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Petition to Barnaby Joyce, Peter Dutton, Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority

In memory of Rex, Betty, and Kenya. All sentient creatures demand a Ban on 1080

 Please meet Rex  Betty, and Kenya. On 11 April 2014, Rex died a painful death after eating  a Sodium Monofluoroacetate (1080) poisoned bait, in his suburban backyard in Collie, Western Australia. Rex's death was drawn out and  was observed by his owners who were unable to help him.  Rex howled and yelped, he frothed at the mouth, he ran around wildly, he fitted and died. Tests were undertaken on the baits found in the backyard and they were 1080 dry baits. Domestic Pets regularly die across Australia from eating 1080 baits, wildlife suffer the same cruel and unnecessary fate.   1080 is a poison with no known antidote. It kills all breathing creatures slowly and cruelly and has the capacity to kill humans. There is limited control over baits being collected after laying or aerial dropped, no policed collection of baited meat which means  birds die from secondary poisoning. Native non target species are killed from 1080 including endangered species. Thousands of domestic dogs die each year from 1080 poison, many go unreported because it is so distressing for the owners to observe. In humans, symptoms include pains in the chest, nausea, vomiting, respiratory distress and frothing of the mouth, coma.   1080 does not discriminate. Made in USA and banned in most countries it is still used in epidemic proportions across Australia. 1080 does not definitively remove the unwanted species, it is a temporary highly toxic short term "fix" that is a risk to public health.. The use of 1080 to kill "wild dogs" and dingoes is causing mayhem in the natural biodiversity of this country. Dingoes are the apex predator and killing dingoes simplys brings about a repopulation of  the so called "pest species" . The Australian Government is not heeding the warnings of scientists. There are many other methods to control so called unwanted species without using a toxic poison like 1080. It is a cruel barbaric poison which brings about a ghastly death that no creature should have to endure. 1080 is a potential threat to human health, particularly as it is freely used in Urban areas.

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Petition to Ron Johnston, Warren Fryer, Bruce Rudeforth Jnr, Chris Mitchell, Sam Mastrolembo, Philip Matsumto (Councillor, Shire of Broome Dampier Ward) (Councillor, Shire of Broome Dampier Ward, Desiree Male (Councillor, Shire of Broome) (Councillor, Shire of Broome), Elsta Foy, Mala Fairborn, Harold Tracey

Broome, Australia Can Stop Taiji, Japan Slaughtering Dolphins

In 2009 when Broome Shire Council voted by absolute majority and withdrew from their sister town relationship with Taiji, the dolphin hunts for the first time in history were impacted by outside pressure, and the abhorrent practice questioned in Japan. The dolphin slaughter regime in Taiji was crippled. However, in a horrendous betrayal of dolphins, within eight weeks Broome Council back-flipped. Capitulating to their local Japanese community (and to Taiji themselves), Broome reversed their stance and formally apologised to Taiji. Taiji was now given a ‘green light’ to continue slaughtering all species of wild dolphins – Taiji have not stopped killing since. Said Richard O’Barry at the time: “In my interview today with the Australia 60 Minutes crew, I told them of the importance of Broome, the town in Australia, which suspended its sister-city relationship with Taiji. Before that event, the Japanese media had ignored the story of ‘The Cove’. Now, the Japanese media is all over the story. But we hear that the Broome Shire Council may reconsider their decision, so we need to tell the people of Broome to support the original decision.” Broome’s relationship with Taiji is very important to the people of Taiji - and must never be underestimated. The sister town influence is profound. Taiji revere Broome. We respect historical and commercial links, but these cannot take precedence over the indescribable suffering of thousands of dolphins and devastation to the marine ecosystem caused by decimation of species. Broome Shire Council is complicit in dolphin slaughter and must be held accountable. Broome is the solution that Taiji dolphins (and their families) have long been waiting for. Join the groundswell of change and play your role by signing this petition to end dolphin slaughter in Taiji forever. CLICK BELOW THE HUFFINGTON POST  A ‘Tail’ of Two “Cities” - A Shire and a Dolphin Hunting Town SEA SHEPHERD CAMPAIGN  The Broome Solution  SEA SHEPHERD  Broome Action DOLPHIN PROJECT  Broome Action  MARINE MAMMAL PROJECT The Broome Solution  THE BROOME SOLUTION  Twitter THE BROOME SOLUTION Facebook CONTACT  BROOME COUNCIL

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