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Petition to CEO Noida Authority, UP Chief Minister, Noida Authority, Narendra Modi, District Magistrate of Noida, OSD Noida Authority

Prevent Animal Shelter cum Hospital from Being Shut Down & Save the Animals from Death

In July 2017, Noida Authority took over the running of the Animal Shelter cum Hospital at Sector 94, Noida, which was earlier being run by the SPCA Noida for it. Unfortunately however, the obligation cast on the local authority to provide adequate and timely food & medicines for the animals, and staff salaries on time, is not being met. In fact, the shelter - home to over 1000 animals - is being dismantled before our eyes. Most work happening at the shelter is volunteer driven, but volunteers alone cannot sustain it ; and volunteers definitely cannot pay staff salaries ! Matters have reached boiling point now. The poor staff members have not received their salaries for July, August, and September (inclusive).They have laid down their tools, as these poor people do not have money for food for themselves, for basic necessities, or even transport. From tomorrow, the staff will not be feeding the1000 + animals at the shelter nor treating the ill ones. Patient intake and ambulance services have stopped already, a few days ago. It is a matter of time before animal deaths take place. As compassionate citizens we urge you to take things in hand. Please set systems in place that ensure the timely dispatch of food and medicines for the animals, and salaries for their care-givers. & please release pending staff salaries NOW !

Gina Malkani
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Petition to Mr. P.K. Gupta (Commissioner North Delhi Municipal Corporation), municipal corporation of delhi, Mr. Amit Yadav, Mr. Puneet Kumar Goel

Release the funds, don't shut Friendicoes down!

This is Blindey. He was found on the side of a Delhi street, eyes gouged out, whimpering in pain, lying in a pool of his own blood. Friendicoes rescued him. They couldn't save his eyesight but they did save his life. Today, Blindey is one of the 500+ permanent canine residents at Friendicoes.  But not for long. Friendcoes is about to shut down because they've run out of money. Municipal Corporation of Delhi owes Friendicoes Rs. 38 lakhs and they haven’t paid up. Sign my petition and ask MCD to release the funds to Friendicoes. Imagine if Friendicoes didn’t exist. Or ceased to exist. I’ve known Friendicoes as a volunteer, as someone who’s dropped off sick dogs at their shelter and called in injured animals. For 40 years, Friendicoes has stuck to its policy of ‘No animal turned away, no animal left untreated. Never say no.” They run a 24 hour rescue helpline, an ambulance service, they vaccinate and neuter strays and treat horses and mules via a mobile clinic. Friendicoes is paying for its generosity, they’re spending more on animal care than they can afford, and have accumulated unpaid medical and food bills of more than Rs. 82 Lakhs. Their sterilization and vaccination programme is run in collaboration with the MCD but the MCD hasn’t cleared payment since October 2014, amounting to Rs. 38 Lakhs. This debt will shut down Friendicoes- if the MCD doesn’t release the payment right away. Sign and share my petition and help Friendicoes so they can continue to help animals in need. Donate here: 

Rhea Lopez
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Petition to Union Minister of State for Environment, Forest and Climate Change

Help Save Tigers

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) reported in 2016 that the number of wild tigers increased for the first time in a century, from 3200 in 2010 to 3890. Since the start of 2016 approximately 196 tiger deaths have been recorded in India. That accounts for 5% of the world’s wild tiger population. If the current trend continues the population increase will be in vain. 
 Tigers are the largest members of the cat family and are extremely powerful predators. They are at the top of the food chain and keep the deer population under control. An uncontrolled population of dominant herbivores eats up all the available vegetation and greatly affects the entire ecosystem. Tigers maintain the balance and keep forest ecosystems healthy. 
 Tigers are an integral part of India’s identity. They are the national animals of India and share a picture with elephants and rhinos in the ten rupee note to signify the diversity of Indian wildlife. People come from all over the world to see tigers and help generate large revenue in tourism. 
An economic evaluation of six tiger reserves; Corbett, Kaziranga, Kanha, Sunderbans, Ranthambore and Periyar found that the selected reserves give annual monetary benefits worth 79.7 billion rupees. Now imagine the total economic value of all 50 tiger reserves in India. To avail these monetary benefits we just need to divert the flow of money into conservation. Forest rangers frequently get into trouble with poachers and illegal miners. An increasing number of them are being killed in the line of duty. This combined with the lack of resources has caused them to be spread thin. More vehicles and firearms need to be provided to the forest department to prevent this. Extra money should be allocated for camera traps and radio-tracking collars. They help track individuals and provide important information about their behaviour and movements to researchers. Buffer zones need to be increased to reduce man-animal conflict. This can be done by giving compensation to nearby land owners so that they can buy land elsewhere. Building artificial watering holes inside protected areas helps reduce man-animal conflict further. They are especially necessary because summers are getting harsher due to climate change. With more water sources animals will not need to venture outside protected areas in search of water. Wildlife corridors are also necessary because they allow animals to safely travel between protected areas. These measures will not only help tigers but numerous other animals. They need to be implemented as soon as possible to protect them. Please sign the petition and help save tigers.

Abhiroop Chatterjee
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