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Petition to Narendra Modi, PM of India, Chief Justice of India, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Devendra Fadnavis, DGP (MS), Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Theresa May MP, Mark Zuckerberg, chairman NHRC


We are narrating a horrible and inhuman attitude of Mr. Chetan Ramanand Sharma of Benevolent AW, self-styled Animal Activist in forcibly and illegally taking custody of Dr. Virinder Pal Singh Bedi's 9 dogs, shifted from farmhouse at Murbad to residence at Kalyan due to epidemic of deadly tick disease. Without prior notice or warning he raided his house along with local police, with media already sitting at the Khadakpada Police station. He mercilessly loaded all 9 dogs( 3 were frail and bony due to tick disease,old age and veg food other 6 were healthy) in a small, narrowed & congested tempo & mercilessly hanged them on the wall of the police station in a barbarous manner for long 6 hrs with their necks noosed that could have caused death by choking , he took the photographs, shot the video and flashed on social,electronic and print media to get media hipe and to mint money from public, terming that dogs were kept starved without food & water for 1 month forcing them to eat their own poop to survive. IS IT PLAUSIBLE ?? If he is an Animal Welfare Activist, Y doesn't he adopt stray dogs of India instead of torturing Soft Target Doctor and tarnishing his public image, who happens to be a General Surgeon and respected person, to extort money which he demanded but Dr. Bedi denied.In his criminal conspiracy certain other animal activists also joined his malicious campaign to malign,defame, humiliate the owner Dr. by continuous attempts of CHARACTER ASSASINATION including Mumbai Mirror junior reporter Vinay Dalvi who went on to the extent of flashing his photograph as if he was a wanted or hardened criminal, forcing the victim to live a Fugitive life and his scared sons to abstain from attending school for fear of kidnapping.The Wicked CHETAN SHARMA fired his last shot to lodge fake FIR u/s 429 IPC applicable only in the case of killing an animal by influencing the police & media misusing the name of Mrs Maneka Gandhi, Honourable Union Minister of India for Woman & Child Welfare.He himself inflicted injuries on the innocent dogs especially on the tail of St. Bernard to falsely implicate Dr. Bedi in the case of maiming u/s 429 IPC with the nexus of an Animal Shelter & unauthorized private vet doctor. Now the matter is in the court of public domain to introspect and deliver their verdict impartially, without fear & favour. CEO of Facebook, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg is humbly requested to delete the vulgar & derogatory Facebook posts being used to poison,provoke & instigate the Facebook users. #SAVE THE INNOCENT DOCTOR & HIS DOGS

D. R. Singh
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Petition to Rajnath singh, Maneka Gandhi, Independent Animal care authority

Take strict action against people who run Vehicles over animals !!

[Please note that Indian law system has been protecting  animals as well as its citizens,   It has implemented new rules(Latest is Beef ban,Transport of animals for the Gadhimai Sacrifice,Bans 'Finning' Sharks) Now as a next step we want these innocent lives to be saved in the country and thus take a initiative to change the world.] Petition Letter:   They have families too...Please Stop running over animals!Before you start complaining about them,Remember                                                   It's WE who took away their homes.                     It's WE who destroyed their habitat. DRIVING is a PRIVILEGE, Not a RIGHT ! Tomorrow it can be your own family or someone close to your heart, if you can hit & run an innocent speechless animal then you are the beast in form of a human who is much worser than any species on mother earth to do this act with free will, without using your brains & still call yourself an intelligent animal.Even they have family..!! Please remember rash driving is not good & someone home is waiting eagerly for you. Today its an animal on street tomorrow it can may be your family member in place of that dog. If running over a human being is a criminal case, running over an animal should be the same.Because a murderer is a murderer no matter if the victim is human or animal. Think twice & act responsibly ! Note: The picture above is for Petition  purpose only,the source is not yet confirmed .

Utsav karkera
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Petition to Mr. RATNAKAR and the TRUSTEES, The Ashram Officers


In the ashram of the late Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in Puttaparthi, Andra Pradesh, India, the well-known family of 9 dogs, a mother with her pups of different ages, has been completely exterminated by poisoning. A first wave of killings happened on Easter day (30 March 2013)  and took the life of 7 of them, two could be treated in hospital and saved in extremis. A recent new wave of poisoning occured on 5th May 2013 which killed also the two surviving dogs. They were all young, kind, loving dogs, sterilized, vaccinated against rabies, born in the ashram, living peacefully and permanently there for many years, loved and cared by many animal lovers and above all they were dear friends to all of us. The joy they were giving to all can be seen in the photo album dedicated to these innocent victims ( ). Many other dogs in the ashram which are also all castrated and vaccinated by the Karuna Society are also often mistreated, some are strangely disappearing and the others are still in danger of being soon poisoned if the culprits of this deplorable killing are not exposed by a proper, legal and objective investigation. A complete and detailled unfolding of the situation and the recent events is available at A flow of personal complaints from many all around the world after the first poisoning remained unheeded by the authorities of the ashram. Now we plead the authorities to listen with compassion to the cries of those divine innocent creatures’ sufferings and of all our bleeding hearts after knowing about such cruelty against the animal kingdom. We pray them to take all initiatives to solve the case and to stop the repeated incidents of dogs poisoning and to promote their future protection and welfare e.g. by launching a SAI ANIMAL WELFARE PROJECT. OUR MIGHT as caring human beings IS OUR LOVE AND OUR DEVOTION TO RIGHT ACTION AND NON-VIOLENCE towards all living beings including the animals. EACH VOICE OF THE HEART COUNTS. So please join us in this movement of Love by signing this international SAI DOGS PETITION and by raising awareness around you, using Facebook and Twitter and informing all your friends and family members about this international action to save our friends.  

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Petition to Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, President of India, National board for wildlife, Indian Board for Wildlife, Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change

Amendment in wildlife protection act to curb poaching and killing of endangered animals.

On one hand, our forest officials, wildlife conservationists, and wildlife activists are working day and night to protect wildlife at any cost and on the other hand poachers, hunters etc. are continuously murdering/killing Tigers, Elephants, Rhinos, Leopards and many more wild animals including birds for earning money. The newspapers and social media are full of the news of wildlife crimes showing all poaching cases of tigers, leopards, Rhinos, birds etc. Not only poachers but people from villages and urban areas are also killing and burning wildlife mainly leopards when it accidentally enters in human settlements. Your attention is seriously needed in this recent case of elephant meat consumption in parts of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh on may, 2017 that have raised many questions on wildlife protection of India for such a precious species. The mutilated carcass of a wild elephant was discovered at Ahutoli village in the eastern state's Nagaon district. It is surprised to see the whole 7-foot bloodied trunk hacked off and lying some distance away. And we can see the irony of wildlife protection act of India by this statement of local folklore in the Karbi Anglong Hills, where the incident occurred, said the "trunk is the tastiest part of the jumbo's body." Some members of the residing tribal communities here, including Karbi, Garo, Dimasa, Adivasis, are known to indulge in this wild meat.  People are not afraid of any law and regulations only due to poor and minimum sentences under the present wildlife protection act of India. Poachers already know that they will get a lot of money by killing wild animals with a few years of Jail. The present sentences for killing wildlife are not appropriate to lessen the wildlife crime. Either poachers get bail within a few days or they come outside of jail after completing their a few years jail sentence to start their same poaching business to earn money. There are a lot of cases where poachers come back to the same poaching without learning any lesson.   There is no impact of present sentences under wildlife protection act on these killers and poachers. If no appropriate action will be taken to lessen the wildlife poaching activities then our future generation will only see our wildlife in books as we are seeing and reading about  Indian Cheetah.  Therefore, this is a call of hour to take serious action on poachers and killers of wildlife by enhancing the sentences (not less than 20 years) for killing animals even in some cases lifetime sentences can be given to set some examples. We are very sure that this will play a great role in the anti-poaching mission of wildlife in India and our country will be praised by various countries and their wildlife organizations. Thanking you with high regards.  Dr. D.Dhyani Society for Conserving Planet And Life [COPAL] Image Source/Courtsey: 1. On May 1, the mutilated carcass of a wild elephant was discovered at Ahutoli village in the eastern state's Nagaon district. 2. Elephant Slaughter for meat in North-east India- Care2 News NetworkImage: 3. Indian forestry officials stand near the carcass of a rhinoceros that was killed and de-horned by poachers in the Kaziranga National Park 4.Leopard being burned alive in Uttarkhand, India, 5. Seized Wildlife trophies. Image courtesy -

Deepak Dhyani
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