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Petition to 中川雅治 , 古田尚也 , 大橋洋治 , インガーアンダーセン , 三反園訓 , 山田文雄 , 朝山毅 , 高岡秀規 , 翁長雄志 , 徳田康光

Protect Cats from easy Killing that excludes World Heritage

日本語版 Japanese Government is about to kill around 1,000 stray cats, in Amami Oshima, southwest island of the country. The culling is rapid and meaningless mass slaughter, and will ruin the effort of World Heritage registration in reverse.    We oppose to the killing for 3 reasons as follows.  1. Rare species will never be protected by killing cats Amami and its surrounding islands are candidates for World Natural Heritage. Because rare species such as Amami Rabbits and Okinawa Rails inhabit. Some researchers requested the Ministry of the Environment to consider the culling of the cats because they prey on the rare species.   However, a survey conducted by the Ministry shows that the rabbits are increasing. And,  in 2016, all that can conclude the cause of death was a traffic accident in Amami Oshima. Even if you kill dogs and cats, the problem will never be solved.  2. There has been "Success Example”.  On Tokunoshima island, next to Amami Oshima, Dobutsu Kikin, an incorporated public interest foundation, and three local governments conducted the trap-neuter-return (TNR) approach. Dobutsu Kikin means “Animal Fund” in Japanese.  By the TNR, a preventive measure against breeding of cats, for about 2.5 years from Nov. 2014, around 3,000 cats (95% of the whole island)  became infertile, while Amami Rabbits increased.  We are convinced that this Tokunoshima model can be applied to Amami Oshima and Okinawa..  【From related News report】   A staff of Tokunoshima local government  (60) said, "If so many cats are killed, the value of the world heritage will be gone." (Sankei News 2016.4.15)  3. Easy slaughter is against UNESCO's philosophy.    The philosophy of UNESCO, which registers the World Natural Heritage, is "respect for diversity", “Non-Exclusiveness" "to build peaceful bases in the minds of people".   However, "to kill a large amount of cats for World Heritage registration" is not only meaningless, but also completely opposes the philosophy of UNESCO.    We are convinced that the TNR activities that have been held at Tokunoshima in order to coexist with cats and Amami Rabbits have supported World Heritage registration in line with UNESCO's philosophy.   If a massive killing of cats done in Amami Oshima, the international community certainly will condemn Japanese Government and the registration application must be rejected. That way, the past efforts that local municipalities and animal fund have been advancing will be completely spoiled   NPO corporation Goal Zero, Hope to Life Team ZERO、Yamaguchi Veterinary Medicine Hospital, etc.  Submission of the signature:  Minister of the Environment, UNESCO, Top of Local governments including  Okinawa, Kagoshima Prefecture.  Related links Project Report of Sakura-Neko (Spayed/Neutered Cats) TNR on Tokunoshima Island (PDF) FYI. Related report of Tokunoshima TNR, Toyokeizai online December 07,2015 Appropriate TNR reduces stray cats. Tokunoshima TNR project summary (Japanese) Animal Fund (Japanese)   Ministry of Environment

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Petition to 東京地方検察庁 , 裁判所

Imprisonment sentence to animal abusers who pour boiling water and burn to death

日本語版はこちら: On August 27, 2017,Makoto Ohya, a Certified Public Tax Accountant in Saitama prefecture in Japan, was arrested for violating the Animal Welfare Law. Makoto Oya arrested that three cats were confined in an iron trap, repeatedly poured Boiling water, burned with a burner and killed. According to the Metropolitan Police Department Security Division, Oya Makoto abused at least 13 cats in about a year and a half until April this year, recorded the state of abuse and posted it on the video sharing site. He was famous for being called "God" in internet bulletin board service of animal abuse lovers. The abuse method performed by Makoto Oya catched the cat in the iron catcher Pour Boiling water a few timesBake with a gas burnerSink in Boiling waterPut firecrackers in the bodyInject the water into the anus with a hosePull out teeth with pliers etc We do not think this is an act that a decent man does.In addition, he talks that it is "control of harmful animals, so it will not be a law violation", so he does not reflect,and he justifies his actions. Cats are not harmful animals, but even if they are harmful animals, such abuses can not be justified. In the current animal welfare management law, it is a prison sentence of 2 years or less, or a fine of 2 million yen or less, but it is often done by summary prosecution and it ends with a fine. In other words, he returns to society without receiving any punishment. Is it okay for such a thing to be forgiven? We think, society should not let such animal cruelty enthusiasts live well in the future. Please, imprisonment sentence to Oya Makoto!」   news

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Petition to Ambassador Mr. Cheng Yonghua : Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Japan, 中華人民共和国駐日本国 程永華 大使/Ambassador Mr. Cheng Yonghua:Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Japan

【Abolish the Yulin Dog Meat Festival / 玉林(ユーリン)犬肉祭を廃止するための請願 】

  中国南部、広西チワン族自治区にある玉林(ユーリン)市では毎年6月にライチと犬肉を食べる玉林犬肉祭が開催されています。2010年以来夏至の6月21日頃から約一週間に渡り夜通し犬猫肉をライチ、ライチ酒と共に食します。その期間中に毎年1万頭の犬が犠牲になります。その調理法は殆どが火鍋ですが、店の前には屋台が並べられ、店先には焼かれた犬猫の丸焼きが吊るされます。名産のライチと犬猫肉が健康に良いという名目で観光客を呼び込み多額の利益をあげています。 この祭に対してあまりの残虐性から中国国内のみならず、全世界から批判が殺到しています。犬は乱暴な捕獲により狭いゲージに入れられ、水や餌を与えられずにトラックに詰め込まれて犬肉業者に渡されます。猫は袋やクレートに詰め込まれて持ち込まれ、犬肉の付け合わせとして用いられます。中国では新鮮である程よいとされているので食べる直前まで殺されずにいます。以下はその問題点です。●入手方法  弓矢で毒殺 一般家庭のペットを窃む 野犬 、すでに死んだ犬 ペット・ショップで不要になった犬猫 ●屠殺方法  感電死 生きたまま茹でる 焼き殺す 撲殺 喉や胸を切開し血を抜く フックにかけて温かいうちに皮を剥ぐ 猫は生きたまま水中に入れ溺死させる ●保管状態   病気かどうか検査、検疫証明書は殆ど無し 冷蔵庫がないところもあり不衛生 コレラ、狂犬病など人体に感染の恐れがある  中国では毎年2000万頭以上の犬が殺されており、世界における消費量の第一位になっています。  ➡世界における犬肉の年間消費量の第一位 ➡密輸業者の増加と密輸組織の摘発 ➡増加するベトナムへの密輸   虐殺と密輸が際限なく起きているのは、中国には動物保護法が無いためです。これまでも地元住民と中国内外から来た動物愛護活動家の対立はありましたが、昨年10月には抗議の為世界19ヶ国同時デモが行われました。  米国ではフロリダ州選出のアルシーL.ヘースティングス下院議員は、この犬肉祭を非難し、犬肉の取引をやめるよう中国に求める決議案を提出しました。➡アメリカ下院は、中国に対しユーリンを非難   犬はあらゆる面で人間社会に貢献してきた生き物であり、人間と共存できる優れた能力を持つ生き物です。食べる物がなかった貧しい時代と違い、どうしても犬猫を殺して食べなければならない理由はありません。安全性についても保証がありません。犬を痛めつけるほどに美味しくなるという根拠のない迷信をもとに行われる屠殺方法はあまりに残酷で文化とは言えません。残虐性、衛生問題、人体への悪影響、そして窃盗という不正入手、これらの上に成り立つユーリン犬肉祭は明らかに動物虐待であり、中国の犯罪を助長することになりかねません。これらの理由から玉林(ユーリン)犬肉祭の廃止を求めます。どうか、ご賛同のほど、よろしくお願いいたします。 メールでの抗議もお願いいたします。➡在日大使館アドレス)  At Yulin city in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of south China, Yulin dog meat festival in which people eat dog and cat meat with litchi is held every June. Since 2010, about for 1 week from around June 21st in the summer solstice, they have eaten dog and cat meat with litchi and litchi liquor overnight. Ten thousand dogs are sacrificed each year at the festival. Although most cooking methods are hot pot, plenty of whole roasted dogs and cats are hung on the shop front after stalls are arranged in front of the shops. Local specialties ‘litchi ‘and ‘dog and cat meat’ are attracting tourists by being told they’re good for health, and dog meat trade is making a huge profit. Because of its cruelty, criticism is flooded not only from China but also from the whole world against this festival. Dogs are placed in narrow gauges after violent capture. Stuffed in the truck without water and food, and are handed to the dog meat trader. Cats are packed in bags or crates and they are used as the garnish for dog meat. Because it is said that fresh one is much better in China, they will not be killed until just before they are eaten.The following is the problem●Procurement method Poison with a bow and arrow Steal general household pets Stray dogs, already dead dogs Unsold dogs and cats at the pet shop ●Method of slaughter Electrocution Boil alive Burn to death Beat to death Open the throat and chest and blood Hook and peel off dog’s skin while warm Put living cats in water and drown ●Storage condition There is almost no examination or quarantine certificate as to whether they are sick or not Some cases without refrigerators, so unsanitary Cholera or rabies has a risk of infection with the human body  More than 20 million dogs are killed each year in China and it is the number one in the world of dog meat annual consumption.➡China, the number one in the world of dog meat ➡Increasing smuggling and being disclosed organizations ➡Smuggling to Vietnam is also increasing Slaughter and smuggling of dogs and cats have occurred unlimitedly because there is no animal protection law in China. So far there were conflicts between local residents and animal welfare activists from both inside and outside of China. In October last year, demonstrations were held simultaneously in 19 countries around the world to protest against this festival. In the United States, Florida elected Alcee L. Hastings congressman condemned this dog meat festival and submitted a resolution to China asking for the end of dog meat trade.➡Submitted a resolution to China asking for the end of dog meat trade    Dogs are creatures that have contributed to human society in every aspect, and it is a creature with excellent ability to coexist with humans. Unlike the poor times when there was no food to eat, there is no reason that we have to kill dogs or cats to eat them by all means. There is no guarantee as to its safety. The slaughter method based on the unfounded superstition that it will be more delicious enough to hurt the dog is too cruel and not a culture. Cruelty, sanitation problems, adverse effects on the human body, and illegal procurement by stealing… Yulin dog meat festival, which consists of them, is obviously animal cruelty. It would promote a crime in China. For these reasons we demand the abolition of the Yulin dog meat festival.Thank you for your support.Also we would like you to send an e-mail.➡ to Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Japan)

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