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Petition to Minister for Agriculture: Senator The Honourable Bridget McKenzie

Total ban on Halal/Ritual/Kosher Slaughter in Australia.

Australian livestock is subjected to barbaric slaughter through Halal/Ritual/Kosher killing, despite huge public condemnation. Government bodies have continually failed to address this animal welfare issue, despite RSPCA guidelines, and in some cases, abattoirs have been granted exemptions from pre-stunning (rendering the animal unconscious/brain-dead) and the animal dies in pain and terror ! The Australian consumer has a right to know how an animal had been prepared for slaughter and also the right to protect the rights and welfare of livestock, who cannot speak for themselves ! Further, we insist that Government, whom we elect, listen to the will of the people, and call for a total ban, Australia wide for Halal/Kosher slaughter ! Australia is a predominately Christian nation, with a high regard for animal welfare. Islamic Ritual Slaughter (also called Halal Slaughter), is the barbaric slaughter of livestock, requiring an animal to be killed facing Mecca, and having TWO Islamic slaughter persons on the kill floor. One MUST bless the animal to the Islamic God; Allah, and the other, slices the animal's throat - ALL WHILE IT IS CONCIOUS, feeling terrible distress and immense pain ! A qualified Australian slaughter person is not considered worthy of a Ritual Slaughter, it must be a muslim. Abattoirs across the nation are being granted "special dispensation" to allow Ritual Slaughter, with no prior Bolt-Stun to render the animal unconscious or brain-dead where it would feel no pain ! This abhorrent practice goes unchallenged and has NO PLACE in a civilised society, where animal rights & welfare must be at the forefront ! We seek to make Bolt-Stun Slaugter mandatory for ALL Abattoirs in Australia, WITHOUT EXCEPTION !

The Voice of Australia .
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