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Petition to Mr. RATNAKAR and the TRUSTEES, The Ashram Officers


In the ashram of the late Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in Puttaparthi, Andra Pradesh, India, the well-known family of 9 dogs, a mother with her pups of different ages, has been completely exterminated by poisoning. A first wave of killings happened on Easter day (30 March 2013)  and took the life of 7 of them, two could be treated in hospital and saved in extremis. A recent new wave of poisoning occured on 5th May 2013 which killed also the two surviving dogs. They were all young, kind, loving dogs, sterilized, vaccinated against rabies, born in the ashram, living peacefully and permanently there for many years, loved and cared by many animal lovers and above all they were dear friends to all of us. The joy they were giving to all can be seen in the photo album dedicated to these innocent victims ( ). Many other dogs in the ashram which are also all castrated and vaccinated by the Karuna Society are also often mistreated, some are strangely disappearing and the others are still in danger of being soon poisoned if the culprits of this deplorable killing are not exposed by a proper, legal and objective investigation. A complete and detailled unfolding of the situation and the recent events is available at A flow of personal complaints from many all around the world after the first poisoning remained unheeded by the authorities of the ashram. Now we plead the authorities to listen with compassion to the cries of those divine innocent creatures’ sufferings and of all our bleeding hearts after knowing about such cruelty against the animal kingdom. We pray them to take all initiatives to solve the case and to stop the repeated incidents of dogs poisoning and to promote their future protection and welfare e.g. by launching a SAI ANIMAL WELFARE PROJECT. OUR MIGHT as caring human beings IS OUR LOVE AND OUR DEVOTION TO RIGHT ACTION AND NON-VIOLENCE towards all living beings including the animals. EACH VOICE OF THE HEART COUNTS. So please join us in this movement of Love by signing this international SAI DOGS PETITION and by raising awareness around you, using Facebook and Twitter and informing all your friends and family members about this international action to save our friends.  

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Petition to CEO Noida Authority, UP Chief Minister, Noida Authority, Narendra Modi, District Magistrate of Noida, OSD Noida Authority

Prevent Animal Shelter cum Hospital from Being Shut Down & Save the Animals from Death

In July 2017, Noida Authority took over the running of the Animal Shelter cum Hospital at Sector 94, Noida, which was earlier being run by the SPCA Noida for it. Unfortunately however, the obligation cast on the local authority to provide adequate and timely food & medicines for the animals, and staff salaries on time, is not being met. In fact, the shelter - home to over 1000 animals - is being dismantled before our eyes. Most work happening at the shelter is volunteer driven, but volunteers alone cannot sustain it ; and volunteers definitely cannot pay staff salaries ! Matters have reached boiling point now. The poor staff members have not received their salaries for July, August, and September (inclusive).They have laid down their tools, as these poor people do not have money for food for themselves, for basic necessities, or even transport. From tomorrow, the staff will not be feeding the1000 + animals at the shelter nor treating the ill ones. Patient intake and ambulance services have stopped already, a few days ago. It is a matter of time before animal deaths take place. As compassionate citizens we urge you to take things in hand. Please set systems in place that ensure the timely dispatch of food and medicines for the animals, and salaries for their care-givers. & please release pending staff salaries NOW !

Gina Malkani
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Petition to Mr. P.K. Gupta (Commissioner North Delhi Municipal Corporation), municipal corporation of delhi, Mr. Amit Yadav, Mr. Puneet Kumar Goel

Release the funds, don't shut Friendicoes down!

This is Blindey. He was found on the side of a Delhi street, eyes gouged out, whimpering in pain, lying in a pool of his own blood. Friendicoes rescued him. They couldn't save his eyesight but they did save his life. Today, Blindey is one of the 500+ permanent canine residents at Friendicoes.  But not for long. Friendcoes is about to shut down because they've run out of money. Municipal Corporation of Delhi owes Friendicoes Rs. 38 lakhs and they haven’t paid up. Sign my petition and ask MCD to release the funds to Friendicoes. Imagine if Friendicoes didn’t exist. Or ceased to exist. I’ve known Friendicoes as a volunteer, as someone who’s dropped off sick dogs at their shelter and called in injured animals. For 40 years, Friendicoes has stuck to its policy of ‘No animal turned away, no animal left untreated. Never say no.” They run a 24 hour rescue helpline, an ambulance service, they vaccinate and neuter strays and treat horses and mules via a mobile clinic. Friendicoes is paying for its generosity, they’re spending more on animal care than they can afford, and have accumulated unpaid medical and food bills of more than Rs. 82 Lakhs. Their sterilization and vaccination programme is run in collaboration with the MCD but the MCD hasn’t cleared payment since October 2014, amounting to Rs. 38 Lakhs. This debt will shut down Friendicoes- if the MCD doesn’t release the payment right away. Sign and share my petition and help Friendicoes so they can continue to help animals in need. Donate here: 

Rhea Lopez
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