Zebras, etc. are a heritage of whole mankind, a heritage for our children and for those who will come after them. With this our public petition we ask strongly to stop all forms of safari and any kind of poaching in Africa, the only kind of Safari allowed must be photographic Safari. We find shameful as may be granted hunting, with precision weapons, to these animals, which are themselves the symbol of whole African continent. P.S. Please join too to our Facebook group: No Safari Facebook Group and to our   AnimalsTrust Facebook official page giving us a like to give us more strength and a greater International weight. All these African countries can have more and more benefits from tourism by increasing the possibilities of photographic Safari where all these wild Animals are respected in their natural habitat. This is a battle for all of us, these animals should be saved and protected at all costs. We invite you to sign this petition and share it on all your friends pages, to stop this insane massacre. Please follow us on Twitter too: Thank you! Sergio Barbesta **************************************************************** ITA Version Uccidere questi animali selvatici per un cosiddetto "sport" non aiuta e dà benefici a nessuno. Tutti gli animali selvatici in Africa, elefanti, giraffe, leoni, rinoceronti, leopardi, bufali del Capo, zebre, ecc. sono un patrimonio di tutta l'umanità, un patrimonio per i nostri figli e per coloro che verranno dopo di loro. Con questa nostra petizione internazionale chiediamo fortemente di fermare ogni forma di safari e ogni tipo di bracconaggio in Africa, l'unico tipo di safari consentito può essere il safari fotografico. Troviamo vergognoso come possa essere concessa la caccia, con armi di alta precisione a questi animali, che sono essi stessi il simbolo dell'intero continente africano. P.S. Unisciti anche al nostro gruppo Facebook: No Safari Facebook Group e alla nostra pagina ufficiale Facebook di AnimalsTrust dandoci un like per darci più forza e un maggiore peso internazionale. Tutti questi paesi africani possono trarre sempre più vantaggi dal turismo aumentando le possibilità di safari fotografici dove tutti questi animali selvatici possano essere rispettati e studiati nel loro habitat naturale. Questa è una battaglia per tutti noi, per l'intera umanità, questi animali vanno salvati e protetti ad ogni costo. Vi invitiamo a firmare questa petizione e a condividerla su tutte le pagine dei vostri amici, per fermare questo folle massacro. Seguici anche su Twitter: Grazie! Sergio Barbesta

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Petition to Lorenzo Fioramonti

Chiediamo ZOOLOGIA all'Università

Parlando con molti giovani e leggendo molti forum inerenti alla materia, ho riscontrato un unico punto in comune, causa di confusione, frustrazione ed infine rassegnazione; molti giovani, con la passione per la natura e gli animali, infatti, non riescono a trovare una realtà che li soddisfi pienamente, dove sentirsi al posto giusto, studiando e informandosi in linea diretta sull'argomento di loro interesse.Lo zoologo studia e ricerca, confronta la storia, l’evoluzione, le abitudini, i comportamenti, i bisogni delle specie animali, ai fini della conoscenza e della loro tutela. Organizza poi i risultati del suo lavoro in classificazioni sistematiche e comparative, permettendo così una conoscenza approfondita a vari livelli del mondo animale.Le professioni di Zoologo ed Etologo in Italia ufficialmente non esistono! Non sono regolamentate da alcuna legge, non vantano ancora un percorso accademico definito e non esiste pertanto il relativo ordine professionale. L'unico corso di Laurea Magistrale in Italia per prepararsi a studiare il comportamento degli animali è quello proposto dall’Università degli studi di Torino, “Evoluzione del Comportamento Animale e dell'Uomo”, oltre ad alcuni Master. Come corso triennale, se ci si vuole avvicinare al mondo animale, bisogna frequentare Scienze Naturali, Scienze Biologiche o Scienze Zootecniche e Tecnologie delle Produzioni Animali (finalizzato alla formazione di figure in grado di rispondere alle esigenze delle imprese zootecniche ed agro-zootecniche).In America e in Gran Bretagna esistono molti college che offrono questa opportunità, come la Queen Mary a Londra per esempio. Ma chi non ha la possibilità di studiare all'estero? Quello che chiediamo è, quindi, di promuovere Zoologia come Corso di Laurea Triennale, in Italia, con riconoscimento legislativo ed il relativo ordine professionale. L'Italia vanta un patrimonio faunistico che merita attenzione, monitoraggio e ricerca per la sua tutela e conservazione. Diamo per favore la giusta importanza e dignità a tutti i giovani italiani che, con forte passione, vogliono investire il proprio tempo nello studio degli animali.Di seguito il testo in inglese,al fine di sollevare la questione in tutti i Paesi Europei: After speaking with several students and researching on different forums online, I became aware of the negative consequences of the lack of Zoology studies in University Institutions. This lack creates feelings of confusion, frustration and resignation in many young people who share a strong interest on the animal kingdom that can not be satisfied as there are not any Zoology Faculties or BcS (3rd year) they can attend to.Zoologists study, research and compare the history, evolution, habits, behaviors and needs of the animal species, to widen our understanding of each of them and ensure their protection. They organize the results of their work in comparative and systematic classifications, increasing our knowledge on various levels of the animal world.This discipline can already be studied all over the United Kingdom and USA and in many different institutions around the world (such as India, Australia, South Africa etc.) except in Italy and most of the European countries. In our country, there are several CdS (in a 3 years degree) that students can attend as replacement of Zoology such as Natural Science and Biology. However, due to the lack of time and resources their approach is limited and superficial, preventing students from obtaining the required skills to work and share their knowledge with the rest of the community. Zoologist and Ethologist are not regulated by any law; nor have an academic path and any relevant professional associations, which prevents those who can not afford to study abroad from fulfilling their vocation and, even more, from enriching the society with their knowledge.For all these reasons we would like Zoology to be promoted as a Course of Studies in Italy, with legal recognition and professional associations/opportunities. Acknowledging this way all the people whose passion is the animal kingdom and who are moved to learn, research, study and work on this discipline all over our country. We hope as well that, this way, we could be an example for other European countries in this innovative change. Thanks to everyone,Ester

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Petition to Youtube headquarters

get Brooke Houts’ YouTube channel removed following video of her abusing doberman

On wednesday, famed youtuber Brooke Houts accidentally leaked a video of her repeatedly hitting, spitting and shoving her Doberman. The YouTube star has over 340,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, making her a very popular and famed youtuber whose dog often appears in videos of her daily life, however following the release of a video where she attempts to execute the famed challenge of pranking her dog with cellophane, she accidentally uploaded the full uncut version that features abusive and unacceptable behavior towards her pet, such as spitting on him, hitting him in an incredibly aggressive way when he jumps up on her and shoving him, in the video one can also hear her shouting at the dog and doing god knows what to him off camera. Naturally, as the owner of a dog myself I was appalled by this behaviour, especially from an entertainer who has extensive influence over a platform that is notoriously utilized by a largely young and easily influenced audience. Since then she has come out and denied animal abuse however the evidence is clear and available for anyone to view as we all know that video footage is undeniably one of, if not  the most reliable of sources. The trend of youtubers featuring their pets in videos has been an ever-increasing trend in recent years, and the difference between those who choose to share the close bond they have with a pet with their followers in a wholesome way and those who utilize animals to push their agendas of gaining influence and money from the platform can be difficult to distinguish, therefore I have started this petition to raise awareness, especially regarding those with a large media influence that animals should be respected and treated with unconditional love and not used as pawns to increase follower momentum and financial gain, especially if this involves mistreatment going as far as physical abuse behind the scenes.  Love to all, let’s keep using this wonderful platform to make the world an ever-better place. the video itself was taken down but this is a clip of what happened:

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