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Petition to Mr. RATNAKAR and the TRUSTEES, The Ashram Officers


In the ashram of the late Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in Puttaparthi, Andra Pradesh, India, the well-known family of 9 dogs, a mother with her pups of different ages, has been completely exterminated by poisoning. A first wave of killings happened on Easter day (30 March 2013)  and took the life of 7 of them, two could be treated in hospital and saved in extremis. A recent new wave of poisoning occured on 5th May 2013 which killed also the two surviving dogs. They were all young, kind, loving dogs, sterilized, vaccinated against rabies, born in the ashram, living peacefully and permanently there for many years, loved and cared by many animal lovers and above all they were dear friends to all of us. The joy they were giving to all can be seen in the photo album dedicated to these innocent victims ( ). Many other dogs in the ashram which are also all castrated and vaccinated by the Karuna Society are also often mistreated, some are strangely disappearing and the others are still in danger of being soon poisoned if the culprits of this deplorable killing are not exposed by a proper, legal and objective investigation. A complete and detailled unfolding of the situation and the recent events is available at A flow of personal complaints from many all around the world after the first poisoning remained unheeded by the authorities of the ashram. Now we plead the authorities to listen with compassion to the cries of those divine innocent creatures’ sufferings and of all our bleeding hearts after knowing about such cruelty against the animal kingdom. We pray them to take all initiatives to solve the case and to stop the repeated incidents of dogs poisoning and to promote their future protection and welfare e.g. by launching a SAI ANIMAL WELFARE PROJECT. OUR MIGHT as caring human beings IS OUR LOVE AND OUR DEVOTION TO RIGHT ACTION AND NON-VIOLENCE towards all living beings including the animals. EACH VOICE OF THE HEART COUNTS. So please join us in this movement of Love by signing this international SAI DOGS PETITION and by raising awareness around you, using Facebook and Twitter and informing all your friends and family members about this international action to save our friends.  

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Petition to Street Dog shelter

Dog stabbed in eye and attacked with acid

Meet Nebu the brave stray dog who was stabbed in his eye and attacked with acid while in his attempt to save a girl from goons  last friday a gang of 3 men was about to kill a women for her  jewels  when one of the woman's friend came to her rescue. the gang tried to kill the friend also, "Nebu" (named after the incident)  a stray dog came between the women and the goons and used to bit them to shove them away. but that merciless gang stabbed nebu with knifes and and attacked him with acid by sprinkling it all over his body  and escaped from the spot as the people around the place woke-up.few hours later that local goons where identified by using the CCTV cam around the street and arrested by the police, but what happened to nebu is unbearable   Nebu got very seriously stabbed especially  in his eyes and acid burns all over the body immediately i had called my friends at SDS (street dog shelter) to help "Nebu" (am volunteering there for last few months) immediately a team headed by Rajan came there and what they told is "my god please save this kid" because Rajan sees that Nebu's injuries are deeper  and acid burns are severe then without wasting a minute they took "nebu" with them in their vehicle to the nearby vet (care and cure pet clinic of trici )  A day after (sunday) I had visited SDS to ask about Nebu's condition but what they said shocked me the deadly stabbing from that gang of goons had affected Nebu's eye which may cause him loose his eye  and on the other hand he have a severe acid burns which may cause him unbearable pain, guru the head of SDS says that the chief surgen at Care and cure suggests them to remove his affected eye so that they can stop internal bleeding the surgery would cost upto $950 + $300 post surgery care for Nebu  Street dog shelter is a small and local organisation which was being run bu students and working teenagers studying all over India and works in a thin margin of donations and volunteers so that it is impossible for street dog shelter to have some huge funds to spend for a single dog because they have almost 320 dogs to take care of in their shelter so that placing this appeal on before you all who are signing this petition to donate $1 or more towards "nebu's " surgery fund to aid street dog shelter and save "Nebu the brave Dog" Donation Url (SDS paypal) -  

Vanesa gowdekar
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Petition to chief ministers of states, Prime Minister, Enviorment and Forest Minister Of India, Enviorment and Forest Minster Of states


It is really frustrating to witness our revered cows and progeny feeding on polybags and then dying a painful death.Cow is the most sacred and worshiped animal in India , then why are we turning our face from her current pathetic condition ? Each day thousands of innocent cows and progeny are dying in our country. Cows are not able to open the leftover food polybags with knot  and they end up eating the entire packet.In Dhyan Foundation innumerable surgeries have been done on such cows and bulls and what we found is 50-60 kgs plastic piled up in their stomach. Cow symbolize compassion,charity and abundance, because of the way she gives her milk to everyone and other gau products - dung ,urine are of utmost utility to humans.We can survive without polythene bags in our daily lives but cows can't survive with polythene bags in their stomach,with time there is a huge amount of plastic which gets build up in their stomach and takes the form of stone like material ,hence untimely painful death. Guiding light of Dhyan Foundation Yogi Ashwini ji says "It is dharma of every human being to protect weak and helpless". Are we doing our Dharma ? Our PM says ,we should stop cows feeding on these polybags but Sir how can we stop untill polybags production is on ?Each state Govt should ban the production of shopping polybags immediately and we citizens will surely follow the law. Polybags particularly under 50 microns are not being recycled  and it may take hundreds of years to decompose ,creating menace in the society. The central Govt must clear garbage dumps & remove plastic from open spaces especially roadsides. Abondoning cows on roads to eat garbage is offence under PCA act section 3,11 & IPC 428,429,289. Bring these owner of stray cows,the perpetrator to books. Having the milk of cows feeding on plastic and garbage ,will lead to hazardous diseases. There must be open grazing space for cows.They eat plastic wrapped edibles because they are hungry,if they get their space then cattle intake of plastic can be evaded. There have been directives from our honorable courts to most of the state goverments to ban polybags ,Supreme court said "we are sitting on plastic time bomb " but orders have not been implemented with conviction,hence result is infront of us.Would urge central and state govts to rid our society of this menace and help our cows and progeny lead a healthy life, they deserve. Please sign this petition to support this noble cause ...

Shivani Sharma
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Petition to Tamil nadu forest department, Dindigul C Sreenivasan, , Edapaddi k palanisami,

Freedom For ChinnaThambi

Who is ChinnaThambi and why should he be free? First, to understand his history, read this: Chinnathambi is a 25-year-old wild elephant who roamed freely in the outskirts of Coimbatore (Thadagam to be precise, 7 kms from the city), which means he has technically lived just half his life free as a wild animal should. A stubborn cartel of local farmers, local illegal land mine owners and brick chamber owners forced forest department to translocate him. He was captured from Thadagam and translocated to Varakaliyar near Topslip (80kms from Coimbatore) last week. Yesterday, our young man has walked more than 50kms and has got nto Angalakuruchi village in Pollachi. He has now been seen moving around freely - moving seamlessly from forest to village and back, but completely harmless and incident free so far.  However, as our forest department does with all wildlife, THE TN FOREST DEPARTMENT IS INTENDING TO CAPTURE CHINNATHAMBI AND KEEP HIM CAPTIVE!! Now why are we against that? The TN Forest Department, recently did that same thing with another elephant - ‘Madukkarai Maharaj’, a wild elephant who died at the elephant camp after he was captured. IN FRUSTRATION OF BEING HELP CAPTIVE, HE KEPT BANGING HIS HEAD AGAINST THE RAILINGS OF HIS CAGE, suffered multiple fractures on his forehead and other injuries while trying to free himself - and succumbed to his injuries! More details here: all, which animal like to remain captive? It is even suspected that he was given an overdose of medicines that hastened his death! The government is incapable of keeping elephants safe, and will do anything to please the local mafia and villagers. JUST HOW MANY ANIMALS WILL WE KEEP SACRIFICING to keep humans happy? Please share ChinnaThmabi's story extensively - let us ensure we collectively raise our voice to keep ChinnaThambi FREE!!#FreedomForChinnaThambi#LetWildAnimalsBeInTheWild #AnimalsHaveRightsToo

Chinna Thambi
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