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Petition to Hon. Christian Porter, Senator the Hon Bridget McKenzie

Increase mandatory sentencing for domestic animal abusers

Many people in Australia now recognise the sentient nature of animals, both domestic, commercial and native and yet widespread acts of cruelty continues in our country. We request that harsher sentencing of Animal Abusers in made mandatory. We would like recognition of animals feelings and rights to a comfortable and safe life. To this end, stricter laws are needed regarding both animal breeding and ownership.  Too many times in the history of humanity, animals have been abused and tortured without due justice and recognition. Whilst this situation continues today both in the meat industry and animal transport, there is no excuse to allow it to continue in the domestic region without giving pets a voice and a recognition of their right to feel safe, have correct housing and medical attention. Animals are sentient, empathic beings with a need for, and a right to, proper housing, care, food and due medical attention.  Too many abusers commit outrageous acts of violence and cruelty to animals. In the current court system, the sentences they receive  is an insulting slap to the animal and to the humans who care for them. I request that you reconsider the sentencing laws and increase them to a level that is appropriate. I also request that those who are convicted of any animal abuse are banned from owning, or living in the same domicile as a domestic animal.  Kind regards, Carmel Bell, on behalf of domestic animals, Australia

Carmel Bell
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Petition to Sussan Ley MP, Senator Bridget McKenzie, Lily D'Ambrosio MP, Jaclyn Symes

Stop Aerial Baiting with Toxic Poisons including 1080 #BAN1080

Toxic Poison including 1080 is Used to Kill Dingoes    The use of Toxic Poisons in our environment to Kill Dingoes, aka "wild dogs"  is having  disastrous impact on the biodiversity of this country. The Dingo is our top order terrestrial predator, can maintain balance in our biodiversity without using any poisons. Using 1080 to Kill foxes is counterproductive and has achieved nothing but damage to the environment and leads to outbursts in breeding of foxes and feral cats. Governments must invest in research including immunocontraception, fund improved fencing and guardian animals.  Toxic poisons, used for 70 years in this country, are unnecessary have achieved nothing except line the pockets of bait makers.  Not only have toxins like 1080 brought about cruel and unnecessary deaths in millions of Dingoes, it kills native wildlife, has killed directly or indirectly the threatened Spot Tailed Quoll,  lizards, birds of prey, and companion animals. 26 Scientists have endorsed NOT killing our iconic Australian Dingo on environmental grounds and both Federal and State Government must sit up and listen. Victorian Push to Renew Aerial Baiting    On 31 December 2019 the permission to aerial bait in Victoria will expire, it is unauthorised,  and Agriculture Department are seeking permission from the Commonwealth to renew this permission, most likely seeking to increase the areas of baiting. If approved, this will be nothing less than inhumane environmental vandalism.  We must oppose this renewal loudly. To allow it to happen will be cruel and inhumane, leading to the potential extinction of threatened species including the  Dingo and Spot Tailed Quoll. Use of aerial baiting in six zones in Victoria has killed thousands of Dingoes, protected in Victoria under the FFG Act and directly and indirectly killed the threatened Spotted Tail Quoll as well as native wildlife, birds, lizards and wallabies. 26 of our leading Scientists have stated in a letter to the Government they are opposed to the renewal of aerial baiting 1080 in Victoria, and should not be allowed to be renewed.  Companion Animals Destroyed  1080 cruelly destroys dogs Please meet Betty. Rex On 11 April 2014, Rex died a painful death after eating  a Sodium Monofluoroacetate (1080) poisoned bait, in his suburban backyard in Collie, Western Australia. Tests undertaken  showed 1080 dry baits caused the death. Betty and Kenya met the same fate. Betty died before her young owners eyes, the family had stopped in the outback, no signs, no warnings about 1080.    Malu and 11 other camp dogs had a similar fate, no signs, no warnings. Baiting took place in a remote community near Indulkana,  with absolutely no regard for local populations. Graziers have no regard for others when it comes to 1080 baiting. But these are only 3 of hundreds of thousands of domestic dogs that die each year in a cruel way.Thousands of companion animals die each year in Australia from 1080 poison, many go unreported because it is so distressing for the owners to observe. A long, painful death.  

Marilyn Nuske
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Petition to Albury Council

Justice for Molly

The local ranger has decided to take no action against a dangerous Staff cross that attacked my small Chihuahua Molly as both animals were on the street. Molly likes to go for a run whenever she was able to escape out the door, this was not that often and she was always promptly brought back home but Molly would also come back on her own. This day, Molly got out when my 4 year old nephew opened the door, and I immediately went after her but as she was very fast, I went back home (4 houses away) to get the car because Molly would always come to the car. Whilst I was inside getting the car keys, we heard a lot of noise outside and my mum told me Molly was being attacked by the neighbour’s dog. I immediately went out to help Molly, the owner of this dog had no concern for Molly and was abusing us for her being out on the street, he did nothing to get his dog away from Molly until I argued with him and told him I was going to the police. Molly having been raised with various animals: birds, cats, a mastiff and a bulldog is very friendly with all animals and had no fear of bigger dogs, Molly may have approached his dog but she would never have been aggressive or any threat to his dog,  Molly would not have provoked an attack in any way, and her presence on the street should not be justification for such a vicious and sustained attacked. Molly has managed to escaped this dog, it pursued her on to my lawn to continue attacked her. Molly was left with several puncture wounds, she was shaken by the dog (Molly is a very small chihuahua), this did damage and Molly suffered damage to her liver. Molly has been left traumatized and fighting to survive.    Molly has a beautiful nature and was our much loved family pet, it broke our hearts to surrender her so she could receive the treatment she desperately needed to survive as we couldn’t afford it. Molly is still fighting to beat this and the vet bills are on going, there has been zero consequences for the owner of this dog, even though his dog is clearly a danger to other animals and possibly people.  This irresponsible owner, who had no compassion for Molly as she was being attacked by his dog, he abused us doing little to control his dog and save Molly’s life. This man did not care at all of his dog killed Molly, and he still walks his dog unmuzzled and on a loose leash. There is no concern for the safety of anyone else’s pets, he knows his dog will attack viciously and unprovoked.  Please join me in demanding the Albury Council take action against this owner and ensure this dog poses no further danger to any one else’s animal. This owner needs to be held accountable. 

Amy Ashlin
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