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DOGS ARE NOT FOOD - Stop the Dog Meat Trade in Bali

DOGS ARE NOT FOOD! Bali, known as the 'Island of Gods', is not as beautiful as it seems. Tourists visit, enjoy the beaches, peaceful culture and cheap stay but underneath there is a dark industry of animal theft, barbaric slaughter and profit! The Dog Meat Trade! We need the global community to be aware this is happening and gather support to close RW Restaurants (Dog Meat Restaurants) with the help of the local community, police force and the local government. SOME SIMPLE FACTS:  - Over 100,000 dogs are slaughtered each year for human consumption.  - A large number of these dogs are family owned pets stolen from their homes or out the front of the houses they protect.   - The slaughter is brutal and in-humane. Dogs feet and mouths are hog tied and beaten to death (believing it makes the meat more tender). They are then skinned and boiled or fried - some still alive at this point.  - There are approximately 70 public RW restaurants in Bali that cater to the local demographic - The local community have have been told various fallacies about eating dog meat such as it cures the common cold or makes them more virile. This is simply NOT true!  - Rabies is present on the island. The RW Restaurants claim the extreme temperature of cooking will kill the virus however there are several proven cases of rabies being contracted through dog meat consumption which is a human health risk.  Please sign the petition, share and help save the Bali Dogs.  This initiative DOGS ARE NOT FOOD is brought to you by AFJ, JAAN, GSI and supported by STOP THE DOG MEAT TRADE GLOBAL

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Stop whale entanglement

Gold Coast bay and Moreton bay in the urbanised south-east Queensland are home to a large number of marine mammals including the common dolphin, bottlenose dolphin, dugongs, and the humpback whale. A recent study ( has confirmed that humpback whales use the Gold Coast as a resting area during their southern migration. Recent surveys show an increase of calving. In particular mothers and calves were found to spend hours or days on the surface to rest with their calves near the shore. Every year more whales and dolphins are being caught, injured and even killed in shark nets that are set 500 m offshore in attempt to kill large sharks. We have studied which nets catch most whales and dolphins and that we can stop a large number of horrible entanglements by lifting the nets for only a few weeks and still ensure safety for swimmers by replacing them with modern and better technology. We need your signature, your support. Every day we grow stronger building a community that respects the ocean and life. Join our facebook community More infos on shark nets from the government here.  An entanglement in a shark net can be viewed here. Alternative to shark nets: plastic nets, drones, tagging, shark spotters, enclosed beaches and in development: sonar barriers, electromagnetic fences. Thank you for supporting marine life.

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